Smite’s Ultimate God Pack Bundle is Half-Price, Birthday Event Offers Massive In-Game Bonuses

If you’ve been keeping up with my weekly wrap-up posts, you know that I’ve recently gotten into Smite on PS4 in an attempt to battle my social anxiety. I’ve been playing around with the various freebies and rental gods over the last week or so, mostly enjoying Ra and Medusa, but man… Smite has a LOT of characters to pick from. A lot of characters that take a lot of time and a lot of in-game currency to buy.

It’s a good thing Smite is celebrating its 3rd birthday this week, then, since the Ultimate God Pack is 50% off until March 29th.

This drops the price down to $14.99 and unlocks all current and future playable gods in Hi-Rez’s MOBA. The price is rounded up to $15.00 on Xbox One, but what’s a penny amongst friends, eh? PC players can snag the same deal right here at the official Smite page.

Each day will offer players a variety of boosts and discounts, like triple worshippers, half-price avatars and voice packs, double daily log-in bonuses and much, much more. Check the calendar here for the daily run down.

As a new Smite player, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I doubt I’ll take advantage of the gem sale, but I’m excited to have the full roster at my disposal.

6 thoughts on “Smite’s Ultimate God Pack Bundle is Half-Price, Birthday Event Offers Massive In-Game Bonuses

    1. I play casually, maybe a match a night, and still find it fun. There is a casual mode where you play with other people against the AI to learn different characters. AI can be tuned as well to make them easier or harder. Also has an auto level system you can turn on where it’ll automatically buy abilities, items, and gear when you can afford it instead of micromanaging as a newbie. Very accessible.

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        1. Depends on the mode. I prefer Joust, which is 3v3 with 1 major lane. Average time is 20 minutes. 5v5 can go longer since the map is bigger. Also an arena mode that’s 5v5 where each team starts with 500 points, which are reduced by player kills and successfully escorting npcs to the opposing teams zone. 2v2 capture the flag is another, so it really depends on which mode you prefer. I’d say DL it, try the tutorial, then play against AI with each of the free characters until you find one you like. Different characters have different roles, like killing players, killing npcs to give your team xp and gold, etc., so finding a character makes all the difference in the world. I hated the tutorial characters, but fell in love with Ra until I bought Medusa.

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