It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

The biggest news in this week’s IRL wrap-up is that I caved and bought a Nintendo Switch. I had read a few tweets saying that GameStops nationwide received a new shipment, so I gave my regular store a call. Much to my surprise, they had a few in stock!

I traded in NieR: Automata, The Last Guardian, Gears of War 4, and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and picked up the gray model Switch and a physical copy of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ for $250 total. Since its reveal, I’ve been dead-set on getting the neon model, but my willpower is garbage.

I’ll save my impressions for a separate post, but the TL;DR version is that I’m really enjoying myself and think it’s an incredible piece of technology.

I started The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild yesterday, which I didn’t really care for during the first hour. Weapons are basically made of glass, which was incredibly frustrating, but it eventually became something I could cope with after finding a steady supply of more durable armaments.

5 hours in, though, I think it’s absolutely incredible.

The world design, aesthetic, and sheer sense of exploration is something I haven’t felt in a Zelda game since the original on NES. Everything you need to progress is unlocked within the first few hours, and the world becomes your oyster from that moment forward. I love it.

I am struggling a bit with the button mapping, though. Nintendo has always done their own thing, so I’m not surprised at Breath of the Wild’s lack of modern button placement and the inability to change them. When I want to dodge I accidentally hit sprint. Even after swapping the two (which is the only customization option) I still forget which is which. It’s not just learning a different button placement than I’m accustomed to, but learning to use a brand new controller.

Right now I’m just exploring, hunting for shrines (which are like bite-sized mini-dungeons), and getting acclimated with the Switch’s Joy-Con controller grip. The right analog seems to be in a weird place if I play Zelda undocked from the television. I’ve played it that way for about an hour and it just never felt comfortable. I could see it being great for games that don’t heavily rely on the right analog stick, and it may even feel more natural as time goes on, but right now I definitely prefer Zelda either docked on the TV or undocked, propped up with the Switch’s kickstand, and the Joy-Con detached and used as a traditional controller via the grip handle.

Outside of Breath of the Wild, I spent about 5 hours with Mass Effect: Andromeda this morning. I’ve already gone in-depth about why it’s been a struggle to remain invested so I won’t repeat myself here, but man, it’s incredibly dull. That pains me to say as a fan of the original trilogy. The narrative is delivered in this emotionless tone and it’s accompanied by some of the most awkward facial expressions I’ve seen in a big-budget AAA title.

Like I said in my post, it reminds me of that feeling you get when you watch a modern remake of one of your favorite childhood films. It never truly feels like a part of the series, but rather something created by a group simply inspired by the source material. Andromeda has yet to brush on what made the series so special, and that’s unfortunate.

I don’t think I’ll give Andromeda much more time, either. 2017 is completely stacked with interesting releases and I just don’t have time for mediocrity. I should start getting Switch review keys here shortly, I’ve barely scratched the surface in Breath of the Wild, recently picked up Horizon: Zero Dawn and Tales of Berseria before finding a Switch, and Toukiden 2 is currently in transit via GameFly. I’d much rather be doing something else.

My weekend is already occupied by school work, so I’m not sure how much gaming I’ll actually get in, but I look forward to revisiting Breath of the Wild as soon as possible.

What about you folks? What are you getting into this weekend?


33 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

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  1. It’s funny, your issues with the Switch and Zelda in particular are perfectly aligned with my own, at first. The right analog stick feels like it’s in a weird place. And I also had the issue hitting the wrong buttons. It felt extremely clumsy and probably took almost 5 hours before I could reliably fight _anything_ without getting wrecked. I also swapped the jump/run buttons like you did and I find it’s much more comfortable than the default controls.

    This weekend for me it’s some more Zelda, and trying to finish Blaster Master Zero which is a great time if you enjoy retro looking and feeling games. It’s pretty short but well worth $10 in my opinion. Also playing a lot of The Swapper on the Vita which is so much damn fun.

    Enjoy your Switch!

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    1. Thanks! It does feel more natural swapping run and sprint, but I also keep hitting L instead of LZ to lock in and end up whipping out a bomb or something. Not sure why that’s an issue. At 5 hours in I’m more confident now, but still find myself fucking up in a panic situation.

      I submitted a request to review Blaster Master Zero, but hadn’t heard back from the publisher yet. Loved the original on NES and I’m trying to review as much Switch content as possible, effective immediately.


      1. Ah yeah, I think it has to do with an overly sensitive left trigger button. I CONSTANTLY whipped out freaken bombs every time I got panicky. Very frustrating, but you learn to adjust!


          1. Well I’ve played about an hour, done 2 battles and had a lot of conversations. The conversation system alone is confusing and I had to look up a guide to understand how it works. Very little is explained.


            1. Yeah. You don’t choose your response as such, you pick the emotion of the response and the sense you want to convey it with. So demonstrating aggression with your sense of taste is a very real option.


  2. You’re so right about the right analog stick placement. I never had a problem with the Wii U GamePad’s right stick, but the Joy-Con’s is hard to reach, not to mention small. And the lack of button customization (besides the two you said you can switch) does get me. I think not having the jump and run buttons next to each other is my problem. Changing the two buttons doesn’t help either because they’re still not adjacent. Otherwise, definitely a great game, and I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Have fun with your new Switch! :D


    1. Not having them adjacent doesn’t feel so bad as a controller, but attached to the screen on-the-go it feels a bit off having to support the weight of the Switch while working around the oddly-placed right analog and non-adjacent jump/sprint buttons.

      I’m sure I’ll get used to it and even now it’s nowhere near a deal breaker. The game is too good.

