It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

The hits keep on coming this year, but rather than running down the list of things hampering my mood this evening, let’s focus on the good instead, shall we? It’s the weekend. The bright flare shot in the darkness; the arms of the weekday providing a warm hug; the killer in your bedroom who thinks you’re pretty when you sleep.

How will you be spending it?

I’m incredibly busy this weekend, so I’m not sure how much gaming I’ll get in. I have a major essay on Haiti, a group discussion on Richard III, Act IV, a group discussion on the Dada artist movement, and two math assignments due by Sunday. Woof.


I did start A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV, now that it’s free. It’s a retro brawler that takes place before the events of the main game, wherein King Regis recounts one of his early adventures to a young Prince Noctis as a bedtime story. It’s a bit like The Princess Bride, where the narrative and the action often interrupt each other. Combat is more satisfying than I imagined from a free game, mixing light and heavy slashes, shield bashes, dodge rolls, magic, and companion summons to topple Final Fantasy XV’s bestiary in specific ways.

I hear it’s quite short, clocking in around 2 hours (which is perfect). It’s been fun so far.

Side-note: If you’re curious about my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV, you can check out my review right here.


I started playing through Catherine on PS3 to break away from my MMO juggling, but I put it aside after getting slammed with homework. I really loved the style of the characters and the game’s world design, and the story wasn’t at all what I anticipated. In short, you play as a guy unsure how to proceed with his current relationship. His longtime girlfriend, Katherine, keeps bringing up marriage and kids, and Vincent feels suddenly paralyzed at the mere thought of change. He heads to the local bar to drown his woes in alcohol, gets shitfaced, and wakes up the next morning next to Catherine. Not Katherine. One night stands are probably a bad idea, no?

It’s a visual novel/puzzle game hybrid, where you’re encouraged to make incredibly tough dialogue choices and live with their consequences. You can reply to text messages, interact with your friends across the table, and watch events unfold in both anime and in-game cut-scenes. The narrative bits are strongly written and do an excellent job making you feel for Vincent while understanding he’s just done something incredibly shitty.

The gameplay bits see him climbing towers made of blocks, pushing and pulling them at a frantic pace to avoid being massacred by whatever’s chasing you from the bottom.

Catherine is… different. But in a good way! It blends two genres together in a way that feels incredibly natural and has the expectedly chic Atlus aesthetic that apparently inspired the look of their upcoming JRPG, Persona 5. I can’t wait to get back to it.


Those of you that have followed me for a while know of my extreme disinterest in competitive multi-player games. However, a buddy of mine (and fellow podcaster Chuck Zodl) hooked me up with a copy of Overwatch on PS4. I’ve been having a pretty rough go of things lately, and since Overwatch cheered him up when he was down in the dumps, he thought maybe it’d get me out of my own personal funk.

I. hate. competitive. games. I just do. I no longer have a competitive bone in my body. The mere thought of playing against other people fills me with anxiety, and I have no idea why. I wasn’t like this as recent as ten years ago, where I’d happily jump into Call of Duty, Street Fighter, or NHL 2K7 and compete against others for hours on end. Now I just can’t do it.

However… Overwatch is pretty fucking good. There. I said it. I’ve only managed to squeeze in about 4 or 5 games, but I can see why everybody tends to love it. It’s easy to pick up and play, but clearly has a ton of depth as you explore the nuances of each character. Of the ones I’ve played thus far, I like Mei. A lot.


On the MMO front, my Control Wizard in Neverwinter is sitting at level 65. I’ve been jumping between Stronghold, Sharandar, and Elemental Evil dailies, and by then I’m usually out of time. It’s just important to keep up on the campaign progress to benefit from their time-consuming boon rewards.

Someone in my Alliance (a group of guilds, essentially) was kind enough to give me a Fire Archon, which is not only my class’s best active companion but can also be quite expensive to obtain. He had an abundance of the necessary currency and just told me to “pay it forward” when somebody else needs help. Guilds are all about camaraderie and altruism, and it appears I found a good home for my Control Wizard.

My girlfriend and I took a bit of a homework break last night and leveled together on our WoW Hunters. We quested through parts of The Hinterlands before moving along to Western and Eastern Plaguelands. I checked out the melee-focused Survival build and really enjoyed it, but went back to Beast Mastery for leveling purposes. I’ll probably switch to Survival permanently once I hit 100 and grab the artifact weapon. Right now my Hunter is only 42, so I still have quite a ways to go.

I still haven’t touched Elder Scrolls Online since the latest update. It’s not for lack of interest, though. I’m still looking forward to leveling out my Templar and checking out Morrowind in June.

