“What is Your Favorite Game for Every Year You’ve Been Alive?” Answered!

The Well-Red Mage occasionally poses questions to his readers and fellow bloggers, which I admire as a way of encouraging conversation within our community. His recent question spawned from a fun Twitter thing, where everyone was asked for their favorite game for every year they’ve been alive. For example, I was born in 1981 so I’d have to choose a favorite game released each year between then and now.

There’s no need for exposition; only names or images will do just fine.

1981 – Ms. Pac-Man

1982 – Xevious

1983 – Bomberman

1984 – Excitebike

1985 – Super Mario Bros.

1986 – Metroid

1987 – The Legend of Zelda

1988 – Super Mario Bros. 2 USA (shout-out to Phantasy Star)

1989 – Friday the 13th

1990 – Super Mario Bros 3

1991 – Super Mario World

1992 – The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

1993 – Mortal Kombat II

1994 – Final Fantasy III/VI

1995 – Chrono Trigger

1996 – Resident Evil

1997 – Final Fantasy VII

1998 – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (sorry Metal Gear Solid, Xenogears, and Resident Evil 2!)

1999 – Final Fantasy VIII

2000 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

2001 – Final Fantasy X (sorry Silent Hill 2, Ico, and Halo: Combat Evolved!)

2002 – Metroid Prime

2003 – The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (sorry Silent Hill 3 and Fatal Frame 2!)

2004 – World of Warcraft

2005 – Resident Evil 4

2006 – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

2007 – Mass Effect (sorry BioShock, and shout-out to WoW’s Burning Crusade expansion!)

2008 – Left 4 Dead (shout-out to WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King expansion!)

2009 – Dragon Age: Origins

2010 – Mass Effect 2

2011 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (shout-out to Dark Souls)

2012 – Persona 4 Golden

2013 – The Last of Us

2014 – Dragon Age: Inquisition

2015 – Undertale (shout-out to Bloodborne!)

2016 – Final Fantasy XV

2017 – NieR: Automata

2018 – I’ve yet to play a 2018 release.

There were a lot of tough choices for certain years, but that was a fun trip down memory lane. I was absolutely sure certain games would make the list (like Metroid) until I realized they released the same year as something else (The Legend of Zelda).

Got any favorites during these years?

P.S. – Yes, I’m aware I’m old.

21 thoughts on ““What is Your Favorite Game for Every Year You’ve Been Alive?” Answered!

      1. Definitely a polarizing game! Sunshine was the one Nintendo game I ever willingly sold. I played it for like 6 hours and still could not control Mario well at all. Rage-sold it for $40 and bought a used 3DS and Majora’s Mask 3D. I liked that one much better :)

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  1. It’s great how these lists paint a nice picture of the person making it. You’re definitely into the long adventures, mostly turn-based, but taking sudden breaks for Nintendo IPs and Left 4 Dead, one of my personal favorites from years ago :)

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  2. I started working on this today at work, while waiting for Excel to get its ass into gear. I was worried I wouldn’t find anything between 80 and the Nintendo years. Boy was I wrong. I struggled with 1982. I was just going to Tweet it, but it might warrant a post. This is a damn good list. I think I’d wait on 2018 anyway, since it’s so early in the year.

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    1. Yeah, I wasn’t too concerned about 2018. The Shadow of the Colossus remaster will likely be my first 2018 game, then God of War in April. I’d like to check out Lost Sphear, which released today, but I wasn’t impressed by the demo and it seems to be getting lukewarm reviews. At $50, that’s quite a gamble when I wasn’t exactly enthralled by I am Setsuna beyond its combat and soundtrack. I’ll grab it when its on sale instead.

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      1. Yesh…$50? I liked it and I don’t know if I’m willing to pay that much. As of right now, I have plenty of games in my possession right now so I’m not jonesing for anything else to buy unless I happen to come across something I’ve been looking for for a while.


        1. Yeahhhh. I am Setsuna launched at $40 and seemed far more polished (in comparison to Last Sphear’s demo, anyway), so I don’t think I’m willing to gamble $50 when I have so much other stuff to play. $20 is probably my sweet spot.

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            1. Yeah, Lost Sphear is getting slightly above average review scores (6/10s-ish) and scores don’t usually mean much to me, but their concerns are ones I had playing the demo. It felt like they were taking all of the cool ideas from other 16-bit RPGs and instead of figuring out how to incorporate them in meaningful ways, they just threw them together and hoped for the best. I wanted Dissidia pretty bad since I love the FF universe, but wasn’t too wild about what I saw in the beta. I’m sure it’ll plummet in price at some point so I’ll wait until then, unless by some small miracle Red Box stocks it at their kiosk.

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              1. Squeenix relies a lot of its name, and despite some of their worst foibles, that still seems to work. I really want them to release Octopath. THAT’S worth $50-60.

                I wish I were still into fighting games. Working on my Games Alive list has enlightened me to the era I was a fan of them. I think one of the Tekkens was the last one I really played.


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