It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! What are You Playing?

Because you gotta get down on Friday, sound off down in the comments and let everyone know what your gaming plans are for the weekend!


After being continuously disappointed by ReCore’s many shortcomings, I finally decided to pull the plug last night and uninstall it. While I had a good time with the game’s combat and platforming segments, and really enjoyed the character designs, the absurd load times, constant drops in framerate, and overall mission structure were all severely off-putting.

I hated having to go back to my camp just to switch my current robot companions, since certain objectives and puzzles required the use of specific ones — the spider is used to ride skyrails, while the ape can smash rocks, for instance — not only because it’s just poor game design, but sitting through multiple 2-to-3 minute loading screens just isn’t my idea of fun.

The latter portion of the game is also light on fast travel points, so I found myself having to endure even more loading screens and pointless, repetitive traversal just to unload my full inventory and press on with the objectives.

Thankfully I bought the game used and I’m still within GameStop’s 7-day return policy, so I’ll be taking it back tomorrow.


Target had a huge price flub earlier today for digital copies of the newly released Forza Horizon 3, which I took advantage of. They were selling them for $20 instead of $60, and that was hard to say no to, even when I have no attachment to the series outside of playing Forza 5 at the Xbox One’s launch.

Since I’m returning ReCore, I figured I’ll just put the $34 I’m getting back toward the $20 price flub and call it a day. The game is downloading as we speak (er, type?), so hopefully it’ll finish by the time I’m done with today’s homework assignments and Film Studies quiz.


I did start playing through Double Fine’s Day of the Tentacle Remastered on PS4, which I’m really enjoying. I liked Maniac Mansion back in the day, but never got around to Grim Fandango until it also released on PS4. That one didn’t hold my attention for whatever reason, so I was hesitant going in to Day of the Tentacle knowing it was crafted by the same people.

The fact that Day of the Tentacle has Maniac Mansion fully playable as a mini-game is just icing on the cake. There’s even a trophy for putting Ed’s hamster in the microwave! So far it’s been an easy ride to platinum, and it’s a great change of pace from ReCore’s frustration.

I received early review keys for Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls and the horror game Yomawari: Night Alone on Vita, but their embargo is in the middle of October so I’m not in a rush to play them this weekend. Not saying it’s impossible, just unlikely — especially if I end up liking Forza Horizon 3 more than I’m anticipating.


I’m still chipping away at Amnesia: Memories on Vita, playing for 30 minutes here and there if I’m taking a break from homework. The story is interesting, where you play as a girl who wakes up one day with amnesia after a spirit crash lands in her brain. You have to navigate conversations with people who claim to be friends and significant others in order to piece together your past, filling your brain with memories in order to push the spirit out so they can go back home.

The fact that I’m a male controlling a female that’s building romantic relationships with males doesn’t bother me in the slightest, but I can see why that might be off-putting to some. It’s free on PSN for Plus subscribers until the October batch rolls over, so if it sounds even remotely interesting, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

I had a buy-two-get-one coupon that would have expired today, so I sold some old stuff on eBay and picked up Senran Kagura: Estival Versus and Gravity Rush Remastered on PS4, and got The Technomancer for free on Xbox One. I’ve been wanting to play all three of them since launch, so I’m glad they were all in stock simultaneously. Not sure when I’ll get around to any of them, but hey, I didn’t want to lose out on the coupon!

That’s probably it for me this weekend. What about you folks? What are you getting in to?


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  1. I’m practicing careful insanity right now by spamming the Yokai Watch event in FFXIV. For whatever reason I decided I had to be a completionist and get all 13 weapons. The last three weapons each require 30 tokens apiece. I followed a guide that recommended saving three that were in Outer La Noscea for last. I can see why after chipping away at it. There’s two FATES that spawn one after enough that are just a hallway apart so it’s the easiest farm in the world.

    The tokens still have only a 30% drop but I’ve only been at the final stage for a few hours and already have 21/90. I’m determined to get my last 69 (heh heh) before it ends Sunday night.

    Oh, and because I’m a moron I’ll probably do at least three weapons (7-9-11 tokens for the first three) and all 13 pets (72 medals at 100% drop rate) on my alternate toon.

    That’s my weekend.

    If I finish both of those before the weekend is up, I may work on installing my new PS3. I picked up the 12GB super slim model for $130 brand new, and a 500GB HD with mounting kit for $35 online. Time to spam the crap out of Kingdom Hearts once that HD arrives!

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  2. I’m going to work on updating my played and want to play games on Grouvee (the Goodreads for gamers site), because I feel VERY disorganized now. I have a list in OneNote, but no system information and whatnot, and I hate disorganization so I want to remedy that. While I don’t want to play more than one long RPG at a time, I could see myself working on a simpler/shorter game while I’m in the midst of my Final Fantasy project. Speaking of which since Zeroums mopped the floor with me I’m going to level up in FFIV before trying that again!

