It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

I just submitted my last final exam (because “final final exam” sounded weird) and look forward to spending the next three months as far away from college as humanly possible. Time to unwind with some video games.


I celebrated early by finishing up Root Letter on PS4, which arrived from GameFly about a week ago. It was an interesting visual novel about a guy in his thirties named Max who unearths an unopened letter from an old high school penpal while packing up to move. The two only exchanged ten letters before she suddenly stopped responding–so you can imagine his surprise when the dusty envelope ends up housing a murder confession.

Using the information contained in her letters, Max travels to Aya’s hometown and tracks down her old classmates, much to their dismay. Clearly, they’re hiding something.

The overall flow is typical visual novel stuff (reading lots of text and making dialogue choices) but it’s broken up by an investigation mode whenever Max confronts her quirky classmates. These segments hearkened back to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, though Root Letter is nowhere near as endearing or zany. Max is also a complete shithead with a terrible attitude that made him wholly unlikeable. The overall story, however, was super intriguing and took a much darker turn than I anticipated.


I just received a review key for the new Vita visual novel Period: Cube ~Shackles of Amadeus~, which not only has an absurd name but initially piqued my interest with its Sword Art Online-esque story.

It’s yet another story of someone searching for a missing person, but it all takes place inside of an in-game MMO called Arcadia. Similar to Sword Art Online, the only way out is to clear the game, which becomes increasingly difficult as the game world begins to crumble around you. Color me intrigued.


Mario Kart 8 Deluxe comes out today, which I definitely plan on picking up, but I also just downloaded Kamiko on the Nintendo Switch. It’s a retro Zelda-like that’s only $5, which has super rad sprite work, a great soundtrack, and three female leads to choose from. It’s split up into bite-sized levels where puzzle solving and monster slaying eventually culminates in a satisfying boss encounter.

I’m near the end already (it’s supposedly under two hours long), and I’d like to review it here as well to give it a bit more exposure. It’s already been reviewed at Switch Player anyway.


My goal this weekend is to finish up the other four endings in Root Letter so I can send it back. GameFly just received my Super Bomberman R return (holy hell that game was incredibly mediocre) and shipped out Suda 51’s serial killer visual novel The Silver Case on PS4. The game initially released in Japan only, back in 1999. It was supposed to be ported to the DS in 2012, but the idea was eventually scrapped. Thankfully, it was recently given the remaster treatment on PC and PS4.

I’m a huge fan of Suda’s work, particularly Shadows of the Damned, Liberation Maiden, and Lollipop Chainsaw, so I look forward to diving in when it arrives next week.

What about you, folks? Have any gaming plans this weekend?

Also a friendly reminder that we’ll be recording next week’s CA! Radio podcast on Sunday, so if you have any questions you want answered (gaming related or otherwise) feel free to leave them here in the comments! We love interacting with you all.


34 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

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  1. still BOTW. I’m torn between heading to death mountain and continuing my search for the Here of Time gear that I saw in some if your twitter posts. I really want that green gear, I just have no clue where they are. I had a theory of how they were connected to certain world events, however I was proved wrong as I completed one of them the other day. Either way there’s never a dull moment.

    Along side of it, to help mediate my crazy back log, I’m playing 1 big game and 1 small game side to side, to keep focusing on actually finishing games. So I’ll be getting some sessions for Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies as well. Made some good progress over the past few days, and the cases are getting funnier and crazier as I go through them.

    Oh and I agree with you dude, the Nature Boy is the best!

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    1. The classic gear actually comes from using amiibo, not anything done in-game. If you scan any Zelda-related amiibo once per-day they spawn a chest that has a chance to contain the old gear. The stats are awful and they cost a small fortune to upgrade, haha.

      I’m usually the same way, playing one big game and a smaller one–usually one on console, the other on handheld.


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      1. Oooh… Damn thanks for the tip I could’ve been searching endlessly for something I would never have been able to find! Off to death mountain!

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  2. I preordered the upcoming Fire Emblem game along with both Amiibos. I spent around $70 on everything. I want to finish Andromeda this weekend, but I’ve only played for about a hour this whole week because of my heating issue with my PC. I’m afraid to risk it lol. I’m waiting for Stella Glow, and Etrian Odyssey Untold 2: The Fafnir Knight to get here. Most of my time will most likely go to Bravely Second if those games don’t get here this weekend.

    And did I see Ric Flair comment above? We all know that Bret Hart is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be!

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    1. Bret Hart’s 16 combined titles is cute, but Flair’s 31 major titles and 2 Hall of Fame inductions? Cmonnnnn. (Arguing over fake sports is still fun 2 weeks later, by the way)

      My 3ds battery is trashed so I may end up grabbing one of those new 2ds models for 150$.


      1. That just means Flair lost more than Brett :). We really need to debate this on one of our podcast. I’m already making notes lol.

        I’m tempted by the 2DS because it looks cool, but I might just buy some for my kids instead :).

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  3. I’ve been playing a whole bunch of Mario Kart, haven’t gotten to Kamiko yet, and still working on that Persona 4 platinum.

    Quick question Bradley, and don’t have to answer if you like, but how do you go about getting review codes? Is it through the site you are writing for or personal contacts? I’m trying to get more serious about the whole thing, but it so hard to keep track of release dates for everything coming out. Is there a site that compiles that kind of data?

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    1. I send my info to PR contacts for a game’s publisher, give them my work history and links to recent reviews, my views totals, and wait for a reply. Bigger titles are likely to skip smaller sites, but indies and niche titles are more willing to work with sites that generate decent traffic.

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        1. I would suggest starting by reviewing everything you play. For a while I was just reviewing whatever I bought or rented, or whatever went free on PSN through PS Plus. Once you have some work to show people you’re more likely to find a smaller publisher willing to work with you.

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          1. Thanks again, that’s the plan. I’ve written a couple for the games I have been playing in the last week or so, but I really need to start playing some new stuff 😅 Vita titles seem to go well, and unlock other platforms you can post your reviews on the subreddit, I got a huge boost to views doing that. Just trawling through lists of Vita games now haha


    1. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on my blog feed, so I’m not sure if you’ve written about it yet. What do you think of NieR: Automata so far?

      Are you going to pick up Destiny 2 at launch?


        1. The demo of NieR gives you a good slice of the different playstyles, but they’re spread out over the game. It’s not as frequent an adjustment. Hope you enjoy it. If you do, play it 3 times since it’s a different story each time.


  4. Final Exam IV. I’ll shut up now. Aw, I’m annoyed Bomberman R wasn’t good. I’d heard some mixed reviews and some trepidation about how they tried to shoehorn in a story, but I was hoping the gameplay would override that. Ah well, the Switch still boasts BOTW.

    I finished up Chapter 2 of The Room and I’m still plugging away at Brave Exvius. Trying to pick up the espers I missed and pharming for materials to enhance my characters. I really wish there were a way to increase your odds of pulling the character you want, but I also know Squeenix loves to torture us so there’s that. If I don’t get Setzer though, how the hell am I going to complete my white haired pretty boy band? I just don’t know…

    Yasss summer time is everything. You can enjoy your vacation, concentrate on gaming, and write more articles for the magazine :)


        1. I think they make more on folks willing to gamble, since it dangles the proverbial carrot. FEH you earn orbs that you spend on a random character pull, but you can choose what type of character you want. Each type has a list of possible pulls that vary in quality, and you can pay cash for orbs if you don’t want to slog through the game with mediocre characters until you earn enough.

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