Netflix’s New Castlevania Series Looks Promising

The official Netflix Twitter account premiered a new trailer for their upcoming animated series based on the Castlevania franchise, which launches on July 7th. It certainly treads familiar territory, which is in no way a bad thing as a fan of the series. When the project was initially announced I had my fair share of concerns, but the debut trailer (dubbed Vengeance) looks rather promising.


16 thoughts on “Netflix’s New Castlevania Series Looks Promising

  1. Reminds me a bit of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Let’s hope the series turns out better than the Devil May Cry anime.


  2. Interesting. I just happened to buy a copy of Castlevania on the N64 off some guy on Reddit, and then I see this! I’m not big on anime, although I have tried. Is this anime or did I misunderstand the trailer? Didn’t look like much was really revealed… interesting nonetheless!


    1. It’s animated, that’s all I know lol. Seems to have an anime style, or at the very least an anime influence. From what I recall, it’s supposed to take place after the third game, Dracula’s Curse.

      Castlevania 64 is… uh.. it’s something lol. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be, but it’s certainly one of the more frustrating games in the series. Played it before?


      1. Looks like I need to brush up on the story a bit!

        Oh yeah, I played it before. I loved it back when I was a kid. Picked up that and Pokemon Snap for $15, just to add back to the collection. I think I sold them both about 2 years ago, like an idiot. Been buying back parts of my collection ever since…

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        1. I hear ya. I had to unload my entire PS1 RPG collection (which was nearly complete) to pay bills back in the early 2000s. Still gutted about that.

          Pokemon Snap fucking RULED!


  3. Well, I’m glad I didn’t air my trepidation when I first heard about it, because that looks pretty bad ass. I hope it does well so that we may eventually get Alucard haha. It reminds me a bit of Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and I think someone mentioned that above. Even though Bloodlust was dubbed and I prefer subbed, I liked it more than the first movie. Dammit…I may need to watch it again.


      1. I used to be suuuuch a snob about it, but some of the dubbing is done really well. Just don’t ever ask me to watch Advent dubbed. Them’s fighting words haha. I grew up watching Sailor Moon on UPN though and all anime imports were dubbed obviously so I’m okay with it, but I think I just like watching movies in the language they were done in if I can as a general rule.


        1. English dubs can be pretty awful, similar to how they’re done in JRPGs. I don’t mind Japanese voice-overs in games at all, though, since games have my undivided attention while TV shows I’m fiddling around with other shit.

          Different strokes!

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              1. What have you heard? The last article I saw talked about how they got the guy who voiced Cloud (in English) for Advent to reprise his role. I unfollowed a lot of the FFVII sites I used to, because people were douchey, so I don’t always catch the latest.


                  1. I was the “recruiting additional talent” and for just a brief moment TSN dreamed. Then I remembered I can’t speak Japanese and would probably just fangirl all over the place. Well…it’s not like their loyal fanbase is going anywhere…they can afford to take all the time they want. Freaking Squeenix…


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