It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

My gaming agenda hasn’t changed at all since last week’s post — I’m still working my way through Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age on PS4. I’ve gotten to the point in the story where I can now access two different job boards per character, which helps strengthen their roles or offset their weaknesses.

Here’s what I’m working with right now:

  • Vaan: Monk/Black Mage
  • Penelo: White Mage/Machinist
  • Balthier: Shikari/Foebreaker
  • Fran: Uhlan/Time Battlemage
  • Basch: Knight/Bushi
  • Ashe: Red Battlemage/Archer

At first, I figured Fran would best fill the Archer role and Balthier the Machinist, but apparently Square gave them more frames of animation in order make them look snazzy while shooting, so they’re actually the worst choices. Essentially their superior animations cause them to take less shots over time than anyone else. Since I love min/maxxing my party based on their statistical increases, I went with the job combos above after a little research.

Once I have a little more time to play around in combat and earn a chunk of LP to unlock a wider section of the new license boards I’ll have a better idea of how to split the party into two groups of three. I know each group will need a healer, so Penelo and Ashe are essential (particularly Penelo in the late-game).

With Basch as a Knight and Bushi, he should be able to withstand a ton of physical damage with his increased chance to block attacks, access to the heaviest armor, and some white magick spells. Fran exists mostly to debilitate foes from a distance with spears and time magick since she has the worst stat growth in the game and doesn’t specialize in anything. That leaves Vaan and Baltheir as heavy damage dealers, which has been working out incredibly well thus far.

I’m further in the game than I’ve ever been and I’m particularly digging on the story and individual character growth — Vaan still kinda sucks, however. The heavy middle-eastern influence can be felt in the world design and music, and the combination of races has an almost Star Wars feel to it. I hear the story has a major lull in the middle portion, though, but I’m fully invested at 20 hours in and left plenty of monster hunt quests to help dull the sting of boredom.

Outside of gaming I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to NJPW World, which is basically New Japan Pro Wrestling’s version of WWE Network. Their annual G1 Climax tournament is going on and I’d only been following them over the years via YouTube uploads and Twitter GIFs. They don’t have their own console app, though, so I’ve just been using the Edge browser on my Xbox One to watch on my TV. That didn’t go over so well with Giant Bomb’s embedded video player, but it’s worked just fine for NJPW.

They have an incredible roster of talent and it’s been a breath of fresh air watching actual wrestling matches instead of the garbage soap opera and squandered talent of WWE. Having access to all of their programming (and more) dating back to 2007 is quite nice and wrestling is an easy watch in the background while working out.

Speaking of which, I’ve been strictly keeping up with my exercise and diet routine and have dropped 10 pounds, a jean size, and nearly doubled my stamina within two weeks. The improvement of my mental health has been the greatest reward, though. I still don’t look forward to the actual exercise, but I can’t deny how much it improves my mood and overall mindset when it’s over. I’ve been at a decent weight before, but I’ve been suffering from depression since middle school (i.e. a long time, as I’m in my mid-thirties). Not being depressed is a weird feeling and, as you’d expect, it pretty much fucking rules.

My girlfriend has been on a mission to find us a decently priced and functional heart monitor to accurately log our calorie burn, but we ended up returning the two brands she picked up since one was broken on arrival and the other required a newer cell phone than my iPhone 5S. This made yoga tricky so I’ve been riding 7 miles on the bike and power-walking for an hour (at minimum, one or the other). I’m actually headed there once this post goes up, so I’ll go ahead and end it here.

What about you, folks? Got any plans this weekend?

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16 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

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  1. As a fellow depression baby I can vouch for the times when you don’t feel depressed. Exercise endorphins are (usually) great for that, and I both miss and am pissed I can’t do more in that area (other health shit ugh), because as much as it was hard to keep up with, my once ridiculous workout regimen did help keep the gloom train at bay. I’m stoked it’s been working out so well for you!

    I’m going to continue FFV. I need to level before facing Shiva, and I want to try to get some Type-0 in. I made it to a city on Dirnado for FFBE, so I want to try to do the missions I still have and then collect more. I’m collecting items for the other endings in The Room Three, and I’m trying to decide if my finances allow me to pick up a Switch game.

    It’s kind of a Catch-22. I really should buy a game to justify how much I spent on the console, but that means I have to spend more money lol. I also need to get some protective covers for it. It’s like a little tablet, and il clumsy 😳

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    1. Thanks! It’s hard work, but the cash out has been so good.

      I don’t think I ever finished V, actually. 2, 3, 5, 9, and 13 are the ones I have left after 12 HD. Type-0 got a mediocre reception, but I loved the OST and darker tone of the story. Hopefully, you enjoy it too.

      If you could only buy 1 game, I’d say Zelda is the most bang for your buck. But if an action RPG style game isn’t for you, you’ll likely get 100ish hours out of Disgaea 5.

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      1. I’m enjoying V so far. It’s on par with Iv’s difficulty, which is what I expected. I loved the opening to Type-0. It was jaw dropping. Squeenix knows how to do cinematic scenes, and with the ability to show war how it really is, they created a masterpiece in those 5-10 minutes. I’m going to play more this weekend if it’s the last thing I do. I’m wondering if people didn’t like the gameplay, but it seems like a typical action RPG. I’ll have a better idea once I play more of it.

        I was thinking of picking up MK8 actually! I wasn’t going to play BOTW, but I think it was Mr. Panda’s review that convinced me. I have so…many…RPGs to play lol. I’d feel bad buying yet another one when I have a bunch of Final Fantasies, the three you gave me, I Am Setsuna, The Last Story, and probably more I don’t know about haha. I’m going to have quite a Christmas one this year.

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        1. The final dungeon of Type-0 is ROUGH, and the story plays out over subsequent playthroughs, so the first run is a little incomplete. It was a game I was on the fence about after beating it, but the more I thought about it the more I realized I enjoyed it.

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  2. I would love to play the new version of FF XII, but I’m a stubborn PC only guy. Maybe Squad Enix will eventually release it and FF XV in 5 years or so on Steam like the rest of the FF titles.

    Otherwise, I’m working on finishing Arcanum, Divinity: Original Sin, Dragon Quest VIII & Quest for Infamy, so I have enough to take up my time as it is.

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    1. Pretty sure I’ve said this before, but Quest for Infamy is *awesome*. Such a rad love letter to Quest for Glory. I still haven’t picked up Dragon Quest VIII for my 3DS yet, nor have I started the copy of VII that I got for Xmas. Oops?

      I’m surprised by FFXV & XII’s lack of PC releases. That sucks for fans of the series who moved away from consoles.

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    1. What I’ve been doing is working out first thing in the morning for 90 minutes, and then eating afterwards. I log my calories on and keep it under the goal, which helps monitor my caloric, fat, sugar, carbs, and protein intake. Started at 244 and down to 215.

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