It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Having just been on the receiving end of a tooth extraction and a gnarly infection, the last 24 hours haven’t been very enjoyable. My digestive system isn’t getting along with the pain medicine I was prescribed, I’m finding it impossible to sleep in the required position (flat on my back), and since my girlfriend is currently sick, I’ve been sleeping in a different room to avoid catching it.

So yeah. Yay. Friday n’ stuff.

After finishing up Return to Arkham’s Arkham Asylum remaster, I put its sequel, Arkham City, aside in favor of beginning my adventure in World of Final Fantasy. I’ve only managed to play for 2 hours, but I love it. There’s a lot of Kingdom Hearts-esque vagueness going on about timelines, life after death, etc., which is a lot more to digest than the demo lead on.


However, since I’ve been mostly bedridden in a room other than my own, I’ve started over my playthrough of Fire Emblem: Awakening on 3DS. It’s an incredible strategy RPG that I never got around to finishing, and I plan on doing so before starting either of the Fire Emblem: Fates games.

I received a copy of Gunman Clive on 3DS, as part of Indie Gamer Chick’s Halloween party. She started a #GamesMatter initiative where she’d give away copies of games expecting the receiver to play and talk about them on social media. It’s a great way to get consumers in touch with developers and publishers and give them some positive reinforcement, along with constructive criticism.


Gunman Clive is a hand drawn 2D platformer set in the wild west. It reminds me a bit of the NES classic Contra, where you make your way through levels, obtain a variety of powerful weapons (the spread shot is even present and accounted for!), and fight a boss at the end. It has a great western midi soundtrack and a really stellar aesthetic, but what I like the most is the way it challenges the player by introducing new hazards and mechanics at a reasonable pace.

Gunman Clive is a bite-sized game, easily completed in an hour or so, which draws back to my earlier Contra comparison. Both have ways to make themselves more accessible, be it Contra’s famous Konami code, or Gunman Clive’s forgiving variety of difficulty settings. Though I’m not sure if there’s any form of co-op mode. Since there’s two playable characters, I’m thinking there might be a local wifi option, but I’d have to check again since that wasn’t my reason for playing the last time I put bullets to bandits.

As Christopher Odd’s Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC Let’s Play concluded on Tuesday, I’ve been jumping around between a few of his other LPs, namely Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Since Pillars of Eternity looks rad and (unfortunately) isn’t available on consoles, I’ve added it to my Steam wishlist in hopes of an eventual price drop.


I did manage to finish reading the first volume of Saga, which is a really incredible sci-fi series where two different races fall in love, have a child, and become hunted down by bounty hunters and government agencies alike. There’s never a dull moment either, whether it’s gore-filled action panels, or being introduced to new races or important characters. It just does a great job of making you love or hate its cast in such a short period of time, so it never drags on or becomes dull.

There’s a lot of smart writing, witty humor, and great characters inside of Saga’s wonderfully drawn world. Alana and Marko, the aforementioned lovers pictured above, struggle as new parental figures, while doing whatever is necessary to ensure their daughter’s future — even if it means initiating a pact with the floating torso of a dead, smartass teenage girl in the middle of the woods.

There’s also The Will, a murderous bounty hunter hired to assassinate the new parents. Although he’s the violent type, he’s poorly dealing with his failed relationship to fellow bounty hunter The Stalk, a half-woman, half-spider beast thing that’s also taken a contract to kill Alana and Marko. There’s a soul in there somewhere, folks!


I also finished the first volume of Trees, which didn’t grab me at first but ended on an intriguing high note. It jumps around between a few different characters and their various perspectives, but the central focus is the massive spires that erupted from the ground 10 years ago. They don’t move, make noise, or even acknowledge the world’s existence at first, but that’s all about to change.

A group of scientists stationed in Sweden (I think?) discovers a new species of black flower growing out of one of their robots, which begins to interfere with their electronic devices. Another story focuses on a young gay artist who moves to a more accepting colony near one of these “trees.” Here he falls in love with a transgender female, but everything turns to shit before he can get too comfortable. There’s a few other perspectives as well, like a Somali president who stations weapons atop his local tree in an attempt to secure their rival Puntland. Each story has its own flavor, and the slow burn cashes in a nice payoff at the end, but I was this close to putting it down for good.

Hopping between characters threw me off at first, since I was already trying to adjust to a new world to begin with. It’s paced well, but I didn’t really get all snuggled up and comfortable with it until the volume’s final book. I have volume 2, which I’ll get to after I finish the final volume of Batman: Hush. Maybe. I loved Saga so much I ordered the next four volumes, so Trees may get bumped down the list a bit.


I tried getting in to The October Faction, which is a horror series of comics about a retired family of monster hunters getting back in to the business. I got halfway through the first volume and, although I loved the art style, it just didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. I have a stack of comics that I rented from the library, so I happily returned it and moved on to something else.

Since I genuinely feel like hot pickled garbage and I still have a ton of homework to get through this weekend, I’m not sure how much I’ll get in to. I’ll be picking up my 3DS and chipping away at Fire Emblem, but it’s been hard to concentrate when all I want to do is sleep.

