It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

My truck is back in the shop, I just failed an exam I drove three hours to take, and my Twitter account was hacked within the last hour, sending around 100 spam DMs to random people about expensive sunglasses. How is your weekend starting off?

Since Elder Scrolls Online just received a 20gb update on PS4 for the new player housing feature, I’ve mainly been playing Neverwinter. That may sound weird, but PSN was having issues (because of course it fucking was) and it took me nearly three days to download the thing.


My Control Wizard is sitting comfortably at level 42, having joined a rather friendly guild of casual players. I just finished off Ebon Downs and should be heading toward the snowy werewolf-infested land of Vellosk here shortly. This area ran like garbage on Xbox at launch, so here’s hoping it fares a little better on PS4 two years later.

My girlfriend and I were looking for something to play together to escape our everyday stresses, so we resubbed to World of Warcraft and started leveling new characters. I deleted my level 100 Human Rogue, since I hated the way he looked. I created another Rogue in his place, but went with a female Night Elf this time.


We played around a bit last night, leveling in Westfall and two-manning the Deadmines dungeon. Hopefully we’ll get back to that a little more tonight after homework.

There’s just something about MMOs that keeps me coming back when life gets a little too hectic. I think it’s the familiarity, the almost comfort food feeling of mindlessly leveling, crafting, and exploring a world I’ve invested a considerable amount of time in. It’s nice.

It’s been a busy, busy week, so that’ll about do it for me. What about you folks? What are you getting in to this weekend?

49 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. I had a massive panic attack that’s left me extremely fried mentally, and found out I have a tooth that needs to be extracted!

    Friend of mine is doing the two week free trial of FFXIV so I’ll be blitzing around that with her. She’s been trying to convince me to pick up Horizon at launch so I’ll be debating that strongly this weekend.

    Otherwise I’ll be playing the game of ‘Trying to restore cognitive function after a panic attack’, where the gameplay involves a lot of Potato-ing, Netflix, and maybe hopping into Overwatch/RE7/FFXV for replayability. That’ll be my weekend in a nutshell.

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    1. I just had a tooth extracted in October and it want bad at all. Currently going through a multi-visit root canal, which hasn’t been bad either. I’ve really wanted to get back in to FFXIV but resubbed to WoW instead. Maybe this summer when I have more time.

      Sorry to hear about the panic attacks. Those are never fun.

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      1. Luckily I don’t get attacks too often, but definitely not comfortable. This one had a pretty specific trigger and was almost instant. I’m actually really glad I only have the one cavity. There’s a few other teeth they’re watching but I’m on special fluoride toothpaste that should help. Hopefully I won’t have to do multiple root canals again.

        If Legion goes on a decent sale around me I may pick it up for a month or two again. My new laptop can handle Overwatch and Diablo so far. They aren’t as pretty as on my PS4, but it runs without lag. Heroes runs pretty well too.

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      1. I luckily have an entire weekend to relax and I plan on being a potato. Gonna burrito in blankets and chill. Hopefully by the time Monday rolls around I’ll be crazy ol’ Kayla again


  2. I’m pushing hero rank 100 in ESO and I just completed the main story last night. I want to focus on catching my wife up to me now :). This weekend will most likely be a For Honor/Ghost Recon Wildlands with some Samurai Warriors 4-II mixed in.

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    1. I’ve thankfully only been hacked this once, outside of old, unused Gmails accounts. It seems they probably just hacked an app I gave publishing permission to and went off to the races, since the IP was from Japan (I guess that’s a common thing that happens?).

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  3. I feel like more than one of my accounts was hacked, thankfully it seems to be the less important ones like grocery rewards lol

    I think if not tonight, but by the end of this weekend I may be finished Xenoblade Chronicles X. After that will probably keep going at Pokemon Moon. I’m trying to catch this damn Wimpod and it won’t respawn!


  4. Dang. Sorry to hear it’s been a rough week for ya. Mine is nowhere near as bad, but my boss has decided to blame everything that goes wrong on me, even though very little of it is on my end. Plus the workload has been killer on my back, and ribs this week.

