Brace Yourselves! I Now Own 7 Amiibo!

Move over, LightningEllen! I just picked up the new Ocarina of Time Link amiibo, making it my 7th on display!


Aside from Ocarina Link, I now own Ryu, Pikachu, Gold Mega Man, the Callie and Marie Splatoon two-pack, and Wolf Link. MUCH COLLECTION!


…I’ll never catch up to Ellen. Ever.

17 thoughts on “Brace Yourselves! I Now Own 7 Amiibo!

  1. You consider 7 a “collection”? Ha!

    I’m serious: Return it NOW before the addiction takes hold!

    Actually being serious: Thanks for the shout out and enjoy the awesome Link Amiibo :)

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  2. The rabbit hole goes deep! I’ve been trying to get a complete smash roster. Still need a few of those. I did get all of the Splatoon ones except for the repaints. I love these things. Even if you don’t use them in their respective games, they make great display pieces for any toy collector. Also I have two Shovel Knights. One MOC, one open.

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    1. I love displaying them, for sure. Their functionality is useless to me. I honestly couldn’t care less. But getting figurines for series that I love is so, so rad. Can’t wait for Bayonetta and Cloud.


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