Let’s Wrap Up 2017, Shall We?

2017 is over in less than an hour here in the States. From a political perspective, it was an absolute mess, but there’s no denying this was an incredible year for video games.

This made my New Year’s Resolution far tougher than I ever imagined.

If you recall, at the start of the year I made it a point to avoid new releases in favor of tackling my atrocious backlog. I’ve had games piling up for years now that I finally wanted to make time for, spanning both retro and modern eras. This started off easy enough, but I had no way of knowing just how stacked 2017 would be, with its constant barrage of quality releases (of which I narrowed down my top ten right here).

I still managed to knock out quite a few games this year, though. What helped was keeping track of my progress; comprising a list of my completions as they occurred.

I ended the year with 69 (nice?) games completed, which began on January 5th with the mediocre PS4 indie Ninja Pizza Girl and ended on December 23rd with OPUS: The Day We Found Earth on the Switch. Of the 69 games, 31 of them were on PS4, 3 on Vita, 8 were on Switch, 7 were on Xbox platforms, and the remainder were spread across everything else. There was even an Amiga game thrown in, with Lure of the Temptress!

The most popular genre, surprisingly, was adventure (combining first-person narrative and point-and-clicks) with 22, followed by RPG with 17. The least represented was fighting, with Injustice 2 providing the lone entry.

I’d like to continue tracking my progress in 2018, but I don’t anticipate next year’s list being as lengthy. I’m currently organizing my backlog and if my current progress is anything to go by there are quite a few meaty RPGs in there that I’d like to get to.

On the reviews front, I wrote 31 of them here at Cheap Boss Attack and freelanced one that was published in Switch Player Magazine. Next year I plan on being far more choosy in the games I agree to review, both because I’d like to play more games that *I* want to play and that I’ll be dedicating less time to gaming due to the planning required for a cross-country move next fall.

In terms of Let’s Plays, I’ve easily consumed hundreds of hours worth of content from Cryaotic, FightinCowboy, and Christopher Odd. My favorite Let’s Play that I watched this year is Cryaotic’s run of Little Nightmares, with the most informative being Cowboy’s thorough completion of Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin. I also did my best to keep up with fellow WordPress blogger Hungry Goriya’s uploads, which covered a lot of retro RPG goodness.

If I had to guess, I probably spent the most time this year playing Dragon Age: Inquisition or Persona 5. Both games easily ran me over 100 hours. I also sank a lot of time into Neverwinter and World of Warcraft, but overall spent drastically reduced time with MMOs in 2017 than I did the year prior.

While I’m on the subject of time investment, I’m still surprised by the lack of time I spent with Destiny 2 since my girlfriend and I were both huge Destiny nerds.

Ah well.

So let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by over the last 12 months, took part in my weekly wrap-up discussions, and made the year better overall. I look forward to continuing Cheap Boss Attack’s more personal approach in 2018, covering games I have a genuine interest in over accepting whatever requests show up in my inbox. I hope this provides better, more enjoyable content for you folks and likewise decreases the burnout I’ve felt over the last few months.

Best of luck with your blogging!

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