That’ll about do it for me. Like I said, not much time this weekend. What about you folks? What are you getting into?


37 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Let’s see here.. well I finally finished Final Fantasy X in what was the longest exit from a game in the history of the universe. I feel so relieved to have it off my plate. Also 100% completed Kirby Planet Robobot which was an absolute blast.

    Currently in the midst of Breath of the Wild, and really enjoying this indie I grabbed from LimitedRunGames on the Vita called “The Swapper”. Super cool puzzle platformer with a really creepy aesthetic and art style. I highly recommend checking it out, it’s on plenty of consoles! It’s a short one too, might be a nice break from all those epics you’re getting yourself into :)

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    1. Hey, congrats on finishing Final Fantasy X! That last boss (and the Seymour fight) is pretty rough.

      I actually played and reviewed The Swapper’s Xbox One launch. It was pretty damn good. Loved the aesthetic and puzzle solving, and how thought provoking the concept was–creating clones, actual human people, and using them simply to solve puzzles, to reach the “end goal.” If you enjoy The Swapper, I *highly* recommend playing The Fall. Incredible game.

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  2. Catherine looked a little messed up when I first saw the trailer, but it intrigued me enough to the point where I’d still like to try it one day. I’m waiting for it to get a massive discount before I get it. Like, a $5.99 special on PSN.

    For me, I’ll probably play some WWE 2K17, NHL 17 and a little bit of Yoshi’s Woolly Word. I’ve really enjoyed playing YWW and I’m almost done.

    I’ve also got Lunar Silver Star Story that I’ve been getting, but admittedly, I haven’t sunk as much time into it as I would’ve liked to. Maybe I should try and get some time in. I’d also like to maybe give Final Fantasy X another go, but my first few hours did nothing for me. I don’t think I gave it an honest shake, but it hasn’t felt very immersive quite yet.

    Have fun this weekend!


    1. It’s definitely messed up. I picked it up recently for $5 during a PSN sale, so keep an eye on the weekly discounts if you’re interested in picking it up.

      Final Fantasy X starts off a bit slow, but once you recruit more characters and start opening up a bit of the sphere grid it really falls in to place. It’s one of my favorites.


  3. Catherine was such a cool game, but it gets sooooo difficult by the end. I really enjoyed playing it though. I liked that there were so many endings too.
    I’ve finally finished Nioh (words about it soon!) so I might start on Resident Evil 7 or Space Wolf.

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    1. I’m only 3 hours in and I’m already starting to fail the puzzles. I just can’t think that fast, haha. If it gets too rough to the point where it’s borderline unenjoyable, I’ll just watch an LP. I’m mainly interested in the world and the characters, and seeing how the story progresses based on choice.

      Congrats on finishing Nioh! The LP I was watching for that got cancelled due to low viewer engagement, so I need to seek out another one. I loved RE7 and it’s a nice 9-10 hour game that fits perfectly in to a short weekend.

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  4. I love Catherine, both for its puzzle design and its anime-styled visual novel. Very underrated game from last generation! A King’s Tale looks interesting too. Not at all what I’d expect from a FFXV spinoff game. As for me, I’ll be playing a bunch of Switch this weekend, with Zelda: Breath of the Wild being my main game, though I’ll also be playing other titles like Super Bomberman R and Snipperclips.


    1. I’m definitely enjoying both of those aspects of Catherine myself. A King’s Tale feels like a solid indie brawler, but with FFXV fanfare (music, characters, monster designs). The fact that it’s free is icing on the cake. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t charge for it.

      Snipperclips looks like a really good co-op game, same with Bomberman R. Not sure I want to pay $50 for Bomberman, but I’ll certainly grab it once it’s around $20. Picking up Blaster Master Zero?

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  5. I also hate competitive games with passion! I find they bring out the worst in people, and I’ll be the first to admit I suck at them, haha. I never really considered giving Overwatch a try but it does seem fun.

    In between Zelda and HZD, I’m also addicted to the freemium Final Fantasy mobile game: Brave Exvius. It’s surprisingly a lot of fun, full of character nostalgia, and easy to pick up in short bursts. I haven’t run into any paywalls either. Oh and I was excited to get Snow in my party! I’m really hoping Lightning is in one of those damn RNG crystals though, haha.

