This Week’s PSN & Xbox Live Sales are Up

Tuesdays not only bring with them the relief that it’s no longer Monday, but a new batch of discounts on Xbox and Playstation platforms.

Xbox One owners can save some cash on Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition ($15, which seems like a steal), but the rest is largely forgettable considering Need for Speed (along with Unravel) entered the EA Access Vault earlier this morning.

The 360 lineup is a bit more interesting, with a short list of SNK titles in the Samurai Shodown, King of Fighters, and Metal Slug series.

Side-note: I find it pretty fucking hilarious that the first image on the store page for Samurai Shodown II just shows the game’s loading screen. That’s not much of a selling point, folks.

For the full list of Xbox discounts, check out Major Nelson’s blog here.

On the Playstation side of the spectrum there’s a list of games that have already been on sale quite a few times over the last six or seven months, so while the lineup is solid, there’s little that hasn’t been offered at the same price (or lower) as of late.

Notable discounts include the iconic Journey (both PS3 and PS4), first-person narrative Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the insanely addictive minimalist platformer N++, platforming rogue-lite Rogue Legacy, music platformer Sound Shapes, and puzzle platformer The Swapper.

You can check out the full list of PSN discounts this week right here.

Picking anything up?

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