Happy Early Birthday to Me, Courtesy of TheDeviot!

While my birthday isn’t until the 20th, fellow WordPress blogger and all-around swell guy @TheDeviot from CommaEightCommaOne sent me an early gift. He’s been after me to play Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for what feels like two years, and now I don’t have an excuse.

The Dragon’s Milk is an 11% alcohol by volume chocolate stout with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and chilies. I’m quite excited to crack both open on the 20th in celebration of my “old as fuck” 36th birthday.

Thanks again, dude. This means a lot!


13 thoughts on “Happy Early Birthday to Me, Courtesy of TheDeviot!

    1. I rarely drink at all, so I’m a bit scared of the 11% ABV lol. I’ll probably have a few sips, give some to my girlfriend, and see if anyone in my family (who will be in town) wants the rest. The diet I’m on restricts alcohol, but I’d be remiss not to at least try it!

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      1. Yeah, I’d be asleep on the couch after something that strong! I seem to lack the self control to sip things, so it’s just easier for me to not have it around at all. I’m glad you’ll still give it a whirl though!

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