CA! Radio E3 2017: Nintendo

CA! Radio’s E3 coverage continues with our recap and impressions of Nintendo’s Direct presentation, which covered a lot of ground for Nintendo Switch fans in under 25 minutes.

Omar and I were far more generous than Chuck, with Metroid Prime 4 being my favorite announcement of the week. Why get excited for a mere image, though? I went the entire Wii U lifecycle hoping for a new Metroid, and it never came. The wait and eventual disappointment was agonizing. Knowing that a new game in the series is 100% coming to the Nintendo Switch is all I needed.

Metroid is a series that’s been near and dear to me since 1986, so between this and the eventually confirmed Metroid II remake Samus Returns on 3DS, I was having a field day. I’ve already pre-ordered Metroid: Samus Returns and I’m sure that’ll be enough to tide me over until Metroid Prime 4.

*I’ve had no luck locating the source for the featured image above.

Episode 1 of 6 (Electronic Arts) can be found here.

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Each of the six major conferences will appear as individual episodes and follow a similar format. We put a LOT of time into making this happen — more so for Chuck, as he had to record and edit these things — so thank you all for listening!

CA! Radio E3 2017: Nintendo (06/16/2017) ♪This week our E3 2017 conference rundown pushes onward with Nintendo and the Switch. Two hosts are giddy while one folds his arms.♪ Download

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