    I’m truly sorry to hear you’re having a rough time. If there’s anything I can do to help, don’t hesitate to ask. All the best, dude! :)


    1. Thanks Ellen, I appreciate =).

      Overwatch is interesting in the same way that Splatoon was interesting. Both are accessible to newcomers, but have quite a bit of depth once you get comfortable. Or… at least that’s how Overwatch feels after my brief time with it. There are tons of great looking characters with their own special abilities and roles, and I like that everything you unlock is purely cosmetic. All of the characters are available straight out of the box, so nobody is alienated behind DLC walls. I definitely look forward to spending more time with it, but I’ll probably only be able to handle a few matches at a time.

      I’ve given Brave Exivus and Record Keeper a shot, but I just don’t find myself gaming on my tablet much anymore. Same reason I gave up on Fire Emblem Heroes, I suppose.

      Have fun with Horizon and BotW!

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        1. I was *so* tempted to just grab the Wii U version, but realistically I don’t have time for it. Figured I’ll just wait and play it on Switch. Even bought the special edition on Switch to kill the Wii U temptation lol.

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  6. Cool list! I’ve heard good thing about Cathrine/Kathrine… Qathrine?? and of course Overwatch is another powerhouse game.

    I’ll be plugging through Mass Effect for the let’s play, and also continuing Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, which I never finished in February… oops.

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  7. Here’s hoping you get some gaming in between all the schoolwork this weekend. It seems like you really need to destress and forget about the week before. There’s been something about this week…a bunch of friends seem to be crawling out of the dank pit it’s been. Hope things get better :\

    I was going to start FFV tonight and play some Journey, but I spent 2-3 hours writing a book review, and now it’s 2:30 in the morning while I’m checking my blog posts. I’d say there’s always tomorrow, but I have a social thingy to do, and even though it’s not until 6, knowing I have to go out just hangs over my head. I’m kind of thinking of getting a version of FFV on a handheld, because I feel like it’s so much less of a production to just play those.

    I DID just pre-order the FFVII: Remake. Don’t make fun of me. I didn’t know they’d set a release date for it (December 29, 2017). I avoid mainstream gaming sites like the plague for a variety of reasons, the main one being everyone here is so much better. The discussion is more intelligent, more welcoming, and more in depth. Plus the opportunity for conversation that doesn’t devolve into a pissing contest is extremely awesome. Mainstream gaming sites seem to attract a shallower sort of mindset, and now I sound like a gigantic damn hipster lol *fixes rectangular glasses* (Sad thing is…I actually have hipster glasses, and I love them :p)

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    1. I have black thickrim glasses myself, haha. We become hipsters the older we get, I think.

      To my knowledge, FF7R doesn’t have a street date yet. Typically end-of-year release dates are just placeholders for retailers to offer pre-orders. Based on the what information we have on it right now, we’d be lucky to see any part of the game in 2017. I’d be happy to and would buy it day one, but it doesn’t seem likely. I might pre-order the FFXII remaster for the sexy steel book!

      I know what you mean about plans looming over your head. Whenever I want to play something, I start thinking about other things that need to be done. Just knowing I have to be somewhere in two hours tells my brain that I’ll either not be able to “enjoy” it enough or that a shorter gaming session is pointless–neither of which are correct. Like, right now I’m busy with school work and I want to play an RPG while I want for summer break (buying a Switch and finally playing Zelda then). But since I have so much homework, I can’t convince myself to play an RPG because I’d have to play it in sporadic 1-2 hour sessions. Yet… I can jump into an MMO and play that just fine. I’m still playing SOMETHING, so I should have just played what I wanted to play in the beginning, right? Brains are weird.

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      1. I think that’s what it is for sure. They have to put in some date, so they just throw it at the end of the year. Haha, it reminds me of GRRM’s promises to release his next book. He just kept pushing it back and back and finally decided, “Fuck it,” and stopped saying anything. I understand this on a deep level. I don’t even bother trying to figure out when I’ll be finished anything written anymore. It’s just a recipe for being a big, fat liar. Old hipsters unite! I will kick you off my lawn with my Ugg boots. I am definitely ordering the FFXII remaster. Oh shit! I just remembered they’re releasing a new champion for WOFF: Balthier.

        Yuuup. If I were playing something other than RPGs, I think I’d be more inclined to play a bit. I will often break out The Impossible Game for things like that, since it’s something I can play in 15 minute spurts, and Defy the Majority has convinced me to download Super Mario Run, at least the free version.

        I’m hoping to get a start on FFV today, but daylight savings time may kill that idea.

        I think gamer and creative type brains are the weirdest lol. We compartmentalize so much, but a lot of times things in those compartments visit each other, and it’s this scattered party where you don’t know whose house you’re at, but the drinks are really good.


  8. Welcome to Overwatch, agent!

    Ahem. Sorry.