    As far as gaming goes for me over the weekend, I’m going to TRY to find some time to late night stream. I also found a spiffy controller last weekend for an old console that I’ll continue to put through its paces as I plan to review it. I’ll probably take a trek down to Retro Games Plus to see if I can find anymore C64 games too. They seem to be on a price rise lately.


  5. Ugh! What a rough start to the weekend! I certainly hope it gets better.
    I used to play WoW too. I know what you mean about the comfort value of it. You talking about leveling up made me feel all nostalgic. That was my favorite aspect of the game as odd as that sounds. I’ve always had issues with anxiety so I loved the solo aspect of the game a lot more than the social part. I pretty much always just liked leveling up and doing my own thing.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)


    1. Yeah, leveling is my favorite part as well. At the start of this expansion I had 1 of each class on both factions at max level >.>. It’s always once I get to the end game that I start to grow a little bored, especially since I don’t raid anymore. When I did, end-game always felt like a job anyway (faction grinding, heroic dungeon farming). At least now I can put minimal effort it to my characters and still raid via matchmaking LFR. It’s nice! Revisiting other MMOs like ESO and Neverwinter are similar, where I enjoy leveling more than anything else. I can’t really speak on FFXIV’s end-game, since I only made it to max level in the vanilla game. Never got around to touching the Heavansward stuff.

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      1. Exactly! lol Very good point about how it can sometimes feel like a job and that just sucks all the fun right out of it.
        Nice to know I’m not alone in enjoying the leveling up portion. A lot of people seem to look at that part of it as tedious but I always enjoyed it. :)

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  6. Sounds like your day really sucked… :( I’m sorry to read about your issues. I’ve failed a few exams in my school days and that feeling is awful. Adding a 3 hour drive to that is a real slap in the face for sure. I hope the sunglasses were nice at least!

    I played WoW a lot when I was in college. There is something comforting and relaxing about it that made me forget about all that stress. I know exactly what you mean but it’s hard to describe, haha. Happy gaming and I hope things get better for you :)

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    1. It’s a comfortable way to unwind without stressing about lore, quests, or game play since I’m already familiar with all of that stuff. Removing the need for hyper focus helps, I’m sure. Usually when I play a game, especially an RPG, my brain is trained to seek out and absorb as much as possible.

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  7. Let’s see. I started a new job, went to a job fair at my university, and have been trying to come up with a long term plan for my site.

    I’m going to sit down and play the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta with my wife, and maybe get some time in on Titanfall 2 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Also, I’m curious about these sunglasses. How many of my passwords do you need to mail them to me? I’d rather do that than give you my account and routing number to have you wire me money so I can send it to your friend in Colombia.

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      1. Yeah I was wondering what was going on, because I just recently followed you on Twitter and I got that message almost immediately after. I thought maybe you had a deal worked out with a sunglasses distributor or something!

        You may consider using passphrases instead of passwords if you’re security conscious. That and two-factor authentication. I use both on my Xbox Live and PSN accounts, as well as some of my more financially sensitive accounts.


        1. I have a rather complicated password, but just changed it again and set up 2 step authentication. From others who had something similar happen, it was most likely an app I had granted publishing permission to getting hacked and posting it all on their end. I dunno, hopefully this prevents it from happening again.

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  8. Holy shit do you need some stress relief. It’s like your truck broke down adding more insult to the unsuccessful exam after you drove the three hours. I’ll say I didn’t get any random DMs about sunglasses (I don’t think), and I hope your Twitter is now under control. Stupid trolls.

    I found this ridiculously hard boss in the final optional dungeon for WOFF and had my ass handed to me by it. Then I watched a video on how to beat/imprison him, so I’m going to give it another try when my husband is finished yelling at Destiny. I may fire up FFV tonight if I can find a good strat guide on GameFAQS. There may be some Journeying later, too. I think I’m giving up on Dawn of Souls for the GBA though. I was going to switch over to II, but I think it’s going to get bumped for a bit. IV still has my attention though in the GBA version, but I’m not sure for how long. I really should concentrate on my project o.O


    1. Thankfully the truck didn’t break down this time, but it seems like as soon as I get something fixed it triggers something else to go wrong. I paid out the ass to get my suspension replaced, then they found an oil leak. Repairing that made the engine maintenance light pop on, which was due to pressure building up on the gas tank. After getting that adjusted, it turned out my gas line was rusted through (my dad bought the truck from a guy in Florida who lived on the coast, so salt water = a faster rusting process) so I got that replaced. Two days later, the engine maintenance light came back on. That’s where I’m at now. They have no idea what’s wrong or why the light won’t go off, so who knows? I inherited the truck after my dad passed away because it was a nicer vehicle than my 1998 Toyota Camry, but it’s been nothing but trouble since November.

