Was The Evil Within 2 Just Leaked by a Reddit Ad?

We all knew The Evil Within 2 was coming, but the game’s confirmation appears to have been leaked ahead of tomorrow’s Bethesda conference by a premature Reddit ad.

Though it’s since been pulled, numerous Reddit users have confirmed spotting the ad on their end and (of course) quickly grabbed screenshots for proof.



Full credit to Reddit user Dusk Golem and Wario64 on Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Was The Evil Within 2 Just Leaked by a Reddit Ad?

    1. I wanted to like The Evil Within more than I did, but I didn’t hate it. I liked how surreal and visceral it was, but the game play was incredibly dated and had some questionable design choices that hindered the enjoyment.

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      1. The environment design was excellent, and most of the creatures looked great. It’s all in the execution though, and that’s where it fell down for me. If the follow up fixes the issues, I’ll give it a try.

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