With Legion Only an Hour Away, I’ve Leveled Every Class to 100. Twice.

Warlords of Draenor has easily been my least favorite World of Warcraft expansion, and as someone that’s avidly played the MMO for the last 12 years, it goes without saying that I’m excited to explore some new content here in the next sixty minutes.

Leading up to the launch of Legion, Blizzard added these fun and frustrating “invasion” events that not only allowed max level characters to obtain some great starter gear for their adventure toward level 110, but gave lowbies a chance at some incredibly lucrative XP gains.

Throughout my WoW tenure, I’ve primarily played a Warlock, a Moonkin Druid, and a Shadow Priest, but I have a severe case of alt-itis — you could say I’m an altoholic, I guess. To make matters worse, so is my girlfriend. To make those matters worse, so is a good friend of ours who we play with on a near daily basis.

With Blizzard practically giving away XP, I was able to level my characters from their 60-90 range all the way to level 100. Which characters? All of them. All of them? Yes, all of them.

All. Twelve. Classes. Both Horde and Alliance.

wownolife wownolife2

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have absolutely nothing to do for the next hour while I wait for Khadgar to get this Legion show rolling.

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