The New PS4 4.0 Update Adds Folders, Which is Helpful


PlayStation rolled out a new update for the PS4 today, including the ability to create folders to organize your library of available games. Unfortunately you can’t add games to folders that aren’t installed on your console, but you can do helpful things like this (*points up*) to the many built-in apps that never get used.

As you can see in my above screenshot, I’ve already created folders to neatly organize all of my horror games and RPGs, along with the random action/adventure title. The Witness sleeps alone in its Puzzle folder, probably forever, since I don’t usually delve in to the genre much. But man, that interface is super clean now and I love it.

Thank you, PlayStation.

Another thing I like about the update is the new menu loadout when you hold down the PS button on the DualShock 4.

In addition to the various power options of yesteryear (#overexaggerating), you can now customize the menu to include a bevy of other options, like viewing a list of online friends, creating a party, or, my personal favorite, pulling up your currently running game’s trophy list.

More rolled out in today’s update, which you can read about at the official PlayStation blog in the link above.

4 thoughts on “The New PS4 4.0 Update Adds Folders, Which is Helpful

    1. I’m a stickler for organization as well, so I’m in love with the new folder system. Hopefully they’ll eventually let us organize our uninstalled library as well, since that’s a big pain in the ass to navigate as it grows over time.

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  1. A cool new feature, but I probably won’t use it. Organizing stuff into folders is no good when I regularly have to delete software to make room for new purchases :-)


    1. This is why I’m hoping we’ll eventually be able to organize non-installed software at some point. I have a standard 500GB PS4, but thankfully most of my currently installed games are smaller indies and the likes. However, at one point my entire HD was full from just a handful of retail games — Until Dawn, Nathan Drake Collection, Bloodborne, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Batman Arkham Knight, and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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