It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

I finished up Night in the Woods on the Switch last night, which is a 2D adventure game that plays out like those between-mission segments in Mass Effect 2 where you run around the Normandy and talk with all of your squadmates. Featuring an entire cast of bipedal animals, it takes place in the small fictional town of Possum Springs. You play as Mae, a 20-year-old catgirl who returns home after dropping out of college, much to the disappointment of her family. Most of her friends still reside there, working at the local Snack Falcon or running the family business, and every day is spent exploring the town and conversing with its inhabitants.

There’s a mystery element at play, where the friends discover a severed arm outside of the local diner, but 90% of the adventure is waking up the next day and seeing what everyone in town has to say. Mae can choose which friend to hang out with — the goth crocodile Bea, the old best friend *slash* irresponsible delinquent fox Gregg, and on occasion, Gregg’s boyfriend Angus. These play out as little side-stories, which further the friendships and tinker with ones and zeroes in the background to determine who appears in late-game cutscenes. There’s also rhythm mini-games since Mae and company used to be in a band back in high school, along with between-day dream sequences in which Mae must locate four hidden characters in order to summon a gigantic dream creature that startles her awake the following morning.

That’s… basically it. It’s definitely a narrative game more than an adventure since there’s no traditional inventory management and very minimal item collection or puzzle solving. It’s incredibly well written and charming, and I loved the small-town mystery surrounding Possum Springs. I always looked forward to waking up the next day and scaling the rooftops to stargaze with an old science teacher, speak with mom on her way to work, learn about Mae’s deceased grandfather from an aging friend down in the sewer, salvaging for junk, playing bass guitar, and diving into an in-game retro game called Demontower on Mae’s laptop. Watching the narrative unfold as I befriended the understandably cranky and sad Bea provided some intense and relatable dialogue between the two struggling young adults, and the story as a whole should hit home with just about anyone who moved away from wherever they grew up and later returned, only to discover everything was… different. If you struggled to understand what “being normal” meant as you transitioned into adulthood (and still do) this is the game for you.

If one of your favorite aspects of Mass Effect was simply talking to your crew aboard the Normandy, then I definitely urge you to check out Night in the Woods at your earliest convenience. The art style, the music, the writing… it’s all fantastic. There isn’t much “game” here, just an 8-hour story to walk yourself through, but it was a great way to cap off the last four nights and I’m kinda sad it’s over.

Next on the list is The Fall Part 2: Unbound, which is the sequel to one of my favorite sci-fi games of all time, The Fall. It follows the same 2D point-and-click/action shooter hybrid formula of the original, but the reception has been surprisingly mixed thus far. The Fall didn’t play very well, particularly the shooting bits and interacting with the environment, but the writing was top notch and it featured a stellar ending that I didn’t smell around every corner. I fully expect Unbound to have the same ups and downs.

I also picked up Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology for the 3DS yesterday, which I’ll dive into after The Fall Part 2 is over. I wasn’t expecting such a big box, but I’m always a fan of extra goodies packed in with my new RPG purchases.

I was hungry for an RPG on my Switch, so I caved and picked up Mercenaries Saga Chronicles earlier in the week. This collection packs together all three SRPGs into a generously priced $15 download. The first game was only released on mobile devices, but the second and third made their way to the 3DS’s eShop over the last few years. The Switch ports look pretty good! However, after picking the game up, I just never found the time to play it… and now I have Radiant Historia to scratch that RPG itch. I’m not sure when I’ll get around to Merc Saga, but it was cheap and I don’t mind supporting the console’s RPG market if the price is right.


If you’ve got a load of free time over the weekend and the Final Fantasy series holds a special place in your heart, then I urge you to check out Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium! Spearheaded by Well-Red Mage, A Crystal Compendium features the work of over two-dozen writers and spans the entire Final Fantasy series. I contributed an article on the dark and uneven spin-off Type-0 HD and the WordPress community at large has been hard at work detailing their own personal journies with one of the longest-running, most successful RPG franchises of all time.


