The New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer is Gooooooood

Kingdom Hearts III isn’t releasing anytime in the near future, but a brand new gameplay trailer showed up around 1:30 am EST. And boy does it look good.

…and here’s the same trailer with English subtitles that was uploaded shortly after. Thank you, Wario64!

It appears that we’ll receive another new trailer at D23 Expo 2017, on July 15th. According to this tweeted image, the upcoming trailer will showcase a brand new world.

And now we play the waiting game.

9 thoughts on “The New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer is Gooooooood

      1. It does! I loved the original Kingdom Hearts but never got around to any other game in the series. I’ve been meaning to pick up the recent PS4 remasters at some point. At least I know I have a while before I need to be caught up, right?

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          1. My girlfriend played the PS3 remaster whenever that came out and she kept saying it didn’t age well. A lot of those PS2 games had weird button mapping and control schemes as developers still tried to work out the dual-analog and camera kinks. Sometimes it’s to leave nostalgia alone, but there so much Kingdom Hearts I’m missing out on if I don’t at least give them a shot.

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