It’s the Freakin’ Weekend: New Years Edition!

With only a single day left in 2016, join me in raising your glass as we launch the year from a cannon and in to the surface of the sun. So long, old friend! May we never experience such a vile year such as yourself for the remainder of our time on Earth!

What games will you be ringing in the new year with? Got any gaming resolutions?


I’ve mainly been chipping away at World of Final Fantasy, piddling about somewhere in the middle of chapter 12 (of 21, I believe). With a little “help” from Leviathan, our Mirage Keeper twins have found themselves lost in a swampy area full of nasty flan and malboro monsters. Thankfully I’ve enlisted the temporary help of Snow and Shiva from Final Fantasy XIII.

Now that I’ve decided on the two stacks I enjoy using, I’m less inclined to spend excess time capturing everything under the sun. For those curious, I have Lilikin Lann stacked with Ifrit and Black Nakk, and Lilikin Reynn paired with Valefor and Tama. I could switch Tama out for someone else, but I haven’t needed to quite yet.

Instead, I’d like to focus on the story, enjoy what I can, and then (if I still feel up to it) swing back after finishing the game to complete my Mirage list.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the game. I just want to move it along a little faster. I also find that if my level is high enough, I can nearly avoid elemental resistances entirely and just pummel everything to death.


As for resolutions, I’m sincerely hoping to tackle my backlog as much as possible in 2017. I already have Persona 5 paid off, but I’d like to avoid buying any other new games in favor of playing what’s already accumulated on my shelves over the years.

Realistically, I know that if something irresistible comes along I’ll probably cave, like the rumored Final Fantasy anniversary anthology (compiling the first 9 numbered entries and adding trophy support) and Final Fantasy XIII trilogy remaster.

I’m actually on my way out now to go pick up Paper Mario: Color Splash on Wii U and the original Nier on PS3 so I don’t stumble on this resolution straight out of the gate. Take that!

That being said (quite literally, if you recall), I’d like to make my backlog the priority over next year’s latest and greatest releases. And we all know that 2017 is stacked. Hopefully Red Box decides to stock some of the bigger titles, like Resident Evil VII and Horizon: Zero Dawn, but if not, I’ll just wait for a good sale down the line.


Over the last two years I’ve talked about doing a Legend of Zelda project, where I’d play through and discuss my thoughts on every game in the series (aside from the bad FMV ones). I also tossed around the idea of doing something similar for the Final Fantasy series. These are both things I’d still really like to do, and with each of them having unplayed games sitting my backlog, maybe I’ll get started on that next year.

Outside of gaming, I’m hoping to continue on my successful weight loss journey. I’ve dropped 34 pounds since drastically changing my eating habits in August last year, and it feels pretty great. I fumbled quite a bit over the holidays, but I’m not going to stress over it. I know it’s fixable and within my control. By this time next year, I’m hoping to be at my goal weight of 165 instead of the 211 I am now. I know I can do it.

What about you folks?


26 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend: New Years Edition!

  1. I’m currently working late and waiting for the next batch of stuff to do. Wish I were playing 😋

    With WOFF I switch up my stacks all the time. Im currently in the train graveyard. After the chapter I want to go back to the Nether Nebula and try to snag a zapt and possibly second fritt and bablizz. Then I want to do some mad leveling. I do want to continue the story, but I want to get all the things first hehe.

    You should do a great Zelda and FF play through! I’m doing the latter…albeit sloooooowly. I’d love to read a review/analysis of the Zeldas, and would enjoy your pov on FF of course! I hope Squeenix does that. It would make my (re)play project so much easier.

    I have so many games to get to in the new year. But I can’t be mad having that to look forward to.

    Happy New Year!

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    1. I think those Final Fantasy releases, should they happen, would be the games to break my resolution lol. Without hesitation, no less.

      Both of those projects have been on my mind for years. Plus, knocking out games in the backlog is always a nice sense of accomplishment, right?