      It seems my Twitter is under control, now that I’ve over-complicated my password and setup two-step authentication on my phone. It’s annoying to grab my phone every time I want to log in elsewhere, but I’d rather not have my account hacked again.

      Best of luck imprisoning your mirage and hopefully you continue to enjoy Journey. I don’t blame you for pushing FF2 aside. Like, at all lol.

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      1. Car shit is so damn annoying, and it’s one of those necessary evils especially if you live in the suburbs. It seems like an never ending, uphill battle. You’d think that a newer/nicer vehicle would give you less trouble than one almost 20 years old. Hopefully, you get things squared away, but I know there’s nothing more annoying than paying a crap ton of money to get your car fixed then something else equally if not more expensive breaking.

        I’m going after Mr. XG tonight haha. I generally will try a boss fight once myself to see how badly I get killed then I’ll look for strategies online. Yeah…I feel like I should feel bad for abandoning it, but I don’t :p

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  9. :( May I send you some internet hugs? It sounds like you might need them! I’m so sorry to hear about your string of terrible events, but hopefully this week is better for you!

    I travelled to do some visiting yesterday and got to check out a few game stores and picked up a bunch of really awesome stuff. Very excited about that! I also vanquished some awful, awful Head Twins from Ys and finished that game up, so hopefully I’ll start into Phantasy Star shortly. I do want to finish my LP of Ys first though… it’d be a nightmare diving into something new before finishing the first thing I’m working on!

    I’m glad you have a nice release in MMORPGs. I’ve never played them and I’m afraid to start lest I be sucked into a world that I will not be able to crawl back out of… stupid day job and interacting with other humans getting in my way…


    1. Thanks! It’s certainly been a string of unfortunate events, but such is life.

      I’m glad you got to add to your already stellar collection of video games, but sad I missed out on the end of Ys because I was already falling asleep at 8pm lol. But hey, at least I’m receiving your live notifications now! I’ll definitely catch the last bits of your YT LP when they go up.

      MMOs certainly have a way of sucking you in, especially if you’re the type that likes to experience everything a game has to offer. It’s one thing to play through the quests, grouping up with others to kill bosses in dungeons, and exploring the world, but wanting to try out all of the different classes (“mage is fun, but how does a rogue live? or how does it feel to heal or tank for a group?”), level up all of the different crafting and gathering professions, partake in seasonal events and end-game raids… it can really take a lot of time. Which is fine, if that’s your thing. It was mine for nearly a decade, having almost missed out on the ps3 and 360 era entirely to WoW. But I always understand why people are cautious.

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      1. If you wanted to watch the stream archive, it’s on my Twitch page. It’s literally 1.5 hours of me being mad at the twin heads, and then the not so slow slog to the end of the game. I’m hoping to get the rest of the LP done up soon!

        The versatility is a huge draw for me. I will admit that I at one point became a Diablo III junkie, and that was as immersed in the online multiplayer world that I would allow myself to go. I spent all my nights getting wrist cramps playing on a laptop on my couch, and it was amazing while it lasted.

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        1. Oh yeah, my girlfriend and I got heavily in to Diablo 3 when we played with 2 of our friends… especially during double XP weekends lol. We were on there rift farming and leveling for months.

          I’ll check out the archive, thanks!

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  10. Agh! Oh no! I’m sorry to hear all of that has happened to you! Hope everything is okay, and I hope that things are going better this week! I hope you can relax with some good games too.


    1. Haha, well my cat actually jumped off something a little higher than she could handle, so she’s left with a front limp and a vet appointment tomorrow. IT NEVER ENDS! *throws fries everywhere*


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