It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

The weekend is finally upon us. Awesome. How will you be spending it?


Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m mainly invested in Elder Scrolls Online. I’ve been casually exploring Deshaan, taking on side-quests, and I’m becoming overwhelmed by the sheer amount of crafting materials I’ve collected over the last 30 hours. I think I need to create a bank character just to use their inventory space as extra storage.

I was going to wait until I finished the core story before jumping in to the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood expansions, but fellow blogger and ESO player Drakulus suggested otherwise. Since everything scales to your level now, he argues that it makes more sense to do them sooner rather than later, so your new skill trees that open up level as you make your way through the campaign. I can’t disagree with that logic, so perhaps I’ll make that my goal this weekend.

I’d like to eliminate the aforementioned inventory clutter problem by working on crafting, particularly woodworking for staves, enchanting, provisioning, alchemy, and clothier for light armor, so that may be in the cards as well.


I’ve also found myself back in Neverwinter on PS4, which has been fun. I was big in to the free-to-play MMO when it launched on Xbox, but since none of my paid features cross over between consoles, it’s been a struggle starting over.

I did pick up the Heirloom Weapon Pack add-on, which is only $20. It’s an account-wide treasure chest that comes with a bevy of helpful leveling gear for each of the playable classes, with rewards going all the way up to level 60. It also comes with an account-wide Rogue companion (summonable minions that fight alongside you), a Greater Bag of Holding (which is *not* account-wide), and unlocks one additional character slot.

As someone who likes to play around with each of the different classes, this turned out to be worth every bit of its asking price on Xbox. I honestly don’t mind handing over a little cash to free-to-play games if I’m enjoying them, and Neverwinter has always been something I’ve had a lot of fun with (despite its late-game inconveniences). That’s how the developers and publishers continue to fund additional content, after all. Content that remains free for the entire player-base.

Right now I’m splitting my time between a Half-Orc Great Weapon Fighter and a Tiefling Control Wizard. Great Weapon Fighters are putting out solid damage numbers right now and I’ve never gotten to play one beyond the leveling stage. Control Wizard is the class I mained on Xbox One, which focuses on dishing out punishment while up close and personal with the melee classes. Rather than firing off Magic Missiles, you’re in the thick of it blasting the area with debilitation spells and providing helpful buffs to the rest of the group. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m pretty confident that I’ll be spending most of my free time this weekend working through Elder Scrolls content, but I’ll hop on Neverwinter for a bit to get some more leveling done. I created a new Oathbound Paladin last night and wouldn’t mind trying my hand at tanking.


Outside of gaming, or rather outside of playing games, I decided to cancel my Nintendo Switch pre-order. Their silence leading up to release (which is two weeks from today) is concerning, and I have enough piled up in my backlog to keep me occupied until the fall when more games release that I have an interest in.

Don’t get me wrong, I love The Legend of Zelda and that’s definitely a strong enough entry point to warrant the purchase. Hell, it was the main reason I pre-ordered the Switch to begin with. But right now there are at least 10 games on my shelf that I’d like to get to sooner rather than later: Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Conquest, Dishonored 2, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered, Dark Souls III, Grand Kingdom, Gravity Rush Remastered, Bloodborne, and Gears of War 4.

On top of those, I’d still like to pick up Nioh, Yakuza 0, and Tales of Berseria. I’m also working through Elder Scrolls Online in anticipation of its Morrowind expansion, casually strolling back through Neverwinter, and would love to revisit Final Fantasy XIV and finally make my way through its Heavensward content.

Persona 5, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ni no Kuni 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, and NieR: Automata are also on my radar for the remainder of the year. There’s just so much else to play that making room for the Switch seems impossible. At least right now.

I believe in the Switch’s potential and I know I’ll get one later in the year when Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors comes out. I’ve just fallen off the hype train and no longer feel it’s a necessary purchase on day one. Being paralyzed by choice isn’t the worst thing in the world.

What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend? Is Nintendo’s silence on the Switch two weeks prior to launch a cause for concern?

28 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

      1. Yeah, my kidney area, and right ribs are sore as hell again. Last time I went to see a doctor I was told it was muscle strain. Still have some pain meds for it left, but since I had a couple of potent beers last night, I really don’t want to take them as meds/alcohol can interact within a 24 hour period negatively. So I’m just dealing with it by resting up. Hopefully it eases up soon.

        On the plus side, I have some interesting stuff coming from Amazon, and it could lead to some exciting reviews, so cheers!

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  1. With so many games on your backlog and the concerns with the Switch, it makes sense to cancel the preorder. I just added Tales of Berseria to my growing backlog (thanks to the Evil Wizard). I can’t hurt to dip my tow in another RPG franchise for fun and research purposes :p

    I’m lucky enough to have a three day weekend, because I work for an investment bank that’s closed when the the stock market it, so whoohoo Presidents Day. I managed to hook up with someone who said they would trade me a Maduin for a Titan in WOFF, and we did the deal yesterday, so I’m currently leveling Maduin before I finish the game for real. Everything else is done. I’ll probably play some more Journey this week and give fLOw a try. If I can finish WOFF and fLOw this weekend, that’s two games, then I’ll just have Journey and one other to do!


    1. Sweet! I loved extra paid days off!

      I really enjoy the Tales series, at least mostly. I thought Abyss took a while to get going, and while a lot of the fanbase hated Zestiria I loved it. Can’t wait to check out Berseria! I hear it’s the best one to release since Xillia.

