New Street Fighter V DLC is Just Capcom Being Capcom

Street Fighter V crowned its first ever EVO tournament winner last night in Korea’s Infiltration, which just so happened to be shown live on ESPN 2. On top of that historic feat, the crowd witnessed one of the most emotional moments in the fighting tournament’s history with Long Island Joe being America’s sole representative in the top 8.

If anything, Capcom gained a ton of momentum and fanfare for Street Fighter V last night, but for whatever reason, they’ve decided to toss a stick in their own spokes by releasing the Capcom Pro Tour DLC today for the ridiculous price of $24.99. Yes, roughly half of the game’s price tag for a minimal amount of additional content.

This DLC nets you three costumes, two titles, 1 new color for each fighters, and the Ring of Destiny stage used throughout last night’s EVO 2016 Top 8 brackets. Granted, the stage is pretty entertaining with its dancing bear, fireworks, and rad music, but no. Just no.

Last night it was revealed that sales of the DLC will increase the prize winnings of the Capcom Pro Tour, but spending more money for others to make more money isn’t exactly an incentive I can get behind.

It’s not that I don’t want to support the fighters on the pro-circuit (LI Joe is my new hero), but I wish there was a better way than overpaying for what seems like content that would otherwise be free.



8 thoughts on “New Street Fighter V DLC is Just Capcom Being Capcom

        1. If you’re a GF subscriber shipping is free and the games come with the original case and artwork sleeve. It’s nice! Picked up Dying Light last year for $12 and it was in flawless condition, despite being a rental.

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  1. I’m waiting out Street Fighter V for WHEN they release the super/hyper/championship/ultra/amazing/I’m so tired of this shit edition. With how fighters are today, I felt SFV was extremely barebones in its moveset! The movelist was worse than the original Street Fighter Alpha!! I know that we are kind of spoiled by larger movelists in fighting games, but we are talking about a fifth sequel to a fighting games. What’s wrong with having MORE options?!

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    1. It definitely feels like a shell of a game, content-wise. The foundation is solid, and it’s not unlike Capcom to build on to that over the inevitable Super Ultra Turbo EX + Alpha edition.

      After watching Evo, it seems to me like competitive SFV is more about poking and knowing your standard command moves (along with their frames and hitboxes) inside and out. I didn’t notice a lot of special move usage, or at least not an abnormal amount.

      I guess I’m not too upset about less special moves, but more so upset about the lackluster roster in general. I get that they wanted it to focus on being THE competitive SF game, and most people in the SF scene don’t have a lot of pocket alts — they generally have one core character they’re amazing with — so the limited roster probably wasn’t an issue.

      But looking at the roster of USFIV versus SFV, it’s sad. Really, really sad.

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      1. The home console had 25, then ended up with 44, after three major versions. As of Juri, they’re at 22. They honestly should’ve kept this in the ARCADE and COMPETITIVE circuits. Street Fighter V’s release seemed to me as a beta release with a full retail price sticked onto it.
        Capcom is losing to lose a LOT of return players on the next edition. The competitive players and true fans will buy up the new edition when it finally is announced and comes out.
        It clearly has to happen, as the game has dipped below $40 and goes on sale sometimes for $25.
        I’m hoping learns from this and understands that games quality time to be developed and tested before release.


        1. GameFly has been selling used copies for $20 for a while now, but even then the season pass is a ridiculously absurd $30 USD. For 6 fighters.Half the cost of the retail game when it launched.


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