It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday is once again upon us and HOLY SHIT, WHY IS IT SO FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE?! Mother Nature really needs to get her shit together.

Anyway, what are you playing to keep warm this weekend?

WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY Dungeon Demo_20161017202116

I’m currently 10 chapters deep in World of Final Fantasy and I’m enjoying it quite a bit. It’s a tad on the easy side, but collecting all of the different mirages and coming up with powerful stacks has been interesting. Basically, you have your two main characters and each of them can create a “stack” with two of your captured monsters. This has its ups and downs. All of your stats, like health, strength and magic, combine, along with elemental power and resistances. So stacking mirages that are both fire elementals not only increases the damage of your fire spells, but can turn fire in to fira, and so on.

The tale begins interesting enough, with twin siblings awakening in a world without time and being told by God herself that they’re both important Mirage Keepers (essentially Pokemon trainers, but with significant importance in the fate of the worlds). Throughout the chapters I’ve played, they’ve met up with a few heroes from past Final Fantasy games, like Refia, Princess Sarah, and The Warrior of Light, and I’ve even managed to capture familiar espers like Ifrit, Shiva, and Valefor to use in my stacks, so there’s quite a bit of fanservice.

The writing is genuinely funny at times as well, aside from a certain annoying-as-hell mascot that the-puts the word “the-” in the-front of the-everything. Never has there been a more convincing argument to play in Japanese with English subs instead.


Since my girlfriend is going out of town tomorrow to spend Christmas with her family over the actual holiday, we had our own Christmas gathering with my mom yesterday. I got The Last Guardian (among other things), which is going to put my World of Final Fantasy progress on hold for a day or two. I was going to save it until after she left, but I cheated last night and played through the first hour. I doubt I’m emotionally ready, haha.

What I’ve played so far has been great. It definitely feels like a Fumito Ueda game, for better or worse. I loved Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, and this just feels like a natural extension of those worlds; artsy world design, platforming, and puzzle solving. Thus far it’s been a matter of solving simple puzzles to feed Trico, the loveable giant bird-dog-cat thing, in an attempt to familiarize myself with his mannerisms and abilities. His animation is pretty damn incredible too.

My plan is to play through The Last Guardian first, and then get back to World of Final Fantasy in hopes of finishing it before winter break is over on January 9th.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?

25 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. I don’t have a ton of game time this weekend, with work, but I’ll try again tonight to get that Robo Santa skin in Overwatch. Because since getting the game, I’ve always called Torbjorn, Robo Santa. Now it won’t just be a figurative name, but a literal one. Assuming I can unlock it in a crate, or earn enough in-game currency through play time. I’m not spending actual money to do this. I’m also playing another vintage title, I hope to get reviewed soon. Today I also shot, and edited some footage for a potential cameo. But that’s all I can say about that for now.


  2. This weekend is going to be a Skyrim Special Edition weekend for me. I’m not feeling very well so I’ll probably spend a good majority of my time in bed. I do like watching my youngest daughter try and learn how to play Skyrim and we had some fun this morning beating the crap out of a dragon :).

    I also started a new playthrough of Pokemon Moon and I chose the fire starter this time around. So far I’m not very impressed with it, but it’s only level 33 and I hear it’s pretty amazing once it starts learning all of it’s later moves. Here’s to hoping :).


    1. I’ve seen mostly positive feedback on the series. I usually like the Telltale stuff, and love Batman, so I’m eager to get in to it now that all 5 episodes are available. I tried that whole “buy the season pass and wait” thing with Life is Strange and it was agonizing.

      Will you be reviewing it?

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      1. Ask and ye shall receive. I have just posted my review. Almost gave the game full marks, but a few bugs near the end soured things for me.


  3. I have heard nothing but wonderful things about The Last Guardian, and it just seems to be invading my internet sphere so I’m going to have to add it. That dog-cat-bird thing is adorable.

