It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

Before I get into my recent gaming adventures, I’d first like to congratulate everyone involved over at The Well-Red Mage for setting up their new Patreon page and ditching the old WordPress URL for a fancy new dot-com! I’ve followed their blog for a while now and it always brings me joy to watch those I respect succeed where others have given up or failed. I’m proud to be a Warrior of Light at the $5 level (White Mage!) and can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Best of luck, my dude!

As for me, you may have noticed the lack of content here at Cheap Boss Attack. With the fall semester quickly approaching on the 14th, I started declining review keys from publishers back in June in favor of working through my backlog. Since I mostly handle reviews, not having them puts me in a weird position where I don’t know what to do with myself. And since my latest endeavor has been a lengthy battle with Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, I haven’t had much else to discuss.

Toward the end of July, I wanted to encourage myself to write more often and came up with the idea of “All August Long.” The plan was to write one blog post, no matter how big or small, every day throughout the month — be it gaming or otherwise. Unfortunately, I’ve been busier than expected. My mom has been sick and I’ve been taking her back and forth to appointments, and I’ve also made it a point to put my diet and exercise routine ahead of everything else.

Basically, what little time I did have wasn’t focused on writing.

Things have slowed down a little, so my hope is to bury the sword in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. I initially planned on doing a 100% run — maxing out character levels and their respective job boards, completing all of the hunts and trials, and tracking down the elusive “ultimate” weapons. That’s… probably not going to happen anymore.

I’m definitely enjoying the game more than I did back in its PS2 form, but the final act is starting to wear me down. I took a break from the annoying boss fights and roaming monsters that continued to riddle my heroes with every Final Fantasy ailment under the sun, opting instead to chip away at the various hunts. The game has been incredibly easy up until this point, and it’s not like I’m wiping repeatedly, but the combination of the slow-moving narrative and annoyance-over-enjoyment monster encounters hasn’t done much to entice me into spending more time than necessary.

In a Discord conversation with The Well-Red Mage, he mentioned spending dozens of hours on the game’s optional hunts on PS2 and had no clue what was going on in the story when he finally went back to finish. Final Fantasy XII has such a massive lull in the middle, which, in retrospect, seemed like the perfect time to break away for a few hunts, but now that the story is picking back up I don’t want Well-Red’s anecdote to ring true for me as well.

This is the type of game that would have consumed me as a teenager, back when I happily maxed out the timer in Final Fantasy Tactics on two separate occasions. I rarely 100% anything anymore, though, and if my heart isn’t into the optional content right now, why bother? I can always make another save file at the “point of no return” and come back after finishing up the story.

I have other issues (and praises) that I’ll go into deeper whenever I get around to reviewing it.

For now, I’ll just loudly curse in my office every time poor ol’ Penelo gets Diseased and I’m out of Remedy and Serum, and if I happen to hit a brick wall boss that I can’t topple with brute force and clever Gambits I’ll step away to level grind a bit. I doubt I’ll go back to hunting monsters, though.

Once Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age is finished, the next game on my list is Final Fantasy XIII. Where I go from there largely depends on how much I enjoy XIII. I’d like to see the trilogy through to the end, but may take a break and *finally* dive into Persona 5 if it doesn’t have its hooks in me when the credits roll. We’ll see.

Hopefully, Final Fantasy XII will be finished in the next few days since I’m nearing the final dungeon, and then I can move on to something else (not saying that in a negative way, by the way — I *am* enjoying the game).

What about you, folks? Got any gaming plans this weekend?


43 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Much like yourself I’ve been trying to eat right and exercise. Much like yourself the writing has dwindled. Keep at the right stuff and everything else will fall in place.

    I’ve been struggling through The Last of Us Remastered. I want to like this game but I didn’t care for it when it originally released and I still don’t. This puts me in the vast minority.

    Other than that I’ve been spelling my time with The Division and Frontier Defense in Titanfall 2.

    I have an extended weekend so I’ll polish off as much ofThe Last of Us that I can stand, we’ll see how much that is.

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    1. Indeed. I’ll continue focusing on myself first and the writing will happen when it happens. Best of luck to you, dude. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s getting easier.

      Some folks didn’t click (no pun intended) with The Last of Us, but I loved it. Combat was ehhhhh, but I thought the world and character development was absolutely stellar.

      Is Frontier Defense the new co-op mode in Titanfall 2?


          1. It’s a good spot of fun. All the great game mechanics from the story without having to play PVP. I play easy mode and it gets pretty hectic but in a good way. I still stay out of the voice chat though. Not sure what it is like but I stay away from chat in multiplayer in general unless I am playing with people I know.


