CA! Radio Episode 128: Overlooked Wonder

This week we have an interesting episode for your listening pleasure, as we suffered a bit of a malfunction that wasn’t discovered until after the recording process. And by “a bit,” I mean none of Chuck’s audio came through. Oops.

Chuck made the best of a bad situation, though, re-recording the opening bit with a recap of our thoughts on the recent Pokemon Direct and his answers to this week’s Talking Point — games we enjoyed that weren’t well received or landed somewhere in the AA spectrum under the public’s radar.

I discussed my love of Crimson Dragon on Xbox One, Mars: War Logs on Xbox 360, and touched on games like The Evil Within, Dante’s Inferno, Lollipop Chainsaw, Shadows of the Damned, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die, Dragon’s Dogma, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and Murdered: Soul Suspect.

We did receive input for this week’s talking point from fellow bloggers The Well-Red Mage and Jeowulf, but didn’t have enough time to squeeze them in while recording.

Jeowulf points to Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, saying:

Yoshi’s Island was an odd game – everyone wanted it to be Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, but it wasn’t. The game was short, way too easy, and whoever came up with the idea of collecting fruit to finish a stage needs their head examined. That being said, it was a beautiful game with gorgeous storybook art and funky music, and I actually found myself on multiple occasions doing runs of the game, finding all the secrets and maxing out my high score by only eating the melons in each stage. A weird and not very good game, but one I have fond memories of nonetheless.

Well-Red gave a few examples, starting with Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch. He says:

Super Bomberman R is a great multiplayer game with a weak campaign mode, some fun visuals for cutscenes and some feeble voice acting. Interest in it won’t last to the same extent as other Switch titles but it remains a great game to own for that pick up and play value when friends come over, or if you’re out and about a social gathering. Those still happen for some of us, you know. However, I’m not convinced that Super Bomberman R is really worth its price tag. It’s just not that big of a game and most of us have played it all before. I’m confident I’ll return to it now and then for a quick match, but the experience won’t stick with me five or ten years down the road. It’s like the temporary rush of eating too much candy. Bomberman R is impermanent.

Bomberman is now the same age as Jesus at 33 but Bomberman is a lot less accomplished. You know what’s even worse? I wrote thirty-five hundred words about this game and I still don’t know what the “R” stands for.

Sticking with the Nintendo Switch, he touches on Blaster Master Zero next:

Blaster Master Zero is the second game I completed on the Nintendo Switch and I think that system is perfect for this kind of game, one which I picked up and put down on a whim at any time of day. It was both big enough for a television screen and small enough to feel like a handheld game.

As a fan of science fiction, I found the world that Zero presents to be intriguing. It’s one which could be better explored. The gameplay elements were fun, though I would’ve added a dash ability for Jason and collectible upgrades for his weapons as well. Blaster Master Zero may not be the best modern 8-bit game but I do want more. Considering the original game spawned some sequels and spin-offs, maybe “more” isn’t too far away.

And finishes off strong with a long-forgotten PlayStation fighter from 1996, Robo Pit:

Robo Pit is a strange fighter and nostalgic for me. It was a really good idea that could’ve helped to revolutionize fighters. I mean just imagine playing through Marvel vs Capcom 2 and every time you beat Wolverine or Ryu or Mega Man, you got to add their attacks to your arsenal of specials. Instead, Robo Pit was an obscure thing that barely got any recognition. I remember thinking it was the coolest game ever but it got old after I owned it for myself. It’s still fun to return to, with a decent multiplayer and some challenging fights. A hidden title on the PlayStation but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “gem”. Worth picking up if you can find it cheap.

As always, thanks for listening! If you have any questions for us, be it gaming or otherwise, leave them in the comments and we’ll answer them during the next recording session.

E3 2017 is upon us this weekend, so we’re scheduled to record after the fire dies out on Wednesday. The plan is to recap the entire conference, see how accurate our predictions were, and discuss our thoughts on the future of Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo based on what was shown.

The episode is available below!

CA! Radio Ep 128: Overlooked Wonder (06/06/2017) ♪This week we take a look at some of gamings most shunned gems as well as talk Wonder Woman in this patched together episode.♪ Download

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