CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage begins with our recap and impressions of the mostly predictable and safe EA conference.

Each of the six major conferences will appear as individual episodes and follow a similar format. We put a LOT of time into making this happen — more so for Chuck, as he had to record and edit these things — so thank you all for listening!

CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts (06/14/2017) ♪It is time for the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 and first at bat is Electronic Arts. We discuss the games they showed and our feelings on their lineup.♪ Download

via CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts — Counter Attack Games!

4 thoughts on “CA! Radio E3 2017: Electronic Arts

  1. This and the Ubisoft podcast got me through a grueling Friday morning at work. I’ll be listening to the rest tomorrow. You guys are quite entertaining :)

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    1. D’awww, thanks for listening! We recorded them all in a straight 11-hour session, so we get a bit more delirious as they go on. The Nintendo one coming up apparently has a lot of background noise, but it wasn’t a very long episode.

      Thanks again!

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