It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

Since tomorrow is my 35th birthday and I just finished up the first week of Fall semester classes, I’m sure I’ll be diving in to something fun this weekend to give my brain the ol’ recharge.

2D claymation adventure game Armikrog releases Tuesday for PS4, and the folks over there were kind enough to spot me an early copy for review purposes. I’m under embargo until then, but I finished the game and its accompanied review last night, so expect it to go live Tuesday morning.

I’m currently playing through Adr1ft, which is quite good so far. It’s a first-person game where you control the lone survivor of a space station explosion as they drift around in space, alone, hunting down clues and oxygen containers. The oxygen system adds a neat sense of urgency, which is a nice touch. That, combined with the game’s zero gravity exploration, provide a bit more depth than you’d typically see in other first-person narrative games, like Gone Home or Firewatch.

A concern I had going in was the control scheme, but the developers seem to have nailed the whole floating around in space vibe. Using a combination of the analog sticks and shoulder buttons, you can ascend and descend, rotate, and propel yourself forward, so it’s very intuitive thus far.


There’s a really great flash sale going on over at the Playstation Store, if you’re looking for something new to play. I picked up the Game of the Year Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition for around $15, which is a steal considering that’s the price for each of the game’s 3 DLC campaigns. The only downfall is that it’s entirely digital and weighs in around 70gb altogether. Ouch.

I’m debating on grabbing some new Vita stuff as well, but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Another World: Anniversary Edition, Norn9: Var Commons, Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, Amnesia: Memories, Saturday Morning RPG, Soldner-X2: Final Prototype Complete Bundle, and Hyperdimension Neptunia: ReBirth 3 are sitting in my cart right now, which, including Dragon Age, is about the cost of a single full-price retail game. Seems reasonable, and I’ve been curious about the Vita’s otome scene for a while now.

Plus, it’s either spend the $60 on those or use it to grab I Am Setsuna + either Hyper Light Drifter, Firewatch, or Oxenfree. Either way, I’m in good hands.

I’ve been chipping away at Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate on Vita, which I also received for review. I don’t have much attachment to the franchise, having only put a mere 2 hours in to the Wii release, and so far I’m not sure how I feel about the celebratory 20th anniversary Vita release.

The dungeon mechanics are interesting, where you move along tile by tile. Enemies move along with you, so there’s a deep sense of strategy involved in luring and defeating monsters without painting yourself in to a corner.

It’s a bit like the PSone hidden gem Azure Dreams, but dying in Shiren is a major setback. I’m really not a fan of this, though I know it’s what draws the series’ diehards back for each release. You can store items, gear, and gold back in town, but anything on your person when you die (including all of your levels and XP) is gone forever. So yeah, you can go three hours and die, and then feel like you’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.

The sprite-work is fantastic though, as is the soundtrack, so my overall enjoyment is going to boil down to just how much permadeath I can handle before rage quitting. We’ll see.

Another game I’ve been juggling is Insomniac’s Song of the Deep, which I really like. I’ve only played for about two hours, but it’s gorgeous and feels like an underwater Metroid game. You play as a girl in search of her missing father, exploring the 2D depths of the ocean with your rickety submarine. There’s a neat storybook narrative, similar to Child of Light, with lots of great scenery to take in and deadly creatures to battle. It’s a nice change of pace, that’s for sure.

This is the last week before WoW’s new Legion expansion hits, so I’m sure I’ll be partaking in the pre-expansion invasion events. It’s been a great way to familiarize myself with all of the class changes, and I’m really enjoying my Moonkin, Fire Mage, and Fury Warrior. The most recent quest chain had me accompanying Khadgar to Karazhan and Ulduar, which are my two favorite raids of all time. The lead up to Legion has been fantastic so far, and I’m beyond excited to start my adventure toward level 110 on the 30th.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?



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        1. That’s what I’m enjoying about Adr1ft right now. Pretty much nails being stranded alone in space, and running low on oxygen triggers my anxiety in a good way. I would have liked NMS more as a leisurely exploration game, I just couldn’t get passed the survival mechanics. I don’t like feeling rushed or tethered.