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  3. I’m glad you’re liking BoTW! I’m happy my Amiibo addiction is paying off in this game. I also have no idea if I’m progressing or not (and couldn’t be happier, haha). That’s quite a busy gaming schedule you have there! Have fun with all of those games :)


    1. Thanks! I actually gave up on Mass Effect and went back to Zelda. With Zelda being my primary Switch game, I’m content taking my sweet time and seeing everything Hyrule has to offer. I’ll play it until I have to review something, then go back to Zelda. Seems like the easiest way to do it, and Zelda games have never had a narrative-heavy focus for me to feel lost if I have to take a week off. I’m pretty sure I’ll play it more than I think, since I can bring it with me in the car, the porch, etc.

      Are you playing on Switch or Wii U? I forget. If you’re on Switch, add me! =)

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      1. Sorry to hear your not feeling the new Mass Effect game. I’ve read mixed opinions on it but I haven’t experienced this series yet.

        BoTW is truly all about the beautiful journey! I am on the Switch. Let me know your friend code thingy and I’ll shoot you an invite :)

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  4. Well this week I prepped for my relatives’ visit, and they’re outgoing Sunday evening. So I haven’t had much game time at all. If I get the chance I’ll play more Zelda, and I’ll probably get back to Chivalry a bit. With Mirage on the horizon, I’ll want to practice up my melee swings.

    I figured you’d probably dig Zelda though, it really does throw you in the pool, and scream “Sink or swim!”


    1. I definitely appreciate that the game thinks enough of my ability to reason that they just give you everything you need within 2 hours and let you go play in the most dangerous sandbox ever lol. I’m dying a lot, but it’s always a learning experience (or me forgetting which buttons do what). I love it so much.


  5. I didn’t have any issues with right analog stick on Wii U for Zelda but really had to get used to the Dodge button placement, I had the same trouble as you early on where I sprinted instead of dodged.

    For this weekend, since I’m still away nothing till Monday :( I’ll dip into mass effect again. Although along with you impressions and everyone was it does seem to get uninteresting at some point, but don’t wanna to give up on it yet since ive yet to reach that point. I’m scared though that it’s going to turn into a Xenoblade Chronicles X experienced for me, all the issues you bring up with Andromeda is exactly what I feel about XCX. Funny enough both sci Fi RPG games with pretty much the same premise

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    1. My issue with the right analog on Switch is that it’s in the middle of the controller and placed right above the action buttons. I’ve gotten used to it a bit more, but I picked up a Switch Pro Controller today. Worth every penny.

      Hopefully you enjoy Mass Effect. I don’t want my negative opinion to impact anyone’s enjoyment!

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      1. I’m sure I’ll find some enjoyment. I mean I have logged 80 hrs to Xenoblade Chronicles which I believe suffers from a lot of the same issues but in much more extreme cases, yet I still found some fun there

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  6. I went to Target yesterday (dangerous), wandered to the game department (doubly dangerous), but there wasn’t anyone working in the area, so I only picked up an Amiibo figure and left. I really wanted to see if they had any PS3s in stock, since me and my husband and have been pseudo-fighting about the placement of the current system (I want it in the bedroom, he insists it should stay in the living room even though we never use it). Then I remembered the laser is broken so I can’t play the physical copy of FFXII anyway, but it’s still cheaper to download it on PSN than to buy a whole new system or even a replacement laser. I was possibly going to buy one…or a WIi U…or a Switch if they had one, but since no one was around, I didn’t have to get over my social anxiety and ask. I even had exactly what I was going to say, too hmph…

    I’m glad you stuck with Breath of the Wild. I feel like Zelda is one of those series that more than likely won’t disappoint since it has a lot more titles under its belt. I can see the beginning being frustrating with that weapons breaking issue. It reminds me of this older game Dark Cloud. Same kind of system

    I have a few trophies to go after in WOFF, and I need to finish up my review for Journey (I know it’s not technically what I’m playing anymore, but it’s along those lines). I decided I’m going to stick to just two games at a time, so I want to start FFV and FFXII this weekend, though I did download Brave Exvius, so I’m potentially going to break my two rule already.


    1. Yeah, the opening moments are a bit like Dark Cloud, for sure. Great example. It’s far more manageable now roughly 8 hours in.

      I’d very much like to play FFXII but I’m holding out for the remaster later this year. I almost started Type-0 HD a few weeks ago, but picked up NieR instead.

      Two games at a time is reasonable. I usually have a meaty RPG-type game going, or an MMO, and something smaller. Good luck on the remaining WOFF trophies!

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      1. I was going to start FFXIII, but you can’t download it even for the PS3. They only have the two sequels, and since the laser on our system isn’t working, I either have to replace it or the whole system *grumble* I think I’m going to play V (eventually I KEEP saying I’m going to do it and I keep not doing it) and Brave Exvius which I downloaded for my Kindle. I’m hoping there’s an PSN sale that includes ABZU because everyone I’ve talked to about Journey has told me that it’s basically that game underwater.

        I got the trophy for having all Mirages and beating the Princess Goblin with the Warrior of Light. Some of them are really weird though, and I’m not killing myself in order to get them p


        1. ABZU is very similar to Journey, since it’s the old art director from ThatGameCompany. I really enjoyed it, though I did miss that emotional attachment that I got from wandering around with random players. It’s not as good, but it’s definitely worth playing.

          That’s a bummer about your laser. Hopefully you folks find a cheap console replacement.

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          1. That makes so much sense for the aesthetic. I did like the fact that you could “journey” with others, yet even though you were all going to the same place, the journey was still intensely personal and solitary (if that makes any sense).

            There’s a few I’ve found on eBay that I may be looking into. I should be a good adult though and pay off my medical bills first. Damn responsibilities!

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