CA! Radio Episode 118: Welcome to the Family

On this week’s CA! Radio, Chuck Zodl and I discuss our opinion thus far on Resident Evil VII (recorded before I completed it), what we’ve been playing lately, our love of Image comics, current Switch/PS4/Xbox news, La La Land, and Split.

CA! Radio episode #118 is available for download via Hipcast and on iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

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CA! Radio Ep 118: Welcome to the Family (01/28/2017)
♪This week Brad explores a house from Hell while Chuck investigates a man divided. They close out with a giveaway and questions.♪ Download & iTunes

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6 thoughts on “CA! Radio Episode 118: Welcome to the Family

  1. I’m late to the party and only got to listen to a half hour, but I’ve heard similar about Color Splash. I was considering it but I’ll pass now. Super PM had the best story imho, but it was action RPG so I watched it instead. It sounds like CS moved waaaay in the opposite direction. That’s a shame.


    1. Yeah, I was very much not into the combat more than anything in Color Splash. It was an interesting concept, but it made battles take far longer than they needed to be. It looked pretty and I had some laughs at the writing… but that combat was just not fun. No auto-save feature was also a huge bummer.

      One day I’ll get around to Super Paper Mario, or may end up doing what you did and watching an LP. I know Oliz has one up.

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      1. Combat is one of those tricky things especially in an RPG. You don’t want to make it too complicated, but you want to give players enough options. CS just seems cumbersome.

        Ah I didn’t know he had one! I think I watched the one I did before I discovered Oliz. The Let’s Player was a bit, er, boisterous, but he at least knew when to shut up at the appropriate moments lol.


          1. I’m so happy to live in an era where you can just watch video games so easily. Though I remember reading something about certain developers wanting to limit that *rolls eyes* Tbh if I’m not going to play a game, I’m not going to play it, and if I like a game that I’m watching, I’ll wind up playing it anyway to have my own experience.

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            1. Some games I’m interested in, but the gameplay ultimately isn’t for me. The Surge comes to mind, as a recent example. It’s a new Dark Souls-like game that’s more sci-fi, and since I’m complete trash at those games I fully plan on watching Christopher Odd’s LP that’s about 7 episodes deep right now.

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