It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday (the 13th)! Video games! Let’s talk!

I’m headed out the door as we speak (type?), so this will be an incredibly short post. Like… very short.


Over the week I finished up Stories Untold on PC, which is a mind-fuck of an adventure game. It blends modern visuals with classic text-based adventuring and point-and-click mechanics into four episodes, but man, the overall story fucked me up pretty good.

It was so good that my girlfriend and I watched Cryaotic’s Let’s Play immediately after I finished it, so she could see what all the fuss was about. It’s one of my favorite games this year so far and I highly recommended you play or watch it if you get the chance. It’s a short 2-3 hour game.


I just finished Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice last night, which may actually dethrone NieR: Automata as my current GOTY. I’ll have to sleep on it for a while. Seriously, though, if you have a PS4 and an interest in storytelling, atmosphere, shot framing, Norse/Celtic mythology, and discovering how a team of developers used field professionals to tackle an accurate portrayal of psychosis, play or watch Hellblade.

With Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana getting a translation overhaul next month, I’ve put my review aside for now. I want the version I critique to match what everybody will be playing.


With my last two reviews being shorter, three-hour games (The Journey Down: Chapter Three and The Darkside Detective) I started Persona 5. I *need* to finish that, Yakuza 0, and Tales of Berseria before the year is up. It’s unlikely that’ll happen, but if I can at least finish Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 I’ll be happy.

I planned on replaying Friday the 13th on NES to do a retro review, but I didn’t have the time. Ah well. I’ll  get ’em next time.

What about you, folks? Got any gaming plans for Friday the 13th?

35 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

      1. It’s nuts! I’ve spent a few hours so far just exploring a few buildings in one tiny little corner of the initial big area. Seems much larger than the first one already. Having fun stealth killing my way through all these minor guys and can’t wait to see how much nastier the monsters get.

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        1. The original was flawed, but I liked it quite a bit. I watched someone play the first 2 hours and it starts off slow, but I was surprised to see a small open world and side quests pop up. Can’t wait to play it for myself.

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  1. cool you loved Hellblade! I also feel like it’s one of my GOTY’s. Sooo good, and super creepy in some parts.

    I’m going to probably be sticking with Stardew Valley for most of this weekend. How are you liking Darkside Detective? I personally wasn’t too big on it, but knowing you are big on point and clicks, I’m curious how you are liking it.

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    1. I just got a review key for Darkside this morning so I haven’t jumped in yet. I really want Stardew on Switch, but since I finally started Persona 5 I don’t want any distractions. Hellblade was absolutely phenomenal. The world and puzzle design and variety, the sound design, the characters, and especially the boss fights. That Fenrir fight is one of the best I’ve ever played.


  2. It’s the weekend and finally I can play, finish and get to play some more games or watch series/movies I’ve missed. However, I started after finishing Mirror’s Edge Catalyst last weekend, Level 5’s Dark Cloud, planning on moving over to Dark Chronicle and Rogue Galaxy. Only played them when I was a kid but never completed them through, so that will probably be my plan for the weekend and week.

    Other than that I need to play Hellblade, Persona 5, Yakuza 0+Kawami…oh and also South Park The Fractured But Whole. So I do look forward to what you think of Persona 5.

    Stay Cozy and enjoy the weekend!


  3. I’ll be playing Shadow of War, Original Sin 2, and Wildlands this weekend. Wildlands is free to play this weekend and my wife is finally trying it out so I’m playing with her. She likes it so far. Original Sin 2 is my GOTY right now and I doubt that’ll change.

    I’ll probably grab Hellblade during next year’s Steam Summer Sale, but I can’t see myself dropping more than $10 on it since I’ve watched most of it on Youtube already. It has an interesting story, but shit gameplay in my opinion.


      1. Hellblade (to me) seems like the type of game that you play for it’s story instead of it’s gameplay. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I’m not really in a mood for it right now with all of these other games releasing right now :).

        I want to play Persona 5 too and I refuse to buy a PS4 so that probably won’t ever happen.


        1. The story, atmosphere, and the way it presents psychosis are the most admirable features. If I had to guess, I’d say that 60% of it is exploration and narration (I really hate the term “walking simulator”) and 40% combat and boss fights. The boss fights fucked ruled, though.

          Refuse to buy a PS4? Why? I mean, I guess you can get mostly everything on PC (especially with Nioh on the way).

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          1. It’s not worth buying a $400 console for a few games imo. And I really don’t like gaming on consoles anymore outside of my handhelds. I don’t like the PS4 controller and most of the games that I want are releasing on PC like Nioh, Ni no Kuni 2, etc. Just buying a new console for Bloodborne and Persona 5 would be a huge waste of money for me because I know it’ll collect dust once I complete those two games. I was the same with the PS3 and the PS2 before it.

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  4. I’ll be playing a plethora of classic arcade games, as well as be a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? At RetroWorld Expo. Taking the camera, and a bunch of notes so that I can get a nice recap out. I’m on vacation next week, so I hope to get in some game time with whatever I pick up at the show. Really, really, hoping for some Commodore 64 finds. I’ll be roaming the show floor in my trusty Great Giana Sisters T-shirt no less! Also going to likely hit up City Steam brewery while I’m there, so there will be many IPAs, and Stouts. In the words of Mark Bussler “EDF! EDF! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

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  5. Yeeees! Stories Untold was brilliant. I loved the puzzles and how twisted everything becomes as elements drop into place throughout the stories.

    I’m going to finish off Sky Force and maybe start on Conarium or Nier Automata.


  6. I bought Stories Untold in the last Steam sale, but haven’t yet played it – looking forward to doing so even more now after reading your comments! :)

    I started The Elder Scrolls Online a couple of weeks ago on a bit of a whim… and now I’m addicted again…

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    1. I like the One Tamriel changes but still couldn’t stick with ESO over other games. It was really fun, though! Definitely let me know what you think of Stories Untold whenever you get around to it.


      1. How long did it take to complete if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just wondering if I can fit it in, in between arguing with the other-half over whether it’s Destiny 2 or TESO that goes on the PS4 tonight. ;)


        1. Roughly 3 hours. according to Steam. I may have idled a bit, and sometimes I feel a bit dumb because I don’t catch on to puzzle solutions that are right in front of my face lol. But 3 hours is a safe amount of time to set aside.


  7. Damn you and your awesome game recommendations! *grumbles and adds shit anyway* I need to play Hellblade abs that Untold better not fuck me uk worse than SOMA. I didn’t sleep for a week and I STILL can’t work on my review f it too late. Great psychological horror games complete yet terrify me.

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