Xbox Games With Gold for October Confirmed


With more than a week to go in the month of September, the folks at Xbox are getting an early start by confirming the official Games With Gold lineup for October.

As always, Xbox Live Gold subscribers on Xbox One will receive four games, due to both Xbox 360 titles supporting backwards compatibility.

Xbox One owners can download the pretty fantastic Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings, which, while not featuring real MLB licensed teams or players, it still miles ahead of your only other option in RBI Baseball. This’ll be available to download all month long, and it’s a pretty solid way to kill a weekend if Xbox is your only way of digesting digital baseball.

From the 16th of October until the 15th of November, pixely prison escape sim The Escapists will be available to download. Here, you’ll create your own prisoner and follow a strict schedule while taking notes on the patrol routes of guards, bulking up your strength, and planning your big getaway. It’s a decent little game with many different ways to break free, but it definitely comes with a steep learning curve that I just didn’t care for.

On the Xbox 360 side, the first half of the month presents MX vs. ATV: Reflex, which is pretty self explanatory, with the moody (and forgettable) survival adventure I am Alive rounding out the latter half.

Overall a pretty unremarkable lineup, though Super Mega Baseball is definitely worth checking out. I had fun with it at launch, but I’d had enough after a weekend since there’s a far superior option for baseball on the PlayStation family of consoles. Baseball season is also winding down, so I can’t imagine there’s a lot of excitement for this one.

With October being recognized as Halloween month, every year I anticipate some sort of horror tie-in to the Games With Gold and PS Plus incentive titles, but every year I’m disappointed. This just seems like the prime time to include something small, like Slender: The Arrival or Emily Wants to Play, or even older retail games like Alien: Isolation or The Evil Within (capitalized by discounting their respective season pass prices in the process), to get us in the Halloween spirit.

Then again, that’s just me being bias towards horror in general. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

3 thoughts on “Xbox Games With Gold for October Confirmed

  1. It’s odd that they don’t have a horror/Halloween tie in with October, and more than a little disappointing even to someone who isn’t huge into horror (or rather is a scaredy cat), but loves Halloween. It seems like it would pretty much market itself.

    I feel the same as you about steep learning curves. I don’t like games that are too difficult, the notable (and ironic) exception being The Impossible Game. It’s brutal but strangely addictive.

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    1. I get why people are in to those types of games, but life is hard enough as it is lol. I go to games to escape, to relax and have fun, but bashing my face in to a wall until the game “clicks” does nothing for me. I do like watching others play those games though.

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