It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Since you gotta get down on Friday, sound off in the comments and let’s discuss our weekend gaming plans!

Truthfully, I haven’t been playing much of anything lately. Between college, helping my mom take care of her sick dog, a few trips to the dentist, and running errands, I just haven’t had the motivation whenever free time rolls around.

Thankfully there’s a vast library of entertaining Let’s Plays on YouTube, so I just collapse on the couch with my girlfriend and our cats and watch games instead. I finished watching Christopher Odd thoroughly play through Bloodborne, along with the first few bosses in Dark Souls 3.


Both games look amazing, particularly the Gothic architecture and meticulously crafted, labyrinthine world of Bloodborne. That was one aspect I loved in the original Dark Souls that I didn’t get the same feeling with in the sequel, but I’m happy to see it return in Dark Souls 3.

I fully intend on playing through both of them myself at some point, I just know it won’t be anytime soon. And I really, really want to see the upcoming DLC for Dark Souls 3 without waiting to play it for myself.

If you enjoy Let’s Plays of longer games, particularly ones with great stories, I highly recommend giving Christopher Odd’s channel a visit. I stumbled on his channel about two years ago when I was looking for a good playthrough of Demon’s Souls and really admired his thoroughness. He played the game as I would, exploring every nook and cranny, trying to piece together the cryptic narrative while experimenting with different weapons and boss strategies. He doesn’t yell or scream for entertainment, but still remains an interesting narrator in his videos.

I’ve been chipping away at Superdimension Neptune vs. Sega Hard Girls on Vita, which is a pretty standard JRPG set in Idea Factory’s Neptune universe. In it, you control IF (pronounced eye-eff) as she travels to different eras named after Sega’s home consoles in order to correct historical events.

I’m no more than 2 hours in to it, so I can’t really speak for the story. The combat is fun though, reminding me a lot of Fairy Fencer F (which I really liked). Plus I’ve always had a soft spot for Idea Factory’s quirky characters.


I also keep telling myself to give up on Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness. It’s easily one of the worst, if not the worst, JRPG I’ve played this entire console generation, but I keep holding on in hopes of it righting the ship and finally becoming enjoyable. This isn’t uncommon in JRPGs, after all.

However, the characters and overall narrative are both poorly written, environments are extremely dull, and the combat is sluggish and hard to keep track of — odd, considering this is the one aspect the Star Ocean series has excelled at since its inception.

The real-time combat has a paper, rock, scissors approach where weak attacks interrupt charge attacks (heavy swings, spells, abilities), guarding deflects the weak attacks, and strong attacks break guards. However, with 7 (yes, 7) party members all firing off their flashy spells in unison, it’s nearly impossible to take advantage of this. You might as well be blindfolded while mashing the attack buttons and hoping for the best.

It’s not very difficult either, since the Day One edition shipped with a DLC code for +20% XP and characters level up relatively fast. I’ve yet to grind at all, really, and I’d estimate I’m halfway through it.

I’m just not having a good time and I know it’d be better spent playing something else, but I just hate leaving games unfinished. Even some of the bad ones.

But yeah, I have another busy weekend ahead of me so it’s highly unlikely I’ll get around to (or even want to) play anything. Breaks are good though! They help prevent us from becoming jaded, which is something I struggle with from time to time. I did pick up a few comics from the library, namely Batman: Legend of the Dark Knight 1 & 2, Wonder Woman: Eyes of the Gorgon, Batman: Hush, and Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne, so that could be in the cards.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep watching this Dark Souls 3 run.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?

19 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. I’ll be working feverishly, but I do hope to get in some time with the stuff I nabbed at RetroWorld Expo last weekend. Jr. Pac-Man, Frogger II, Tac-Scan, Congo Bongo, among others. Especially Tac-Scan. How many shmups were designed to be played with a paddle controller? Not many. Also the cartridge looks cool. It’s weird. Sega’s Atari 2600 releases have cooler looking cartridges than the ones they made for the Master System or the Genesis. The plastic on the back has a huge embossed SEGA logo molded onto it.

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      1. Certainly will.
        I definitely love the box art from the 2600/5200/7800 libraries. They were so imaginative, and stood out. Especially the first-party games, which mostly had these wonderful matte paintings for front covers. Activision’s covers were more simplified, but had a quirky style you couldn’t help but love. Imagic boxes always looked like Direct To Video B movies. But that only made them even cooler.

        Companies tried bringing that sort of thing back on the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Genesis a little bit, but the Atari boxes were something special.

