It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

Today marks the beginning of my final weekend before the Fall semester starts on Monday. With that in mind, I plan on diving in to a few things to make the most of my free time before it becomes non-existent.

No Man’s Sky released this week, as I’m sure you know. I picked it up, played for about two hours, and was immediately turned off by its limited inventory and resource management survival game mechanics. I could have read more in to it, but I was really hoping it would be more exploratory from the jump and require far less busywork to do much of anything.

I land on a planet, I harvest materials, my inventory becomes full within minutes, I send overstock materials to my ship so I can continue to explore and farm materials, and sometimes I get attacked by procedurally generated space creatures or floating robot cops hellbent on conservation. Should I survive, I head to a vendor to unload materials and repeat the process while trying to upgrade my ship to venture further in the star system… to do this again.

I liked naming things after bad cat puns, and even immortalized something by naming it after my dad who passed away in May. Flying through space and seeing planets was cool, along with finding strange machines that would teach me words from an alien race within the galaxy. These are the things I want to do with my time. Not fiddle around with limited inventory space and harvest materials to recharge my mining laser or life support system.

It’s weird that the “game” portions are what’s getting in the way of my enjoyment. It’s not that I think it’s a bad game, it’s just not for me.

I’m still finishing up the JRPG Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force, since I’m determined to get this review up before school starts. I also received a review key for Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate for PlayStation Vita, so that’s what I’ll be jumping in to afterwards.

My to-go game lately has been Ultratron on Vita, which is a twin-stick shmup inspired by Robotron, but with a fun reward system that lets you collect money from fallen enemies and spend them on upgrades (bombs, drones, shields, etc.). It’s junk food that’s consumed in moderation and a welcome addition to my Vita’s overpriced memory card.

I’ve gotten back in to World of Warcraft a bit recently, which just opened up the ability to play its new Demon Hunter class for those of us who’ve pre-purchased the upcoming Legion expansion. It was a fun two-hour quest chain that slowly opened up new abilities for a class that begins their adventure at level 98 (the current level cap is 100).

So far I’m digging the double jump + glide combo, and their eye laser is one of the most satisfying area-of-effect spells in the game. It’s not a class I see myself playing extensively, since I’ve had 12 years to fall in love with most of the others, but I’m definitely more intrigued than I was with Mists of Pandaria’s Monk class.

I typically play a Demonology Warlock, a Moonkin, and a Shadow Priest in WoW, but I’m having a lot of fun with my Fury Warrior and Fire Mage as well, so it’s still up in the air as to what class I’ll be leveling first, or maining, come Legion.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?

21 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

    1. Nice! I’ve attempted that game twice, and while most seem to think it’s awful, I really loved its battle system. I got sidetracked with other stuff both times though, and always said that if Square Enix re-releases the trilogy on current-gen consoles that I’d buy it and FINALLY go through it.

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      1. As far as FF XIII, it lacked a smooth story progression and didn’t feel the same as the past FF’s (not necessarily a bad thing). A visually stunning series that mainly focused on Lightning, while other characters were sort of just forgotten about in the sequel and so on. My favorite character was Snow, because of his determination to save Lightning’s sister… I would say more, but spoilers and all…

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  1. I’ve been injured the last month and couldn’t game much so I plan on doing quite a bit of gaming this weekend. I plan on mastering Guile and Cammi this weekend if I can. I’ve also gotten back into Fallout 4 so I know that’s gonna take up just about all of my time.

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    1. Yikes, well good luck on the mend, brother. How are you liking Street Fighter V so far? I loved playing Juri in the new story mode. I’m mainly a Ken player, though I’ve been dabbling with Dhalsim too.

      I fucked myself with Fallout 4 recently. Ran out of storage space on my PS4 and deleted FO4 since it was so damn big. Turns out I never uploaded my save to the PS Plus cloud service. Glad that shit’s automatic on Xbox, but yeah, 100+ hours gone.

