It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

A wise woman once said “you gotta get down on Friday,” and who am I to argue? I managed to get all of my school work done in a timely manner, so I actually have a free weekend ahead of me. Now I just need to figure out what to do with it.

I finished Firewatch and Inside over the last few days, and really enjoyed both of them. Inside, for those that don’t know, is the new game from Playdead, who brought us Limbo. It initially released on Xbox One, but quickly made its way over to the PS4 on Tuesday.

It’s another 2D puzzle platformer, but the context, visuals, and constant mind-fuckery made it one one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) games I’ve played thus far in 2016. There was never a dull moment, and each little area was more interesting than the last. However, it’s hard to discuss what made it so great, or why certain moments will stick with me forever, without venturing in to spoiler territory. And that’s perfect. It’s the type of game you should go in to knowing absolutely nothing.

Inside is only $20 on PSN, Xbox Live, and PC. If you have the chance, you should definitely play it. There’s a reason it holds a 93% on Metacritic.

Firewatch is a first-person narrative game about a middle-aged man who takes on a forest fire lookout job to get away from an unfortunate series of stressful life events for a while. He fell in love with a girl in his twenties, they got married, got a dog, talked about kids, and then she was hit with dementia at such a young age. He made some difficult decisions that her parents didn’t agree with, which lead to them moving her from the states back to Australia so they could care for her full-time instead.

Turns out the lookout job Hank took isn’t going to be as relaxing as he thought either. Right from the jump, he’s taking orders from a wise cracking superior who hides her own shortcomings behind a thick layer of sarcasm. There’s an emotional story that develops between the two lookouts (which changes based on your dialogue choices), a good mystery or two to solve in the woods, and some really incredible voice acting to sell it along the way.

If you’re a fan of games like Gone Home, I highly recommend Firewatch.

Firewatch is $20 on PSN and PC.

I finally picked up Oxenfree, which I’ll more than likely play through tonight. I’ve purposefully avoided reviews and spoilers since I’ve been looking forward to the game since its Xbox One launch, so I’m not sure what to expect.

It looks like a 2D choose-your-own-adventure supernatural horror game, which is exactly what I want it to be. I’m hoping for great characters and solid writing, and I’m doing my best to not let its initial launch hype get in the way of my expectations.

Oxenfree is $20 on PSN, Xbox Live, and PC.

I was given a review key for Emily Wants to Play on PS4, but I haven’t had a chance to really sit down with it. It’s a first-person survival horror game where you play as a pizza delivery boy that arrives at a house with its door open. You go inside to make sure everyone’s okay, the door shuts behind you, and you have to survive the many living dolls that reside inside until 6am.

In that respect, it’s a bit like Five Nights at Freddy’s, but instead of hunkering down in one room and managing cameras, doors, and other entry points, you’re navigating an entire house. Graphically, it’s pretty poor. The scare factor is pretty high, as each doll has their own way of terrorizing you and a new one is added every hour.

For instance, the first hour’s doll will giggle to let you know she’s nearby. The only way to get her to go away is to blind her with your flashlight for about 10 seconds. The second hour adds a doll who hates movement, so if you run in to it you have to freeze in your tracks until it grows bored and disappears. There’s others that just want to play hide and seek, or sprint at you full force, so having to contend with all of them at once is proving to be a huge challenge.

Emily Wants to Play is only $5 on PS4, and seems like a great party game, passing around the controller while everyone takes a stab at surviving the night. Like Five Nights at Freddy’s, it could also be a great game to stream when the Halloween season rolls around in another month.

I’ve been playing Soldner-X2: Final Prototype on Vita, which is a 2D side-scrolling shoot-em-up like Gradius, Life Force, or R-Type. It’s a fun shmup that comes with a few extra DLC chapters, but I’m not too fond of how it’s locking progression behind finding hidden items inside of its earlier levels.

You’re basically given the first few levels to play, with each hiding secret keys. Finding a set number of them opens up the next level, and the next, requiring more and more keys to see the entire thing through.

I’ve also been dipping my toes in to Saturday Morning RPG on Vita, which I picked up alongside Soldner-X2 during the last PSN Flash Sale. It’s a bite-sized turn-based RPG that’s roughly four hours long, and it banks hard on your love of 80’s nostalgia.

Within the first five minutes I saw references to He-Man, G.I. Joe, Back to the Future, that awful video game film The Wizard, trapper keepers, and even caught a Castlevania: Symphony of the Night quote from the game’s antagonist. The hero’s name is even Marty, who rides around on a skateboard.

Aside from random bursts of World of Warcraft, that should about do it for me this weekend.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to? The new Deus Ex, perhaps?

27 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

  1. My week has been some Binary Domain and over 30 hours of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided so far, did streams as well. It’s a wonderful game. Minor bugs and glitches here and there; just came out a few days ago, so expected.

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    1. I never managed to finish Human Revolution, having started it twice. I just kept getting sidetracked by other things, and the thought of starting over is daunting. Maybe now that it’s BC on Xbox One I’ll give it a third shot.

      Glad you’re enjoying Mankind Divided. I’ve heard some great things about it.

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        1. I definitely planned on it. My problem is that I’m usually busy and my schedule is all over the place, so smaller games are more ideal. The longer ones, like 20+ hour ones, get lost in the shuffle because it takes me weeks to finish them off.


