It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

Another short post this week, as I already have one foot out of the door. Fridays are busyyyyy.

In short, I’m continuing my adventure in Persona 5 and I’m taking my girlfriend to Best Buy so she can get her laptop fixed — so I’ll probably cave and come back home with a copy of Fire Emblem Warriors.


I’m enjoying the hell out of Persona 5, as expected, but it hasn’t quite hooked me as much as Persona 4 did in as many hours. Not sure what it is. It’s still a 10/10 JRPG with minimal complaints, but Persona 4 set the bar pretty high. Right now I’m ~32 hours in and just started the third Palace (the game’s version of dungeons). My goal to complete it before next Friday so I can focus on Super Mario Odyssey is highly unlikely.

What about you, folks? Getting any gaming in this weekend?

22 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Man I’d love to play Persona 5. I’ll just have to settle for Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE. Any way, going to be doing some Jackbox with the church Youth Group lock in event I’m running this weekend and probably play some A Hat in Time!

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    1. A Hat in Time looks great and I can’t wait for its console launch. I also finally finished Tokyo Mirage myself earlier in the year and it ended up as one of my favorite games of the last decade. Not sure why it hooked me as much as it did, but I couldn’t put it down. Enjoy the lock-in!

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        1. I’m not into the idol stuff usually, but I was very much into it with Tokyo Mirage. I also love Fire Emblem and Persona, and although the Fire Emblem stuff was little more than fanservice, I thought the combat was excellent and the dungeons were super fun. Really great story too.

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  2. I started Nier Automata (in fact I’ve finished my 2B run and have just beaten Simone as 9S) and I’m mostly enjoying it. The music is incredibly fitting and the story is fairly interesting. I find the combat lacks a lot of depth and feels a bit more “button mash” than a lot of Platinum’s other games. It is fun though!

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  3. My last free weekend as vacation week comes to a close. So I’ve been playing a LOT of Road Redemption on the computer, as well as some stuff I nabbed at RetroWorld Expo last weekend. Pac-Attack, Clayfighter II, and Joe & Mac on the Super Ninendo, and Tapper on the Atari 2600. Great stuff.


      1. It’s like someone took Road Rash 64 off of the Nintendo 64, beefed up the graphics to a modern AA level, then threw in elements of Mad Max Fury Road, TRON, and bits of Rouge Stormers for good measure. Hope to get a review up next week.

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      1. SOT was pretty good. It had elements of Point, and Click games, with some early CRPG conventions. Plus the humor was great even if some of it was recycled from the show. Didn’t get FBW but it looks like it built off of what made the last one memorable.


  4. Can’t wait to play Persona 5, I think it’ll have to wait until after Christmas though! I’m starting Rayman Legends this weekend, I put off buying it for years but just picked up the Switch version. RE: the Tokyo Mirage Sessions convo above, isn’t it just wonderful!! I got the album with all the songs from the game last Christmas and haven’t stopped listening since! I really miss Itsuki and co.


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