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      1. Street Fighter V is amazing. Just got finished kicking the wife’s ass in it :].

        My mains are Ryu, and Cammi, but I’ve been practicing a lot as Guile since I just got him and I started using Chun-Li too.

        It sucks that you lost your character on the PS4. I started a fresh one about a week ago, but didn’t get serious with him until three days ago. I’ve decided to buy the season pass for my upcoming birthday :].

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          1. I definitely plan on reviewing the season pass stuff :]. I took a few months off of Fallout 4 because my first playthrough took about 125 hours and in that time I only discovered about 60% of the map.

            My new character is a luck/charisma build and it’s been a bumpy, but awesome road so far.

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  2. I’m just about to tackle the Four Emperors fight in the Giant of Babil. I’m FINALLY finished leveling so they better be prepared! After that I might watch more of a Paper Mario LP that’s kept me occupied for the past few months. I’m almost ‘done” that, too. I know I’m not technically playing it, but it’s video game related, and I actually enjoy watching some games as much as I love playing them (Zelda is one of my major favorites to watch).

    Summers go by so fast and school sucks up so much of your time. Hope you enjoy these last few days!

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    1. There are some games I like watching more than I do playing, like Dark Souls or anything I don’t want to be frustrated playing myself (lol). Sometimes it’s like a long running TV show.

      Good luck with Four Emps!

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      1. That’s exactly how I feel! I know I’ll probably mess up so often I’ll get frustrated lol. The Impossible Game is one of those I’ll both play and watch. Play because I’m determined to beat the first level one day, and watch because I just want to see it done.

        Oh they went down like a sack of potatoes, but I need to do ANOTHER round of leveling up because I got Kain back and he needs to be above Lv 70 before I get the Odin summon. It never ends!

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  3. Per usual, I’m working most of it. But I’ve been engrossed with Overwatch which I recently reviewed. I think it could stand to have a more in depth Team Objective mode in the vein of Chivalry or one of the Battlefield games. But the gameplay is very well implemented, and a lot more addictive than I thought it would be. I suppose it helps that friends bought it for me, and also own it, and play it with me. Because without friends the luster wears off a bit.

    Still it’s been a lot more fun than the Valve game it borrows from ever was. So that’s something worth celebrating.

    Other than OW, I hope to fire up some vintage 2600 games I’ve picked up recently. It’s a fun system to collect for, and with the exception of a handful of games released around the crash, most of the games are affordable. Though the values are inching up, it isn’t where the pricing for obscure Genesis, Super NES, and NES games are right now. (Which I also collect a bit of.) So it’s a great time to jump in for anyone who wants to start a modest retro games collection. Plus it’s the most important console of industry history. Owning an Atari 2600 sometimes feels like getting to read a golden or silver age comic. It’s something special that can’t quite be captured again.


    1. I like watching people play Overwatch, but competitive shooters (even with friends) just aren’t for me. It’s Blizzard though, and they typically don’t make bad games… they just take existing ideas other people are doing and make them much, much better.


  4. No Man Sky’s inventory sounds terrible. Hopefully someone can fix it with a mod… once the PC version’s problems get addressed. Some reviews have suggested the game gets more interesting when something gets revealed later on. Playing for 20 hours to get to the good part doesn’t seem worth it though… although think of all the cat puns you can come up with in that time.


    1. Once you’re familiar with everything you can probably get a bunch of inventory space upgrades from the jump, but as a new player going in blind I was a bit too overwhelmed at first. I hated it. I gave it a shot, it didn’t wow or grab me, and I’m happy to move on to something else. Way too many games in my backlog to keep playing in hopes of connecting with it on a deeper level 5 or 10 more hours down the line.

      It’s like when people told me FF13 got better 30 or 40 hours in. What the fuck? Why would I subject myself to that just to get to the good part? I don’t take a pickaxe to a marble slab just to eat the Reese’s Cup inside.

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