            1. I’m the same way. I turn off voice chat whenever I played Smite or Overwatch. Speaking of which, I wish Overwatch had a permanent PVE event like Uprising. I liked that more than the PVP stuff.


  2. I’m playing Pokemon this weekend. My brother thought his party could best mine and he lost :). My wife felt my wrath too and I’ve been on a major winning streak. My Switch Pro Controller arrived in the mail today and I tested it out on SF2. I tried playing Breath of The Wild with it, but I only played 5 minutes before turning it off out of boredom :(.

    Pokemon is probably all I’ll be doing this weekend while I wait for football season to start.


    1. Boredom and Breath of the Wild? You’re a strange creature, haha, but to each their own. I haven’t finished a Pokemon in a long time. I’m somewhere in the middle of X or Y (can’t remember which one I own and which is the girlfriend’s), but before that I think Platinum was the last.

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      1. I can’t bring myself to play Breath of The Wild on the Switch. No replay value for me. I might get rid of it while it’s still worth something. Pokemon is up there with my all time favorite game series. I’ll never get bored of it :).


  3. Nice play through, and I second the kudos to The Well-Red Mage!

    As for me, I’ve been tearing myself up at work lately, as one person is on vacation, and we had someone leave the company. So a lot of the extra physical labor falls on yours truly. Despite this, I’ve managed to get in a few retro finds, and some wonderful new craft beers came out for me to drink while playing said old games. I’ll be working Saturday, but I hope at night to do some retro streaming. I’m thinking I may fire up the Atari Vault on my computer, and broadcast some old school vector games. Possibly some indie stuff too. Sunday I probably won’t get much game time in because I’ll be showing a friend the glory that is Retro Games Plus. Hopefully I come back with a few more awesome finds.



  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she gets better. I’ll pass on buying Final Fantasy because I already completed that game back in the day and wasn’t a big fan of it. Right now I am playing Miitopia, which is a super casual RPG. That’s okay though because these days my gaming time is very limited. Regardless of how busy I am I wouldn’t decline freebie review copies though :-)


      1. Thanks and congrats to you too! I will give Zodiac Age a chance someday.

        I hope you enjoy XIII, though I totally understand if you don’t. I remember you mentioning on one of the CA podcasts that you had a special connection to FFXV because of your high school experiences (I think). I have similar special feelz for the FFXIII trilogy so I am very biased toward loving it, no matter what the harsh internet says. I played it during one of the lowest points in my life, and Lightning inspired me to become a better person. I also see her as the protective big sister I always wanted (I’m a spoiled only child, haha). Video games are such a powerful medium! :)

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        1. Woo, only child here too! I felt connected to the cast of XV because I never had that friendship growing up (bullying, yay). It was a way to experience it through the eyes of Noctis and I just loved the road trip feel of the game.

          I know we’ve talked about this before, but I’ve always loved the combat of XIII and how gorgeous the world is. I never stopped playing out of boredom, just being sidetracked with life. Determined to finish it this time around, so any helpful noob tips would be greatly appreciated!

          These games are, indeed, powerful for many different reasons to many different people.

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          1. I was bullied relentlessly growing up. I had few friends too so I hear ya! I would have loved to have a big sister like Lightning to “Snow Punch” the bullies for me, haha. Final Fantasy VI is next on my agenda, but XV will be shortly after that.

            I’m not sure I know what I’m doing, but I’d be happy to try and help you with XIII, if you ever need it :)

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        2. UPDATE: 3 hours into XIII. Loving it. The music is great (especially the battle theme), combat is rad, the characters are interesting, and the world design is gorgeous. The linearity is most welcome after the open-world bloat of XII.

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  5. I finally got to Type-0 again yesterday: explored the school and got my first official mission. I saved right before that so next time I fire it up, I’ll knock that out and hopefully exploit that leveling cheat hehe.

    I still need to buy a Switch game, but I need to wait til mid-August unless I use my magical credit card lol.

    I hope your mom’s health issues improve 😕


      1. Sinus issues are no joke. I have allergies and I know how much those can suck.

        I think I need to get used to the fight system. I do find the story really interesting, and there’s a shit ton of information in that Chrystarium, holy lord.

        I’m definitely picking up Mario Kart 8! I want to get Splatoon 2, also and BOTW.


  6. Sorry to hear about your mom’s health issues. I hope she is on the mend. You’re a good son for looking after her!

    I got some Atari games this weekend, so I’ve been obsessively playing Pitfall II. I love the music in that game and it has been stuck in my head for a while now. I also have plans to do some streaming tonight or tomorrow if I can get enough work done this afternoon (I’m clearly on track with that!) and Spellcaster is next on my list.

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