So This Happened.

I desperately wanted to hold off until I found a neon Switch in stock somewhere, but my local GameStop had a few gray models behind the counter today. I’m weak.

They also had one last copy of The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth+, which comes with all sorts of neat stickers and a retro NES-style instruction booklet. I had a good time with the randomized roguelike on PS4 and look forward to dying repeatedly on the Switch. It’s basically a series of randomized Zelda dungeons, but with lots of poop, crying, and religious themes.

But now… now I can finally play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I may never see the light of day again. Unless, of course, I hate it.

I’d love to mingle with you folks on the ol’ Switch, so if you’d be so kind as to shoot me your friend code here in a comment or as a DM on Twitter @CheapBossAttack, that’d be great!

38 thoughts on “So This Happened.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised to see one in stock and immediately reached for the wallet. I called in advance and was told they had “a few,” but couldn’t give me an exact number. Traded in some games and that’s all she wrote. Updating the console now, and then diving in to Zelda.

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      1. I’m playing on Wii U at the moment, but when I do get a switch I’ll be sure to add you, building up a backlog of people to add from WordPress now

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  1. LOL I was at gamestop yesterday picking up my copy of mass effect: Andromeda and was really really tempted to ask if there were any switches in stock. but I fought off the idea. I have a huge backlog of games I need to get thru ..I have a tendency to start one and then never finish because a new one comes..*sigh* I convinced myself I will only allow myself to pick up the switch around my bday (July).

    haha, I feel like I’m stalking your blog today! lol


    1. It seems like it! I have it on PS4, but it was never cross-buy with Vita for whatever reason. Stoked to dive in!

      I’m also certainly interested in connected with fellow WordPress bloggers on the Switch, so if you’d like to throw me your friend code I’ll definitely add you back!


  2. Weak! And I’m not even talking about the Switch purchase by the way, I’m referring of course to the grey compromise. I saw a neon Switch in a shop window yesterday – it’s so bright and bold, I love it. (No Switch for me yet by the way, playing Zelda on Wii U. Enjoy your new system!)

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  3. Welcome to the Switch club! :) My code is SW-5841-9825-4789 (Seriously Nintendo… What is up with the lengthy code things? Haha)


  4. You found a rare unicorn and caught it! I consider that taking advantage of an opportunity and not remotely weak. My coworker/supervisor has been saying if he sees one, he’s buying it. I truly suspect Nintendo does this on purpose, because they know people will buy them on sight, but I did hear rumblings that they’re increasing production. Amazon is selling them for as high as $1100 or rather third party sellers are. While I’ve definitely sold figurines for twice what I paid for them (and this could just be me justifying my own sliminess), charging more than three times the amount for something that JUST came out is just horrible.

    I can’t wait to see what you think of BOTW, Bomberman, and the others!


      1. I went to Target today because I wanted a coffee press and teapot (I can now make tea the “proper” way). I was going to see if they had an PS3s in stock (I know it’s doubtful, but I was willing to overcome my social anxiety to ask), but no one was in the electronics area. I was also going to ask about the Switch, because if they had one in stock, I probably would’ve caved and bought it.

        I’m sure you’re having more fun with Zelda than you did with Andromeda hehe.

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        1. That’s classic Target. There has never been a time where I’ve gone to Target’s electronics section (no matter which Target, either) and someone was there to help. Walmart is the same way late at night, but Target is like that at any hour of the day. I always have to hunt someone down, and then THEY hunt someone down, and usually someone who doesn’t even work in the department has to help me out.

          And yeah, I gave up on ME:A and sent it back to GameFly. Back to Zelda!

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          1. I should’ve gone to the phone section…they always ambush me there and try to get me to upgrade. I’m glad I didn’t…I’m eligible for an upgrade and I want an iPhone 6 plus. That’s poor planning on Target’s end. I could’ve dropped $200+ yesterday. I’m notoriously bad at asking people for help in stores. I have to know exactly what I want and think about what I’m going to say, but since no one came around, it didn’t matter anyway.

            Zelda is far more worthy of your attention. I can hear my husband complaining about ME: A in the other room.


            1. Not sure if every Target is the same, but the one near us contracts out sales workers that specifically work the phone department and they can’t help with anything else since that’s all they’re trained to do. I don’t remember that being the case back in Maryland, but the one here in South Carolina is like that.

              I can imagine they definitely miss out on quite a few sales. I know more than a few times I was in the mood to buy a game and couldn’t find anyone to help, so I just left and went to Best Buy across the street. Now I’m pretty much exclusively Best Buy.

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              1. I think that’s how they all work, so they’re always hunting for commissions.

                You’d think Target would get with it since they could make serious bank in the game department. Best Buy is a lot better in the customer service department. My husband did go there to pick up Andromeda, but they didn’t have any Switches, and the only PS3 was the display one, which has probably been on continuously for a month. They were only willing to give him 10% off. The hell with that. I found some for way less expensive on eBay and a couple of potential Sega Master Systems (thank you Hungry Goriya hehe). I’m afraid to go to Best Buy. I’d spend all the money.


                1. I subscribe to Best Buy’s Gamers Club Unlocked (GCU) card, which is $30 for 2 years. You get 20% off any new game (literally new, as in any game, regardless of release date, that isn’t considered pre-owned) for 2 years. It pays for itself after 3 games and also works on amiibo. Best Buy employees are always super helpful too. They may not know what I’m asking about at times (not everyone is keen on JRPGs and their ridiculous names) but they’re quick to check their computer and see if another store has it. They’ll also price match other stores, even up to 7 days after you buy a game. I’ve never had a bad Best Buy experience.

                  Maybe now that Sony is halting the production of PS3 consoles, the price will go down? Or… the opposite?

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                  1. I think I have to do that. That’s ridiculously good. I’d buy more games from Best Buy with that. BB employees are always super helpful and not remotely condescending, as I’ve sometimes found with Game Stop. I had no idea they had this program. Between my husband and me, we’ll definitely use it. Dammit…I almost want to venture out there tonight. If it were earlier I might. There may be a pit stop before I head home from work hehe.

                    I could see the price going up, so I think I’m going to want to snatch one up asap!


  5. The Binding of Isaac is so fun (and infuriating at times, but mostly fun)! I love it. <3
    lol "randomized Zelda dungeons, but with lots of poop, crying, and religious themes" had me laughing so hard. It's so true! :P

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    1. I’ve never beaten the game, despite having had the PS4 version since launch lol. I’ve made it to the end once, actually killed mom, and then died to a fucking poop fly. SO ANGRY!

      But yes, it’s a fantastic game. I love that one run can be the absolute worst luck with room layouts, lack of key drops, and shitty power-ups, and the next run you enter god mode by floor 2 (and still die to something stupid).

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