        I hope you get around to reviewing the AtGames Atari Flashback compilations on PS4/XB1. It’d be interesting to see your take on how they play on the modern consoles compared to the AtGames Flashback 7 AIO or the original VCS. The Atari Vault on Steam is pretty great btw. Especially the Arcade versions since you can use a computer trackball mouse to replicate the arcade cab a little more. Still, nothing beats an actual Centipede machine.

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  2. I’m currently in between games myself since one of my rules for my FF play/replay through is I have to write the review of the game I finished before I start the next one, so I’ll be working on the one for FFIV this weekend. I…can’t say if I’ll finish since it’ll probably be at least 5k works and I’m a perfectionist, but it will be worked on.

    I’ve been riding the Let’s Play train myself with Olizandri’s Mass Effect one (I think I tweeted about that). He’s a phenomenal fellow, too. I subscribed to Mr. Odd on your say so, and I’ll check out what he has to offer this weekend!

    I need to find some “in between” games that aren’t so involved as Final Fantasy or other RPGs that I can just play in the midst. A good platformer or puzzle game would be perfect.

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    1. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One, I highly recommend Inside. It’s a short artsy platformer, about 2 hours, and really thought provoking. When I need mindless stuff, I usually go to musou games like Dynasty Warriors, or shoot-em-ups like Stardust Galaxy Warriors.

      If you’ve never experienced a “Souls” game before, I would highly recommend watching him play through Demon’s Souls (the first in the series) or, more specifically if you’re in to Gothic architecture and HP Lovecraft, Bloodborne. Bloodborne is newer, prettier, more interesting and faster paced. They’re all longer games, but incredible to watch/experience, especially when the person playing and narrating is good at what they do.

      Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2 (the PC version, since he stopped playing the other version), Dark Souls 3, and Bloodborne are really good watches.


    2. If you want a good platformer I can’t recommend Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Director’s Cut nearly enough. It’s on pretty much everything. Along with Shovel Knight, which is another game that comes highly recommended. Of course if you have a Wii U, there are a lot of great platformers to choose from, Mario, Donkey Kong, Ducktales Remastered, Kirby, just to name a few.

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        1. You could probably get by without ever playing anything on Wii U, but if you like open world RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles X is fantastic. As someone who primarily plays RPGs, I had little need for a Wii U. Also disappointing that it was the only Nintendo console to never have a new Metroid, and the only two Zelda titles were remasters. Breath of the Wild coming to Switch makes me less inclined to buy it on Wii U. I could probably shelve mine right now and be okay, but I want to finish Xenoblade T_T.

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          1. Thanks for that advice! I primarily play RPGs, too with a scattering of platformers and puzzle games. Is Xenoblade Chronicles X only on the Wii U? They may bring it over to the NX. I do have the first Xenogears and Xenosaga on my backlog list.


            1. Xenoblade Chronicles X is exclusive to Wii U. Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is also an exclusive Wii U RPG, which is a cross-over between Fire Emblem and the Shin Megami Tensei series (Persona, etc.). Both are great, but I believe they’re the only traditional RPGs on the console that aren’t available anywhere else.

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              1. Hm, it’s not the first time I’d buy a whole system for one game (PlayStation for FFVII; PSP for Crisis Core…erm there’s a pattern there isn’t there?), but maybe I’ll take a look at some LPs and see if it’s something I’d be interested in before I commit. I also may know some friends willing to give up their Wii U for far less than I’d pay retail or eBay/Amazon for.

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  3. I have a swollen foot and can’t move around very well so I’ll mostly do quite a bit of gaming this weekend. My son is turning three on Sunday so Saturday might be the only day I’ll have to really sit down and play games.

    Civilization VI just released yesterday and I can’t wait to jump in it if I can this weekend. I’ve played about 20+ hours of ESO this week and those hours might go up a little. Not really in a gaming mood so I might just take the weekend off and just watch Netflix until my foot heals.

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    1. I see a ton of Civ VI talk in my Twitter feed and all of it’s positive. I’m sure you’ll have fun with that one.

      Sucks about the foot, but sometimes a chill weekend is what we need to refuel. I was thinking of finally digging in to Luke Cage or the 2nd season of Flash, or just binge watching Let’s Plays on the couch. I’m stressed out and just need to unwind with some good TV and lots of sleep.

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          1. My favorite show right now is Daredevil. That’s funny because I’m not a Daredevil fan.

            Off topic, but am the only one that really wants a M rated X-men TV show?


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