Reblog: The Well-Red Mage Interviews Cheap Boss Attack

I had a great conversation with The Well-Red Mage over the last few days, which they just posted over the weekend. Aside from answering typical game-related questions, we also discussed blogging, how I came up with the name Cheap Boss Attack, and how awesome the WordPress gaming community is.

Give it a look!

“It’s totally fine to love something while still being critical.”

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20 thoughts on “Reblog: The Well-Red Mage Interviews Cheap Boss Attack

  1. Your interview was awesome! It’s so nice to see someone adapting their craft as time goes on and taking on different things. I’m sure your WoW blog was pretty awesome back in the day. I also need to start setting aside some time to listen to your podcasts. Maybe I can start listening to them over lunch at work or something!

    Either way, good stuff my friend. And thanks for the mention as well. Recipro-sentiments back at you!

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      1. I had a little listen one day but had to go out shortly after starting, and you sound great! I think you sound very professional, and you have good thoughts and interesting things to say. I’m personally really awkward and never know what kinds of questions to ask in a conversation, so it’s refreshing to hear real humans able to hold a conversation easily!

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          1. Yeah for sure… as long as you don’t sound like awful radio morning show hosts, I think it’ll be great. Nothing is more grating in the morning than fake laughter every five goddamn seconds…


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