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      1. I would love to see that! I like your style of review and would relish reading that for those series. Break the resolution hehe. If I hadn’t been sucked into WOFF’s huge gravitational pull, I might have finished FFV by now, but who am I kidding. I’d find some other way to procrastinate :p

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  2. After I escape work, I’ll be headed over to a New Year’s Eve party with The Best Spuds. They’re some really cool friends in the area who do a combination of play through, and funny morning show banter on their YT channel. Anyway with a bunch of local friends, and acquaintances showing up, and getting hammered on craft beer there will likely be many party games. Since I’m free on New Year’s Day, I’ll try to get in on some of the other great games I was gifted digitally for Christmas.

    I commend you for doing a retrospective. These can be pretty great writing experiences. I enjoyed revisiting the Unreal Tournament series a few years ago when I recapped that series. Of course, my old image host went down, so I have to sift through my backups at some point, and get the screen caps put back in. :/
    Let that be a lesson to everyone. Always back up everything. Preferably, several times across several drives, and platforms. Redundancy is a must.


    1. Yeah, I’d love the pc ports of 8 and 9 on ps4 with those sweet time saving god mode cheats lol. I’d happily replay all of those games with trophy support and aim for platinums. Just a rumor right now, but that’d be a dream purchase, for sure.

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  3. I hope I get to see your Zelda and Final Fantasy projects in 2017. Also good luck continuing your weight loss journey! I did something similar a few years ago now. It really sucked getting started but it is my lifestyle now, not a diet/exercise plan. I’m in the best shape of my life and I couldn’t be happier.

    I forgot about my quest to beat Metroid before 2017. This is less than 14 hours away now so I’ll be spending the last hours of this crazy year hunting down Mother Brain. :)


    1. Thank you! And congrats on your lifestyle change! That’s exactly why I hate the word diet, since it implies something temporary. My eating habits just needed a drastic change, having lived off of soda and fast food for most of adulthood (being broke and busy were great excuses to eat Taco Bell).

      Good luck with Mother Brain and be sure to stock up on missiles!

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      1. Thanks! I use to eat so much junk… I literally ate one of those huge bags of chips every night (that’s like 2,000 calories) on top of greasy fast food. Just making little adjustments added up quickly. The worst thing you can do is try to change everything at once.

        I got really good at handling those evil Metroids leading up to her, but her army of Red Dots kept killing me, haha. I got frustrated and used the infinite health cheat to take her out. I still had to navigate that timed platforming part at the end, so I don’t feel like a total cheater.


        1. You really have no idea how poorly you’ve eaten until you start counting calories — especially with soda and snacks. I cut out all sugary drinks, fried food, and snacks altogether, and have more frequent smaller portions (I’ve been doing the Nutrisystem pre-packaged meal delivery since August, which has helped a TON) with 30 minutes of exercise per day. I still have cheat days here and there, if the family wants to go out to dinner or something, but nowhere near as bad as I’ve been these last two weeks over the holiday lol. I’m ready to get back in to it full swing tomorrow.

          Don’t sweat the cheats. That fight can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t been collecting enough missile expansions. The platforming segment afterwards always triggered my anxiety, haha. Great game though! Congrats on finishing it before 2017!

          Super Metroid next? =P

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          1. Exactly! Sugary drinks are the worst. They don’t fill you up so the calories add up fast. I ate horribly over the holidays too and I’m actually looking forward to returning to healthier eating, lol.

            I had 235 missiles and 6 energy tanks, and those damn dots still got me, several times. Oh well. I got my revenge at least, haha. My heart was pounding during that last part! So much pressure not to fall…

            I’m definitely going to try Super Metroid at some point this year :) I also have Metroid II for the Game Boy.


            1. I picked up the Metroid Prime Trilogy on Wii U virtual console so I could finally play Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but I hate the motion controls so much. I wish there was a way to just play it with a standard controller. *shakes fist*

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              1. I’ll have to check out that fan remake! I’m sure it’s hiding somewhere on the internet.

                I loved the first two Metroid Prime games on the GameCube. I enjoyed Corruption too, but I agree that those motion controls are hard to deal with. I do prefer First-person Samus over side scrolling Samus, but both are fun. I really hope Nintendo does a Metroid Prime style game for the Switch (with decent controls of course).


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