IRL: Two New Additions

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, no, my girlfriend and I did not have kids! I just did the 35-year-old adult thing and had a great date night that ended in getting my right eyebrow double-pierced.


That makes nine in the face, for those of you keeping score. I’m hoping to focus on tattoos next since I only have two and I’m running out of face to shove metal through, but there’s still one or two more things I’d like done (my bridge and one in the opposite eyebrow).

Sorry for the non-game related post today. Just thought I’d share a snapshot of my swollen eyebrow with the blogging fam.


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  1. Congrats on the badass new piercings! You are much braver than I am. I always liked how awesome piercings look, but I just can’t stomach the though of getting any myself (I don’t even have my ears pierced, haha). I hope the new ink you’re planning turns out amazing too :)

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    1. CBA is right, but I know how squeamish you are about piercings! Where tattoos don’t hurt THAT much (depending on where you get them), it’s still a consistent pain session whereas piercings are one and done. The aftercare is so much less itchy, too *slaps arm*

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  2. Ah I was just talking to my friend today about piercings since we both got tattoos on the same day last Saturday. I want to get my lip and nose pierced, and she wants a nose and eyebrow piercing, but we’re both such wusses about talking to our boss, even though our boss is super nice and isn’t going to be mean to us. We’re going to go together at some point to see what the company’s policy is, but it’s weird because they have rules, but don’t enforce a lot of them especially if there aren’t going to be any clients coming in. I’m *pretty* sure I could get away with a nose piercing since I’ve seen those around, and there was a guy in another department with gauged ears, but I’d much rather check to make sure. If God didn’t want us to shove metal in our faces, he wouldn’t have given it so many meaty parts #logic


    1. I’ve held quite a few office jobs and I have both of my lobes stretched to a half-inch, my left cartilage stretched to an 8g (ouch), my right nostril, and had one in my lip at the time. Thankfully, offices are far more lenient. Hopefully your boss gives you the go-ahead and you two can go shove metal through your face =). Can’t wait to see your new ink!

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