    1. It’s one of those games whose experience changes based on the dialogue choices you make. Well, not the GAME game, but the overall feel and tone. You can fully opt not to speak with the other lookout, be a total fucking jerk, open your heart up, etc., and it just feels different. Highly recommended.


  2. You, good sir, know exactly what I’m playing. I’ve shamefully slunk back to the dredges of WoW and plan to be going all weekend. Between the required visits to my sister anyways.

    Send me a message if you decide to try to stream Emily Wants To Play, whether soon or during the Halloween months. (You know, if aliens finish installing better internetz) I absolutely love that game and wanna see what you think of it. Can’t wait to read a review on that one if you do one.

    Seriously though, that Legion. Neo-Beltravi the Monk is level 61 now, and Jason sprung a surprise 30 days onto my main account, so I’ll be able to collect some sweet loot on my Warlords Telkire and my original Beltravi in her sweet Rogue glory. I’m gonna be busy this weekend


    1. Welcome back to the dark side, haha. I saw you on a few times, but never actually in WoW, so glad to hear you’re rejoining those of us without lives. Well, rather, those of us who wish to escape them.

      The Invasion event has been a godsend for leveling. I’ve managed to level at least 8 different alts to 100 just by flying around and doing invasion events.

      I’ll never be able to stream as long as I’m here in the middle of nowhere, but yeah, Emily Wants to Play is terrifying. I actually like the look and feel of it, since it reminds me of Slender and its many, many clones during its heyday.

      I got a review key, so I’ll definitely be reviewing it. With school though, it’s hard to sit with a game for a few straight hours to really let it all sink in before a review.


      1. Luckily Emily Wants To Play isn’t an overly long one, but yeah, still time away from the school work.

        In 14-15 hours I’ve gotten a monk on a very laggy computer from level 1 to 76. I had a 90 token I never used so I used it on a Lock and I’m almost 100 already. I don’t think I’ll get many toons to 100 with only a couple days left but damn if I don’t get close.

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  3. I added inside to my To Play list because I’m a sucker for some good intrigue.

    I decided last week I’m not going to bother to level up Kain in FFIV because there’s really no good grinding places in IV outside that one spot in the Giant of Babil once you reach this later point in the game. I could go to the moon and start doing things there, but if I’m going to do that I might as well just continue on my quest. So I’ll be going for the Odin summon in Baron Castle and hoping he doesn’t mop the floor with my ass lol. It’s “suggested” (by the one FAQ I’m using) that Kain be on level 73. He’s only on level 67 or 68 since that’s what he was when I got him back. I’m just going to say the hell with it and push on to the end!

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    1. Inside is so, so good. I would say that out of all of the games I’ve played thus far this year, that it’s my absolute favorite.

      Sometimes you just have to give up the grind and see if you can push through! One day you’ll reply to my weekend post and tell me you’re playing something else, haha.

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      1. It’s going to happen! Eventually I’ll finish IV and go on to V lol. I pretty much only have time to play on the weekends since Final Fantasy is so immersive. You can’t just play for fifteen minutes or even an hour. I need a nice block of time to do anything.

        I DID finish watching a Let’s Play of the original Paper Mario, but since I’m not technically playing that it doesn’t really count :)


      1. Such a good game! I’m replaying it as part of my project to (re)play and review them all. I’ve played the original and the PSP version, but never the 3DS, which I’d like to check out. Cecil is one of my favorite main characters. In terms of mains it’s between him and Celes from VI!

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  4. I’ll be playing my usual this weekend with my wife. She’s officially half way through Dark Souls 3 so we’ve been playing a little bit every night. I also want to get m characters straight before the big expansion releases in October.

    I got back into Warframe again so I guess I’ll be putting some time into that too. I’m trying to get the new Titania Warframe and it seems like a really long/annoying quest so that’s going to take some time.

    I also reinstalled Xcom 2, downloaded some mods, and started playing it again for a few hours last night. I remember why I called it my game of the year back in June. It’s a fantastic game.

    I’ve never been a Dues Ex fan so I probably won’t buy Mankind Divided unless it’s dirt cheap on Kinguin. I’ve also never completed Human Revolution. Never could get into it and I usually love games like that.

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      1. I thought Xcom 2 was supposed to release in September on consoles. If you have it awesome. I look forward to your thoughts on it.

        Warframe has changed a lot since you last played. The entire game has been overhauled in the latest update. The movement system has been changed, again, arcwings are actually fun to use, and they’re focused on actually giving Warframe a real story for us to play through. I’m enjoying it a lot and if you know people that like the game you should play it with them. Warframe is better with friends in my opinion.

        And I know every weekend I tell you I’m playing Dark Souls 3 :). I’m on my 11th playthrough.


        1. My girlfriend and I played with a friend of ours on Xbox One, but we all kind of fizzled away from it when Destiny’s Taken King hit and we gravitated toward that instead.

          I’ll have to give it another go then.

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    1. I rented DOOM a few days after my dad passed and I just wasn’t in the mood for it. Been meaning to give it another go now that it’s $20 at Gamestop and Amazon, but I’m holding out just in case Best Buy follows suit. I have a $5 coupon there and get 20% off new games.

      Glad you’re digging Overwatch. I hear it’s great, even though it’s definitely not for me.


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