    The list for me this weekend is FFXIV, Overwatch, and Breath of the Wild. I’m mostly playing Breath of the Wild right now, since I can take it downstairs and elevate my leg on the couch where it’s easier to do so than trying to elevate it in my room. Strain from November still hasn’t healed completely, and it keeps acting up. It’s slowly getting better though. I’ve fought the first Divine Beast (Zora Domain) and I was stubbornly trying not to go to the Goron’s next since my coworker activated my ornery nature by condescendingly saying ‘Everyone goes for them first’ but since I only have a vague idea where the Rito are and no bleeping idea where the Gerudo are, I might as well make a dash for the obvious volcano on the map. So far the game has been insanely amazing. I heard someone say that some places are ranking it as one of the top games of all time and I can see why. I normally detest open world games with vague objectives and a thousand ways to get distracted and never progress but I’m so freaking hooked. Nintendo outdid themselves on it. And I’m loving the Switch. Still got some time to make my judgement call but so far I’m impressed by the console. Haven’t had too many issues with it.

    In FFXIV I’m diving into alt-mania. I decided I want to get all of my alts to a minimum of 30 so I can do every holiday event from here on out, plus it forces me to do something with them. So far I’m… not doing horribly at it.
    Roswitha (Main): 60 PLD/60 SMN/60 SCH
    Aymeric: 30 PLD
    Jade: 30 WHM
    Star: 30 THM
    Paulecrain: 23 LNC
    Sasha: 15 PUG
    Makenshi: 15 THM
    Quiessa: 15 THM
    At this point I can do Ul’dah in my sleep. Seriously. But I’m enjoying it. Some of my friends are playing and I’m using Jade to levels with them. I’m doing for them what I did with you all when I leveled Ros’s PLD, I’m trying to stay ahead of them in the story so I can be their pocket healer as need be. Also I’ve now realized that this is the first MMO I have not had a ‘Beltravi’ character, and this officially makes ‘Quiessa’ the name I have used on every MMO…

    On OW I’m basically playing whenever anyone wants to play. So if you ever wanna do some matches lemme know. I’m like.. level 140 or something and my main is Symmetra. I’d love to play a few rounds with you.

    Other than that, real life outside of games involves starting the process of cleaning. Jason will be up here in less than two weeks, we’re going to see the “A New World” concert in Seattle. We got amazing tickets from my mom’s fiancé. Literally the first row you can sit in past the pit. I’m so stoked.

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    1. A New World should be awesome, and I’m glad you get to hang out with Drim IRL again. I’ve been playing at least 2 Overwatch matches per day, to both limit my frustration and time not doing homework. We’ll have to plan a few matches some day, for sure.

      Sorry to hear about the leg. I’ve been wanting to jump back into FFXIV, but the sub fee deters me when I’m already invested in Neverwinter and ESO (sub-free) and occasionally resub to WoW when the mood strikes.

      I’m hoping to pick up a neon Switch during summer break so I can actually invest the proper time in to Zelda.

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      1. I’m so excited to spend the weekend with him. He’ll probably get to meet my nephew when he comes up as well, so that’ll be fun.

        The leg sucks but just gotta keep going, not much I can do.. If I hear of any free weekends or play periods coming up in FFXIV I’ll let you guys know. It’d be awesome to run amuck with you. I’m tempted sometimes to try Neverwinter again but haven’t given in yet. A friend almost bought me a sub of WoW for Christmas but they got me a PSN card instead so we could play OW. I can’t wait to play with you so just hit me up whenever.

        And I definitely can’t wait for you to pick up a Switch and Breath of the Wild. It’s so good. I need to geek out with you over it, man!

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  9. Still playing Zelda, I’ve discovered about 50% of the map, I’ve gotten 6 hearts, and I’ve still only done a handful of the main story quests. I’ll be busy with this one awhile. I will take a breather though to play some Overwatch placement matches, I haven’t touched that in over a month so I’m sure I’ll be losing most of those.

    I also picked up a few Atari 2600 games for the collection. The uncommon Mountain King, and Towering Inferno. Both were in near pristine condition despite being cart only. I hope to get some time in with those too.
    If you ever end up getting the PC version of Overwatch, I’ll be on the lookout for an evil Mei. Getting frozen puts you on Robo-Santa’s naughty list!


    1. I hear Breath of the Wild is massive, so those stats aren’t too surprising. The hearts-versus-stamina system seems interesting, and I was happy to read that you can reallocate your decisions by visiting a specific shrine somewhere in the game.

      I play Overwatch on PS4, since my PC is typically reserved for WoW and the usual internet stuff only.

      Have fun with Zelda and the new 2600 games!


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