What about you folks? What kind of trouble are you getting in to this weekend?

33 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Sorry about your tooth and your girl dude. Unfortunately when a kid of mine is sick I can’t move into another room :). I have to baby them and nurse them back to health and get sick too.

    As far as gaming goes I’m keeping it simple this weekend. I finally got Monster Hunter Generations in the mail so I’m probably going to focus on that with Dragon Quest VII. I’m also going to read through Superman Earth One.


    1. Superman Earth One is great! Have you read Superman Secret Identity? I think that one is my favorite.

      I’d normally take care of my girl, or vice versa, but I can’t risk getting sick with a gaping hole in my mouth, haha. Coughing and sneezing can mess up the healing process something awful.

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      1. I’m just getting back into reading comics so I’ve missed quite a bit. I’ll put Secret Identity on my list of things to read. Still gotta read The Death of Wolverine too.

        And I completely understand where you’re coming from. When my wife gets sick she likes to cuddle under me which makes me sick too :).

        If you get sick often I can recommend some vitamins that boost your immune system. It worked wonders for my wife and I. I haven’t gotten sick yet this year.

        Get well soon bro. And your GF too.


        1. Thanks! I don’t think I’ve had a cold in roughly 3 years, which is nice. I try to take vitamins, particularly vitamin c and mineral supplements whenever the seasons change. Feel free to toss me some recommendations though!

          I was out of the comic loop for a while, but all of the comic shows brought me back in. I mostly read DC stuff, but started reading non-capes stuff put out by Image lately. I’m at the mercy of whatever my library carries, and thankfully their comic selection is pretty ace.

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    1. I’m starting to feel better, it’s just a mixture of having a tooth yanked, fighting off an infection, and how poorly my body reacted to the combination of pain killers and antibiotics. I’m at the point now where I can just take standard over-the-counter stuff, like Ibuprofen, on top of the antibiotic, which has been a hell of a lot easier. Trying to cram homework on top of it just sucks something fierce, haha.

      NaNo sucks everyone in every November, so good luck with that! You’re a great writer, so I’m sure you’ll have no problems coming up with some stellar reading material =).

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  2. I’m genuinely thinking about a replay of Tomb Raider Underworld though I’ll probably just end up watching anime and maybe spending a few hours on No Man’s Sky. We’ll see what happens around working.

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    1. Underworld is one of the few TR games I’ve never played, along with Angel of Darkness and Legend. Not sure why, but I just fell out of love with the series after loving the first 4 on PSone. I really dig the reboot and Rise of the Tomb Raider though, so I’ve been tempted to track down a copy of the Tomb Raider HD Collection on PS3 (which at least has Legend and Underworld).

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  3. Not much this weekend unfortunately. 10 hour shift on Saturday, plus I’ll be writing afterward. If I’m lucky, maybe I’ll get a small amount of time on Sunday evening. But I do have a nice retro run coming from Amazon soon.


      1. Three VCS games. Dark Chambers, which is a cool looking Gauntlet style game, It was also made for the 7800 but it is cool to see what they were still able to get the 2600 to do ’89 through ’92 when it was finally discontinued. The other two games are Parker Bros, port of Konami’s Gyruss, and finally, would you believe Activision was somehow able to get some semblance of Capcom’s Commando running on the VCS? Well they did. I’ve been slowly adding some rarities, and oddities to the VCS collection while it’s still affordable. It’s slowly going up in the aftermarket again. The days of dollar games seem to be over. Well unless it’s maybe Combat or the Sears Tank Plus variant. Most of the stuff is getting in the $5-$15 range again. Which is still a far cry from $300 for Zombie Nation on the NES. But it’s noticeable to those who got some of these games for a buck a year, and a half ago. I suppose it’s good in a way though because it means people aren’t forgetting it, and some of the younger collector’s out there are intrigued by what came before.

        Anyway, If you’re interested ,CGR did a nice review of VCS Gyruss awhile ago.

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  4. Tooth extractions are terrible on a good day, but an infection and bad reaction to the painkillers to boot? Ugh, that’s a special kind of hell. I got a root canal about a year ago and the rubber sheet they put over your face broke me out for a few months (super sensitive skin). The root canal itself wasn’t that terrible (it was terribly expensive, just not terribly painful) Here’s to hoping yours doesn’t last long and your GF gets better soon.

    I’m breaking out WOFF this weekend since my husband is off doing Extra Life, this 24 hour charity gaming event. He thankfully left the PS4 so it’s all mine this weekend finally. Now I’m really curious about it with that kind of plot. I haven’t played Kingdom Hearts myself (action RPG and all that), but my husband has, and I quite enjoy watching him get his ass kicked by Sephiroth, which is a surprise to no one.

