It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

My family and I are starting to plan our cross-country move, so the weekend (and every weekend thereafter until October) will likely be spent going through our stuff in an attempt to downsize what we have to take with us. There are three of us and three cats living in a four-bedroom house in South Carolina, and we need to fit everything into a two-bedroom apartment near Seattle, Washington. Needless to say, a lot of clothes, DVDs, Blu-rays, dishes, books, games, appliances, and furniture need to be trimmed and donated (or sold).

It’s going to be a *lot* of work and with funds being tied up in that, I don’t see many new game purchases in the meantime. I hate using the term FOMO (the fear of missing out), but it’ll be a struggle I just have to deal with!

On the game front, I’m still working my way through The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U. Since last week, I’ve finished the Lakebed Temple and acquired the clawshot, and Zant has just sent Midna and I into the world of light while in wolf form. I have a bit of idle time on the clock, but I’d guess I’m around 17-hours played. I like exploring, collecting the bugs, and hunting down heart pieces whenever I acquire a new piece of equipment.

I’m definitely enjoying my first run through Twilight Princess, but I’m still not too wild about playing as Wolf Link. It also seems like the new items I’m getting from each dungeon are only heavily used within it, and nowhere else. I’ve used the Forest Temple’s Gale Boomerang in Hyrule to catch bugs, and I guess the Iron Boots I needed for the Goron Mines (although the bow is the item the dungeon rewarded) were used quite a bit in the Lakebed Temple. I’m conflicted, but still having a mostly good time.

My Wii U and PS4 share the same HDMI cable and last night I was too lazy to get out of bed to switch it over (I was using the PS4 to watch some YouTube videos), so I finally jumped into Observer. The same team developed the first-person horror game Layers of Fear, which I really liked. Observer is more of a sci-fi, cyberpunk, horror hybrid, though.

I like the detective stuff and I’m intrigued by the story (you’re a detective of sorts who just received a mysterious call from his estranged son, so you’re investigating a decapitated body found inside his apartment), but a core mechanic allows you to “jack in” to a person’s mind to “observe” their memories. These observer segments play out similarly to Layers of Fear, where it’s a more psychological experience¬†of unexplainable horrors. Although I liked Layers of Fear quite a bit, I didn’t play Observer hoping for more of that. I wanted this sci-fi, Bladerunner-style story (complete with Rutger Hauer voice-overs) that the first hour portrayed. It’s not bad, but since it’s not what I wanted I’m starting to lose interest rather quickly. It doesn’t help that the game runs downright horrendously at times on PS4.

On the comics front, I finally tracked down volume 8 of Saga and volume 4 of Low. I also rented the complete collection of Fables, volume 1 of Injection, volume 1 of Seven to Eternity, and Overwatch Anthology volume 1. I’m stoked to dig into Saga and Low’s newest release¬†since they’re both personal favorites.

What about you, folks? Got any plans this weekend?

30 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Oh no… I was hoping Observer was going to be another one of those games you recommend to me… I’ve wanted to play it for a while!

    I’ve had The Sexy Brutale installed on my laptop for ages but haven’t had a chance to get properly stuck into it yet. I might give that a go tonight.

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    1. Observer isn’t bad, just not what I wanted it to be. I really liked the dev team’s previous game, Layers of Fear, which was psychological horror, but this appeared to be more of a Bladerunner-ish detective game at first glance. It blends the two, and I’m just not in the mood for a horror game right now.

      The Sexy Brutal has been on my to-buy list since launch, haha. I never picked it up, but it seems like a really neat idea. Keep me posted!


  2. I’ll be on The Division this weekend. Global event 4 has started and I want the new classified gear sets that were introduced. I already have all the new cosmetic items that released, but the RNG is killing me right now. I keep getting knee pads…

    My health hasn’t been too great lately so most of my time will probably be spent watching TV. I guess now would be a good time to catch up on my wrestling in both WWE and NJPW.

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  3. Good luck on your move and getting things together for it! I’ve been sick this week, so I’m trying to catch up on stuff I missed out on this weekend. My gaming and entertainment may be limited, but I’ve been taking another whack at getting through Shin Megami Tensei II, so I might make some progress on that.

    You have reminded, though, that I just found a whole box of old comics to sort through…

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  4. All the best with the move. I don’t envy you having already gone through a change of abode a year ago. This weekend I will probably continue to play Doki Doki Literature Club. Last night I got to the part were things start to get weird.

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    1. We’ve moved back and forth between MD and SC to help my mom take care of my dad, but we’ve been stuck here since 2013. Now that school is over we need to GTFO since there is no job market, and we want to be near my GF’s family since her dad is getting up there in age and he lives in Oregon.

      I never got to the weird bits in Doki Doki. Only played for an hour, stopped to make dinner, and never went back because I kept forgetting. One day!

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      1. The first couple of hours are your typical cutesy visual novel. Later on it begins to do some really clever stuff. From what I hear the game isn’t very long so you might be able to finish it, in one or two sittings, next time you return to it.