What about you, folks? Have any gaming plans this weekend? Hopefully some of you out there are playing the Switch ports of Bayonetta 1 & 2!

18 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. On one hand I want to play The Fall chapter 2, on the other hand I then start thinking about how long it’ll be until the conclusion comes out…

    I’m finally getting around to Ori and the Blind Forest and maybe one or two other short things before the next big game.

    And maybe…maybe someone here might have just bought a Switch…though it definitely was not me!


  2. Well with the need for wipers, and some essentials no Bayonetta 2 for me. I’m not too bothered though, as I thoroughly enjoyed the series on the Wii U, and will be keeping those physical editions in the collection.

    But I did crack, and preorder the Pearl, and Marina Amiibos. They’ll stand proudly next to Callie, and Marie. Speaking of Splatoon 2, I’ll be playing a lot of the Splatfest tonight, and after work tomorrow night, as I try to level up some more. It really is a compelling shooter, and the constant flux of free maps, weapons, and balances from Nintendo should be commended considering how bad some other games have been about nickel, and diming people. Beyond that, I’d like to try to get a stream of something on Steam going Sunday assuming nothing comes up that day. I have a couple of games in mind.

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  3. I played a little bit of the Metal Gear Survive beta but it didn’t grab me like in the original beta. Maybe I already got my fill of the game. The beta doesn’t include any of the story/single-player content so that is discouraging. This may be a game to rent after it is released.

    Sans Metal Gear I’ll probably hop back into Mass Effect: Andromeda. How much I get to play will depend on how many times I get called by work.

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  4. I just read “goth crocodile” and I’m SO interested. I already have this on my backlog, but for some reason I think I either own it or have it on a wishlist? I can’t remember. I think I’m going to start Breath of the Wild possibly this weekend, since I have a three day one. I’m watching a Let’s Play of The Last Guardian and preparing to have my heart shattered. Trico is so goddamn adorable, and I see what you mean about getting him to do things. It seems very reminiscent of training a dog and you have to be really patient with him. I have some theories about what I think is going on, and I already know the ending is really rough. I’m about halfway through Oliz’s LP. He (Trico) seems like a combination of dog and cat in the face, bird or maybe gryphon (?) and horse. I love his triangular talon feet. The way he turns around and moves is so catlike. I think he’s the most realistic looking imaginary animal I’ve ever seen.


    1. TLG is absolutely incredible. There’s a scene in particular that made me smile so wide, but we’ll talk more when you’re done lol. Cry did a LP of Night in the Woods, but he had a guest on the LP that read the dialogue and it was hard to get in to.

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  5. I’ll be on Dynasty Warriors 9 this weekend. I just finished Lu Bu’s story and I’m itching for some more hack n slash action so I’ll be starting another file as either Dong Zhuo or Cao Cao (for that sexy black horse).

    Night in The Woods sounds like it’s my kind of game. I can’t buy anymore games right now, but I’ll definitely be checking it out at some point. I’m not buying Bayonetta 1 or 2 any time soon. That kind of cash for two old games that I won’t play isn’t appealing to me right now. I’ll probably end up buying them before the third game releases so I can have a refresher on what’s going on since it’s been so long since I’ve played them.

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    1. Nice, I’m glad you’re enjoying it more than most seem to be doing.

      NitW is pretty great and definitely worth checking out if you have a free weekend to kill and you’re in the mood for more of an interactive book than a demanding game.

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  6. I still want to play Night in the Woods. Maybe I’ll get around to it some day!

    I’ve finished Darkest Dungeon now so I’ve got Monster Hunter World on the cards. Plus I’ve been sent Past Cure to review so there’s that.

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  7. On vacation so just have my surface 3 (non-pro) with me so playing some Guild of Dungeoneers, SanctuaryRPG (which is surprisingly addictive for an ascii art rogue-like rpg), and dipping my toes into Hyperdimension Neptune’s:Rebirth 1. The Surface 3 is a great portable gamer for simple title so far!


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