    I’ll probably continue playing through the DS version of FFIV. I may just go until I get to Mt. Ordeals, but it’s so much easier on that console. They really toned down the difficulty, and I’m still plugging away at my IV review. I think I may pop in Dawn of Souls on my DS since I do want to play and review the remakes as well. I’m kind of treating my handheld like I do my Kindle. I read three books at a time plus something on the portable device. I can do the same with gaming. It’ll speed this process up. Since I can use my phone to look up GameFAQS this is a win-win situation #ilovetechnology

    Here’s to hoping you and your lady’s healing is sped up this weekend, too!


    1. Yeah, I just had a root canal about 3 weeks ago and it was virtually painless. Expensive, as you said, but painless. I had an infection under the extracted tooth, so they had to drill the tooth in to multiple pieces and cut up my gums to get it all out. It’s mainly the swelling that hurts so bad now, but antibiotics already make me feel like crap, let alone wanting to hurl every time I take my pain meds. Certainly sucks.

      Looking forward to the inevitable novel-sized review of FFIV!

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      1. Ugh that sounds like the worst thing ever. Here’s to quick healing again. Antibiotics really do mess up your system even while keeping you uninfected/alive (unless super bugs happen). Such a catch 22.

        What meds do they have you on? I remember I had Oxycodone when I had my gallbladder out and then Percoset for my own teeth. They initially just gave me Tylenol with codeine, and that did barely anything. I was able to take Advil to augment it though.

        Yes, I’m going to work on it later tonight! I spent most of the day playing World of Final Fantasy, and I love it so far, the love child of Pokemon and Final Fantasy. I definitely see what you’re talking about with Tama, though I set it to Japanese with English subtitles, and it’s not as bothersome. I’m a subtitle snob, so I like my anime like that, and WOFF honestly makes me think of a playable anime. The random “thes” thrown in front of words reminds me of Jar Jar Binks’s dumb ass speech though with the “mee sah” or however the hell you spell that. Un. Cool. But the Japanese does help. I’ll have a lot more to say about WOFF when I do my State of the Gamer update this Tuesday (unless I’m utterly blitzed from the heavy drinking I plan due to the election, let’s not even go there…)

        Omg yes…you know I can’t shut up *looks up at massive paragraphs* Yeah…


        1. I’m on percocet for pain and I can’t even spell the name of the antibiotic, haha. If the pain isn’t bad, I just take 200mg of ibuprofen instead to avoid nausea. Percocet just doesn’t agree with me on top of antibiotic grossness.

          Maybe I’ll switch it over to Japanese instead. Tama really makes me want to strangle something/someone.

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            1. Sometimes I find Japanese voice overs to be a tad distracting, since I have trouble zoning the voices out while digesting the actual dialogue. Most of the time I just turn the voice volume down low, at least that’s what I do with the JRPGs that don’t offer English voices. I don’t watch a lot of anime, and the ones I do watch are already in English.

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              1. I can see that and I’ve been having that issue a little bit since it’s been a while since I’ve watched anime. I like that the game has that Adventure Log. There are currently no walkthroughs available for it which I think isn’t too terrible. It’s been a long time since I did a complete unknown run of a game. I was trying to show my husband my Sephiroth summon, but I think I was back in the twins’ room when I pulled it up. I can’t wait to get to that part where I can use summons. I just had the battle between Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh where you have to pick which one you’ll face. I picked Shiva and managed to defeat her, but it cost me my Phoenix Down and a ton of potions.


                1. Haha, I got incredibly lucky with that fight and picked Ramuh. He’s weak to earth magic and I had JUST double stacked 2 earth mirages on Lann to see how stacking 2 similar types effected magic bonuses the battle before. I “forgot” to change back, so it was definitely a lucky accident and I brought him down in 3 turns.

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                  1. Ah see I didn’t know that! I figured he’d be weak to water being lightning based, and all I had was earth magic due to the golem and goblin mirages I’d collected. I had them stacked on Lann, too! I’m probably going to go back and see if I can capture Shiva. I’m wondering if you can challenge any of the others right away because I’d totally do that.


                    1. Fire is weak to water, lightning to earth, water to lightning apparently. I just picked him because he’s my favorite of the 3 and ended up getting lucky with my abilities lol.

                      What mirage did you get for beating Shiva? Ramuh gave me a tiny floating black mage looking dude named Zapt.

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                    2. I’ve always liked Shiva and this is weird, but her one glowing eye kind of reminded me of Jenova. I was freaked out, but intrigued. Ah thanks for that! I figured it would be fire/ice, lightning/water, and I’m not sure what would nullify earth.

                      I don’t remember! But I do want to go back and challenge Shiva and again and see if I can capture her. Can you go back and challenge them all or is it a done deal once you’ve chosen?


  5. Ouch! I hope you feel better soon.

    I loved Fire Emblem Awakening. I just got a copy of the Art Book for that game recently. I also enjoyed Volume 1 of Saga. I’m a huge sucker for witty sarcastic humor :)


    1. Fire Emblem is really, really good, I just never got around to finishing it. Even now, I think I’m only on chapter 5 lol.

      Saga is awesome! I just started reading volume 2, and it’s just as good. I have up to volume 5 (I think) rented from the library.

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