Horror Series ‘Amnesia’ Finally Coming to Consoles on PS4

Amnesia, a series of horror games that released exclusively on PC, are finally making their way to home consoles in the Amnesia: Collection on November 22nd.

Known for its (then) unique take on combat-free survival horror and preying on our crippling fear of the darkness, it’s since become known as one of the most iconic horror games of all time; mostly due in part to the Let’s Play boom on YouTube in 2010, which, I guess, explains the questionable direction of the trailer.

Amnesia: Collection consists of The Dark Descent, A Machine for Pigs, and a short story called Justine. It will only be available as a digital download for $29.99, with a launch discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

As we gamers tend to do, there’s already a lot of complaining over in the comment section of various outlets about the Collection’s digital-only availability. However, all three of the games have only ever been available digitally on PC for the last 6 years. More on this below.

As of now the collection is only confirmed for the PlayStation 4, which makes sense given developers Frictional Games’ and The Chinese Room’s history with PlayStation. Frictional Games, the team behind The Dark Descent, released their sci-fi horror masterpiece SOMA as a console exclusive on PS4, along with The Chinese Room’s exploratory narrative Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture.

Also known for Dear Esther, The Chinese Room took over developmental duties for the Amnesia sequel, A Machine for Pigs, with Frictional Games staying on as producer and publisher instead.

Over at the official PlayStation Blog, Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip confirmed that the Amnesia collection will remain the same as it was on PC, with the only new addition being Trophy support. A big part of Amnesia, however, is the user-created content that expanded the lore of the universe, which will remain (as expected) absent on the PS4 for obvious reasons.

Grip also confirmed that a physical release isn’t out of the question later on if the demand is high enough, but wouldn’t consider it until 2017 due to the required workload involved. He also stated that there are no plans to support PSVR with Amnesia: Collection, but isn’t ruling out future horror experiences.

As for performance, they’re aiming to have all three games run at 60 fps, though right now only The Dark Descent and Justine have managed to hit the mark. A Machine For Pigs may release at 30 fps if they can’t address the issue beforehand, but that can be resolved in a future patch once their porting team sorts things out.

As a core console gamer, I’ve only managed to watch a few Let’s Plays of Amnesia: The Dark Descent. However, SOMA is easily my favorite PS4 console exclusive (and I highly recommend you check it out for yourself, or at least watch a Let’s Play) and I recently enjoyed playing through Dear Esther, so I look forward to supporting both developers with the Amnesia: Collection next month on November 22nd and finally playing through them myself.

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