  1. Happy Birthday dude! I actually have a weekend free for once. But I won’t get in much game time because my cousin is getting married. So instead I’ll be at a wedding reception catching up with extended family, and probably getting bombarded with inquiries as to why I do not yet have a spouse.

    Anyway, I hope to get some retro game time in with my 2600 afterwards. I have a couple of uncommons to play thoroughly.The hectic week also pushed behind my writing schedule so I sadly won’t have a review up this week.(Getting a suit, hairstyle, and wedding gift together took A LOT more time than I had anticipated.) But I do want to crunch evenings so I can get it out ASAP.

    If nothing else, I’ll get to revisit Pitfall II: Lost Caverns. Wonderful game everyone should have a version of in their collection.

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      1. Will certainly attempt it. I suppose if it comes up I can facetiously reply “You can’t tie The Deviot down!” I mean. I know he’s fictional, but it DID work for GBF. [IMG][/IMG]


  2. Happy Birthday! Recharge time from class is so necessary. That Song of the Deep struck me as very Child of Light like with a Metroid vibe when I watched the trailer. I loved the storybook aspects of the former, and appreciate the dark aesthetic of the latter (Metroid is one of those games that scared the heck out of me as a kid, and I’m still creeped out by e.g. Mother Brain aka Nightmare Fuel *shudders*).

    Well…I beat the Giant of Babil in Final Fantasy IV, and now I get to…do more grinding. I need to get Kain up to level 73 before I go after the Odin summon. Oh FFIV makes you work for your progress. I may also play some rounds of The Impossible Game on my phone. As long as your not one of those people who grows enraged by failing (which you will with TIG), it’s actually really good for honing your concentration.

    Hope you have a great birthday weekend!

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    1. Thanks! I really liked Child of Light, but sometimes the writing seemed more focused on making things rhyme than providing a cohesive storyline. Definitely one of my favorites from that year.

      I DEFINITELY frustrate easily in games that thrive on killing you, soooo maybe not for me, haha.

      Enjoy the grind!

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      1. I agree with that critique about CoL. It was cute in a child storybook way, which is what I think they were going for, and I liked that there was that one character who couldn’t rhyme at all for a nice tongue-in-cheek, but some of it did seem forced.

        Oooooh you’d be throwing the phone or controller across the room lol. The Impossible Game is a timing based platformer. You miss something by a millisecond and it’s back to square one.


          1. Bahaha, try a cracked touch screen! My phone has been messed up for almost two years. I almost got it fixed, but something else came up, and I just haven’t gotten around to it again. I’m so used to it now that looking at non-broken phones seems so weird. It still works, and is held together with an otter box and a screen cover. I want to be able to declare to the world that I at least beat one level of The Impossible Game on my busted ass phone lol.

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  3. Dragon Age Inquisition is 70GB on PS4?! Wow. It’s 42.8GB exactly on PC with all of the DLC, and a few mods, installed.

    I’m not playing much this weekend. My wife just got Dark Souls 3 so I’m helping her out in that. We play a little everyday and it’s nice watching her die randomly :].

    When I’m not playing with her I’m on Fallout 4. So far I’m really loving my luck/charisma build character. It’s a fun way to play the game in my opinion and I’m trying out some new mods to keep things fresh.

    I about to get back into Skyrim, but I’m going to wait until I finish Fallout 4 first. I downloaded over 200 mods over the last few days and posted a few screenshots. The game is beautiful and I can’t wait to play it again.

    Happy birthday btw. Mine was on the 17th :].


    1. Woo, August babies! Happy belated birthday, dude.

      DAI is roughly 48gb by itself, plus ~7gb for the 3 story DLC chapters + the rest of the DLC add-ons. So maybe ~60gb is more accurate.

      I can’t wait to play Dark Souls 3, but I’m already juggling so much stuff (between review games and my own backlog). Looks incredible. Have fun with the lady!

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