  5. I’m thinking I might take a page from your book and revisit my backlog this weekend. I’ve only played a couple hours of Stardew Valley on Switch so I’d like to at give it a bit more effort and get what I paid for out of it. I may start Dishonored 2 but I’m always wary to get invested in a PS4 game because my wife plays that console almost exclusively, so it’s tough for me to get my hands on the controller sometimes.
    I feel you on Twilight Princess. I like Wolf Link conceptually but the controls aren’t great, and they could have done a better job balancing the usage of the dungeon items. It’s still a good Zelda game but I find myself in the minority as far as my indifference towards it – many people I know consider it their favorite.


    1. My GF absolutely loved Stardew and has two separate 150+ hour playthroughs on PC. It’s definitely not my kinda game, but I caved in and grabbed it on Switch. My suspicions were correct, though, as I grabbed it at launch and I’ve played for maybe an hour or two. I’m paralyzed by choice in that game and I just never felt like I was accomplishing anything while feeling like I had to do EVERYTHING. It’s weird. I’m sure it’s good, but my brain goes into overdrive and immediately takes a huge dump in my skull the moment I step out of the house and on to my grotesque farm.

      Since my GF is primarily a PC gamer, I was in a similar boat. I’m always hesitant to dive into a PC game knowing she may want to use it for something. She’s since gotten a decent laptop and her own PS4, so that’s not much of an issue anymore.

      I’m with you. I like the concept of Twilight Princess, but Wolf Link feels like wasted potential. Thus far it’s my least favorite 3D Zelda experience and outside of nostalgia I’m not quite sure how someone could put this above any of the others unless they never played them.

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      1. Your situation with Stardew Sounds a lot like mine and my wife. When we picked it up, I played for a few hours maybe while she poured a pretty good chunk of time into it. As you said, there’s a lot of options and it can feel like you aren’t accomplishing anything. Historically I have enjoyed games like Harvest Moon but as they get bigger and last longer I find that they aren’t as fun. Games that are engineered to “last forever” without some kind of clear ending don’t appeal to me. I prefer a contained experience that has a specific story to convey to me, maybe one or two cool things I can do after beating the game, and then I want to move on to a new game. I think that’s why Stardew isn’t gelling with me.

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  6. Good luck with everything man! Per usual, I’m working but Sunday I’m probably going to get in some more time with Super Mario Odyssey. It’s a fairly large game, and I’m only maybe 30% done. If I have time late night Saturday, I may stream some Sine Mora EX (I just reviewed it) or some more DUSK (which is still in Early Access.)

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    1. Mario Odyssey was SO GOOD and I was 100% sure I’d go back to it and collect moons in post game… but I’ve yet to touch it since beating it for more than an hour. Too many games to play last year, then Xenoblade 2 hit, then 2 weeks of traveling, and now I have other things I want to play instead. Ah well, it’s not going anywhere.

      Sine Mora EX looks rad.

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  7. I’ve started up Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. It isn’t really lighting my world on fire, but I like the combat enough to continue. It doesn’t feel wildly different than the first so far, but I haven’t played much yet. I will probably chip away at this one slowly.


    1. I loved Shadow of Mordor but couldn’t get into War at all. It just felt like Mordor with the sliders cranked all the way up: named orcs around every corner, battles everywhere, loot everywhere, etc. It amazed me how a game in the LotR universe can fumble in the story department. Some folks really liked it, though, so hopefully it turns around for you.


  8. I need to play my copy of Twilight Princess HD someday! I seriously just bought it for the Wolf Link and Midna Amiibo :D

    I’m 15 hours into my second playthrough of FFXIII, and 30 hours into Dragon Age Inquisition. I’m pumped for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT to come out this week!! Not usually into fighting games, but one with action RPG elements where I can play as Lightning?? Yes, please!

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    1. I picked it up at launch on Gamecube and played it for a few hours, but hated the Wolf Link stuff and never went back. Then a few years back I decided I wanted to play it again, but on Wii, so I grabbed that version and never even took it out of the case lol. THEN picked up the HD version on Wii U at launch and didn’t even open it until I started the game a little over a week ago. *shrug*

      I *really* want to get back to XIII and finish it up. I’m just so lost on where to go since I took a break in the middle of Chapter 11’s open world side-quest-a-thon, and stuff out there was kicking my ass a bit as it is. I have the guide, though, so it’s just a matter of retracing my steps and doing enough random encounters to get my feet wet again. I really loved everything about it and I’m sad I got sidetracked.

      Did you check out the beta for Dissidia at all? I watched a few folks play it and it seemed really confusing. I don’t have much history with the PSP games but I do love me some FF, so I may end up renting it or at least picking it up when it goes on sale. I need that fanservice in my life.

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      1. Not gonna lie, the first time I played it, I took a several month break from FFXIII when the world opened up. It was quite overwhelming, honestly.

        I didn’t try the beta, though I should. I wouldn’t even be interested in it if Lightning wasn’t a playable character, haha. I can’t wait to see what it’s like!


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