2018 Game Completions!

Just like last year, I’ll be keeping track of my game completions throughout 2018 right here. This list will be updated as I roll credits on full games or their respective DLC.

  1. Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis (PS4) – January 3rd
  2. RiME  (PS4) – January 5th
  3. Phantasy Star (Sega Master System) – January 11th

Last year, I ended up with 69 games completed. I highly doubt I’ll see a number that high in 2018, but progress is progress!


11 thoughts on “2018 Game Completions!

  1. Wow. I are impressed. Quite a few of those were RPGs, too. I finished 6 games and three of them were The Room series lol. I watched a ton of Let’s Plays though and I’m hopeful I’ll finish more this year since I’ve cut down on the number of books I’m reading so I can focus on other things like games.


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