CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft & Top 5 Game Reveals

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage finally concludes with our recap and impressions of Microsoft’s game-filled conference, where Phil Spencer and company revealed the newest addition to the Xbox family, the Xbox One X. That name is terrible.

While I don’t feel that Microsoft showed many (if any) reasons to shell out $500 near the holiday season, they’ve clearly answered for their lack of games throughout 2017. This E3 marked their first presentation without a new Halo or Gears of War announcement, and without a big system-seller to show off (Forza 7 is pretty, but racing sims are for a niche audience) their reveal of the Xbox One X felt… weird. I was also baffled by their decision to close the presentation with a cross-platform title that has no exclusivity to the Xbox platform.

Games are clearly what matters most, however, and if Xbox is your primary home for all things gaming, there are plenty of titles in the pipeline worth getting excited about. I use my Xbox One as my multiplayer box, so I’m stoked to eventually check out Black Desert Online, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and (much, much later) Anthem.

I definitely think Microsoft had a strong showing this year (I graded them the same as Sony) with their “games! games! games!” approach, but feel they did very little to draw anyone in who doesn’t already own the console — let alone sell them on a $500 upgrade. If you game on PC or already own a PS4, and have yet to pick up an Xbox One, did this conference sway your opinion?

Afterward, we close out our E3 coverage by listing off our top 5 game announcements (overall, not for Xbox), and I imagine mine aren’t very surprising. Well, maybe they are?

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Each of the six major conferences will appear as individual episodes and follow a similar format. We put a LOT of time into making this happen — more so for Chuck, as he had to record and edit these things — so thank you all for listening!

CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft (06/19/2017) ♪We finally come to the exciting conclusion of our E3 Conference rundown. A lot was riding on Microsoft this year but did the Xbox brand deliver?♪ Download

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