    My husband is currently playing WOFF as I sit here trying to catch up on all my blog subs so I can read, like, and reply. I did play a bit yesterday, spent a lot of time in the coliseum, but I’m going to get back to the adventuring next go round. I need to make some money, gain some levels, and whatnot. I may go to a popular level up spot since I’m both low on funds and healing supplies.


    1. I’m about 6 hours in to The Last Guardian, and although I love it to death (the aesthetic, OST, animations, world design are just *kisses fingertips*) it feels antiquated as hell. Like a late-era PS2 game. It definitely takes some getting used to, particularly when climbing Trico’s body and having patience with his commands. He’s like a new puppy; disobedient at first, but slowly picks up on things and becomes more reliable as the game goes on. That makes for a wonderful sense of bonding. But yeah, it *feels* old while looking fantastic. I can see anyone who hasn’t experienced Ico or Shadow of the Colossus getting frustrated early. Christopher Odd has 13 chapters up of his Let’s Play, if you’d just rather watch it!

      I’ll probably grind in Dragon’s Scar (or whatever it’s called) until I get Valefor high enough and then hit Nether Nebula for a few hours. I’ve used more potions in WoFF than most other FFs, haha.

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      1. Maybe I’ll do the LP thing with this, but aha! Now I understand the source of your new name on Twitter #iissmart I need to watch or play Ico and Shadow, too.

        You, too? I think I may need to level up myself or figure out a stack combination that gives me Cura or Curaga. I’m past the Windswept Mire, which isn’t a bad spot either. Dragon’s Scars has those Red Dragon fights thought. The only issue I have with that area is how big it is in relation to Save Points. I’m trying to figure out ways to transfigure myself more mirages from the ones I have, then pick up ones I know are relatively easy to get in order to either have them as is or transfigure more.


        1. I think Christopher Odd JUST posted the finale to his Last Guardian LP. For me, it was mostly about the story and overall experience, not so much the gameplay. Definitely a game I can say watching an LP is just fine! Ico and Shadow of the Colossus don’t really hold up well, mostly due to their shitty control schemes, but they’re definitely worth checking out; either playing or watching an LP. A YouTuber named Loveless Lovelocks has a pretty good blind LP of Shadow over on his YT channel. He just started it two weeks ago, so he’s not quite done. As someone that’s played it quite a bit, it’s sometimes hard to watch an LP when the person is going in blind because I just want to yell at the screen “shoot it in the foot!”, but that’s just silly. He’s a nice, chill LPer, similar to Hungry Goriya or Christopher Odd. All of my favorite LPers now are Canadian!


          1. I’m following Chris right now, but I can’t find Loveless Lovelocks. YT is being a butt about that hehe. I feel the same way about that. I start screaming at the screen, and most of the time I’m watching an LP when it’s done so commenting on what they’ve missed is pointless.

            The first LPer I watched was a Canadian dude! And it was Faxanadu hehe. He was super chill as well. The Mass Effect one I’m watching is by an English guy, Olizandri. He’s very bubbly and upbeat without any screaming. He also says amazingly cute phrases like “Lovely, jubbly,” and it’s pretty fantastic.

            Found him and subscribed! I think Shadow and Ico are already on my to-watch list. After I finish the Mass Effect trilogy, I’ll consider that. They don’t seem to be that long.

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              1. I think it was Luckless or something like that! I was able to find him. Olizandri is awesome. A few of my friends have asked about let’s players that are kid friends, and I’d recommend him for the Zelda games. He’s a little more crude (but not really) in Mass Effect, but ME is more PG-13 anyway whereas Zelda is PG at its worse.


                  1. Sure! I remember I found him because I was looking for an LP of Spirit Tracks, not knowing that that was a direct sequel to Phantom Hourglass, which I wound up watching first. I’m partial to the English accent to begin with, and I just loved his upbeat, jolly attitude. Not that I’d mind if he wasn’t, but he’s family friendly, so I could recommend him to my friends with kids who like to watch games.


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