    I also found a Let’s Play of Mass Effect this week and am super excited. I watched bits and pieces of the game when my husband was into it and fell in love with just that alone. I got lost on the ME wiki for hours. Oh, and speaking of being a man playing a woman, the LPer for ME is a guy playing as Fem Shep because he heard she had the better voice actor, which I’ve heard as well.

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    1. I’ll have to look in to Grouvee. I’ve never heard of it, but my backlog is (and forever will be) fucking atrocious.

      Mass Effect is possibly my favorite gaming trilogy of all time. The writing, the characters, it’s just so damn good.

      I play a fair amount of MMOs and I’d say 80% of my characters are female. I just prefer the way they look in armor and they typically have better attack/casting animations than the bulkier dudes. My entire playthrough of the ME trilogy was with a femshep too! Same with both of my 200+ hour Skyrim playthroughs, Dragon’s Dogma, or just about anything that lets me create my own character.

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      1. I think the Well-Red Mage turned me on to Grouvee, but I have absolutely no idea how to add friends or if you can even do that. It seems like a good place to keep track of your backlog, write/read reviews, and you can add shelves and whatnot. I’m all about extra resources. I don’t think I could fulfill my gaming or reading backlog if I had a thousand years.

        I like to call Mass Effect my favorite game that I’ve never played. I don’t do sniping stuff with combat, but I love the story, the voice acting is amazing, and it really shows that it’s not just JRPGs that have the market on the genre. It’s different from them, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Every time I Reaper shows up that song by Blue Oyster Cult pops into my head. I KNOW someone’s made a meme or thousand about it at this point.

        My husband played through as the male Shepherd and while his voice actor was more than serviceable, Fem Shep is just divine. I’m really happy that in more ways every days video games are being seen as not only a viable but a vital form of media that should be taken seriously. I’ll definitely keep doing my part to help this along (as much as I can being an unknown little blog in the blogosphere hehe). Side note: I love the Elcors’ almost dry sort of sarcastic tone that really isn’t.

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        1. I signed up for Grouvee yesterday but I haven’t had the time to really dig in to it yet.

          Although I played Soldier in the first ME, since its shield ability was ridiculous, I played the more magic-focused Adept for 2 and 3. I like tossing spells that deal damage and control crowds. Engineer in 2 and 3 is fun too, since you get basic gun stuff, abilities that remove armor and deal massive damage to robot-type enemies, and can summon a combat drone.

          I love the dialogue of the Elcor, haha. Salarians are hilarious too. Mordin is my favorite character in that series, hands down. He’s just brilliantly written and acted and his scene in ME3 is one of the most memorable moments in gaming for me.

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          1. I’ve got it on my to do list to add stuff this week. I think it’ll really help, because right now I just have this list on OneNote with no information on what system anything is on. All I have is who may have recommended the game to me (you’re on quite a few of those btw).

            The dialogue and voice acting in ME shows how far we’ve come from Tidus’s laughing scene omg. I can’t even laugh because I don’t want anyone to think I’m mimicking that. I’m a fan of dry humor and the Elcor sound like they have a dry sense of humor even though I know the reason behind that affect. You’re going to make me get lost in the wiki for a few hours. I remember the first time I went there I spent about three hours reading about the Hanar. The more I watch ME the more I sort of want to play myself even though I’m pretty terrible at action RPGs. The gameplay outside of that is making me think it’s worth it, and I am a fast learner, but…that was the whole reason I gave up on Super Paper Mario, and I loved the narrative of that game. Hm, I’ll keep watching my LP. He does half hour increments which is kind of like watching a TV show.


  3. Weeekending is resuming with more FFXIV and once the HD arrives, probably Kingdom Hearts tomorrow. Got my 90th token last night at 2:30am, so what am I doing after that grind while waiting for that HD?

    Doing it on another toon.

    Please check me into an asylum, pal.


    1. I finished Day of the Tentacle Remastered and got the platinum trophy, so I moved on to Senran Kagura: Estival Versus until I got sidetracked by Forza Horizon 3 and NOW I CAN’T STOP PLAYING IT BECAUSE IT’S SO FUCKING GOOD.

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          1. lol I actually budgeted properly and had a bit of fun money this time so I bought a Star Wars figure. I would have gladly traded it for a $60 game though xD

            ahhhh well~!


    1. I finished Fallout 4 earlier in the year and tried to go back when all the DLC started rolling out, but couldn’t get back in to it. Kingdoms of Amalur is fucking incredible, by the way! I thought that and Dragon’s Dogma were severely underrated last gen.

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