      Good luck FINALLY putting down WoFF, haha. You definitely got your money worth on that one. Early congrats on putting the finishing touches on that and fl0w!

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      1. I’ve discovered that a lot of times the fanbase hates things for really dumb reasons hehe. I used to hear a ton of hate for FFVIII because people didn’t understand the junction system and thought Squall was a broody mess, and I used to hear nothing but bitching about FFIX, because people thought Zidane was too upbeat. Um, make up your goddamn minds! People will always find something to complain about, and I know I’ve fallen into the trap of listening to the critiques before I experience it myself. It’s usually a bad move.

        I have a feeling I’m probably still going to be playing WOFF for a looong time afterwards still lol. There’s even more in the post postscript. Still I’ll count it as an official finish. I just have to make sure I do it when my husband isn’t around since we’re near the same place and neither one of us wants to be spoiled.


        1. Once I see credits, it counts as a completion lol. Even if I’m invested in the post-game stuff.

          And you’re absolutely right. Hardcore fandoms are full of the most unhappy, argumentative people I’ve ever met. “FFXII was too open!” and then “FFXIII was too linear!” MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

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          1. It’s the story of that man, his son, and the donkey repeated all over the place. You can never make everyone happy. For me, I like that they try things new, even as I admit I completely and utterly bitched about the loss of turn based battle. I’m still a fan and I still LOVE to complain! People also hated the Sphere Grid, then they hated the thing in FFXII that was Sphere Grid-esque. Then they hated the Junction system. Personally, I liked that they did different things. It gave me another system to learn, figure out, and eventually exploit. The only battle system I hated was all the way back in FFII where you had to fight a hundred battles with the same weapon, shield, armor or use the same magic spell a hundred times in order to level. That. Was. Awful. I’m glad they didn’t go back to that, but you do your trial and error and take your lumps.


            1. I’m with you. I *hated* the way the level-up system worked in FF2. I also didn’t care for the license board system in FF12. Otherwise, I enjoy learning the new systems and figuring out ways to make my party as ridiculously powerful as possible.

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              1. Ah you just gave me an idea for another FFF question!

                Speaking of powerful, I am so overpowered in WOFF it’s ridiculous. I did the “real” ending last night, and was taking out the final bosses in four or five turns. All of my high level stacks are over 10k HP. It’s not even right.

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  2. Awesome games! My friend has Bloodborne and she really likes it. For me, this weekend will consist of a little Mass Effect for the insanity that will eventually be a Let’s Play channel, a little Black Flag for my Four in February, and blasting through Inquisition again (haha yeah right) to get to the DLC that I haven’t finished yet because I just got a PS4 not too long ago and the DLC wasn’t available for the PS3 version.

    I’m holding off on the Switch, as well. Too many games and too little time, man. It’s a good problem to have :)

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  3. Good decision on the switch, like you I think I’ll get it way later on once we know more and actually see certain features rolled out

    As for my time, given that I am away from my Wii u and PC while I’m at my parents place this weekend, it’s alot of Pokemon Moon for may, and maybe some FE awakening


  4. Thanks for the shout out dude :).

    This weekend I’m mainly focusing on For Honor. I want to finish the campaign so I can review it. I’m also going to invest in ESO. I’m almost hero rank 30 with my Nord and I still have to finish the main quest. I randomly brought Samurai Warriors 4-II from Steam because it was on sale for $25 and since I’m a huge warriors fan i figured it was time for me to play this game. Not sure if I’ll get around to it this weekend, but I’ll try :).

    It sucks that you have to start all over in Neverwinter. I don’t know if I could do that.

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    1. No worries dude, your advice makes perfect sense.

      I dig the Dynasty Warriors games and their many spinoffs, aside from Empires. Haven’t gotten around to Samurai Warriors 4-II myself, but I liked the earlier games. I’m sure it’s fine.

      I’m hoping to just focus on ESO for the most part, while waiting around for Neverwinter to run a double XP weekend like they’re known to do every couple of months. Then I’ll pounce on that to play catch up. I’ve already leveled through this game 3 times, so I don’t care about the lore and quests until it gets to the newer expansion stuff I haven’t touched.


  5. Oh man, I’ve wanted to play Bloodbourne for ages, but I never had a PS4. I’ve been banking on a re-release on PC since it came out! It’s such a perfectly brutal game and I love the gothic style it has going.

    This weekend I’m still trying desperately to finish Final Fantasy X. Oh god please no more.


  6. Thank god it’s the freakin’ weekend! I’m so damn tired from shoveling snow and climbing snowbanks… I say this every weekend, but this might be the one where I actually do what I say and beat FFIV, haha.

    I admire your willpower! It’s very smart of you to cancel your Switch preorder. I’m still a sheep when it comes to Nintendo consoles. I don’t like their silence but they still have my trust, for now.

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  7. I will likely hammer out more Ys and focus on some video recording for the LP. I don’t know why I have such a time consuming hobby, but it’s so much fun!

    I hope you have fun with Neverwinter and your other exciting ventures. Sad to hear about your Switch preorder cancellation, but I can understand your hesitation. I’ve got Breath of the Wild coming for the WiiU, so I’m excited for that to land in my lap soon enough.

    Enjoy your evening :)

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    1. If I get the itch to play Breath of the Wild, I’ll do the same and just grab it on Wii U instead. I hear it’s not that drastically different, and if I end up loving it I’ll just replay it again on Switch later on!

      RPGs are definitely time consuming. I saw that your 4th episode of Ys went up, so I need to see where I missed out on during the streams and catch up with the Let’s Play.

      Have fun!

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