It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

This’ll be incredibly short this week since we’re on our way to take one of our older cats to the vet in order to have a lump checked out.

Update: the vet discovered two tumors within our cat’s left mammary gland line and 90% of the time tumors in cats means cancer. Thankfully, they’re still rather small; meaning we caught them early enough that a successful surgery could prolong her life by another 4-5 years. She goes back in Monday for the removal. I feel physically ill knowing my cat has breast cancer, but we’re trying to be as positive as our emotions allow.

I finished up Old Man’s Journey (review coming shortly) and The Fall Part 2: Unbound this week. There are some interesting new releases on the Switch’s eShop, so I’ll be checking out a new RPG called Dragon Sinker and a first-person Dead Space-esque horror title called Hollow over the weekend.

What about you, folks? Any gaming plans?

30 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

  1. Ugh. It’s never easy watching a pet go through illness, or disease. They become family. I miss my Brother’s Boston Terrier, and he wasn’t even my dog. I know I’ll be pretty upset when my Sister’s 13 year old Yorkie goes, and again, not even my dog. So I can empathize. Praying your cat has a successful surgery, and goes for many more years to come.

    As far as gaming goes, I’ve been playing through Owlboy, which has been fantastic so far (Review incoming), and I’ve still been completely addicted to Splatoon 2 as of late. Things have gotten really rough at work over the last day or two, so we’ll see how my schedule changes, yet again. On the plus side, I have the rare Saturday free, and I’ll be seeing Lewis Black do stand-up comedy in Kingston, NY. tomorrow night. So it isn’t all bad. Gotta keep looking for those bright spots.


      1. Sorry to hear that man. That’s how my Brother’s dog Bean went. He had a stroke, somehow came back from it. Then he got Cushing’s disease, and developed painful boils. He swallowed a chew toy, and had to have surgery to get it out. He made it through that alright, but he had another stroke several months later around the holidays. He was 11. I still miss him. He was like a four legged nephew. He carried a blanket around with him everywhere he went, like Linus from the Peanuts strip. So I do empathize. I hope things go well with the cat. *hugs*


        1. Yikes, that doesn’t sound fun at all for Bean. Our rottie’s stroke disable his back legs so he had to wear a harness 24/7 and be carried around every few hours to use the bathroom. Needless to say my mom couldn’t carry a 130 pound dog, so I got quite the workout for the 5 months he was around post-stroke. He lost control of his pee and poop and it was just too hard to watch, so mom made the difficult decision that every pet owner dreads.


  2. Since I recently bought a Xbox One X, I started playing Assassins Creed Origins again. I put it down because the graphics were annoying me and the textures were starting to load in very weird on the Xbox One S. This game was really meant to be played on the X and I have been having a great time with it.

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  3. Hope things turn out as best as they can for your cat. My mother’s dog had to have surgery several weeks ago on both back legs. When you tell people you spent thousands of dollars just so a dog can walk they give you a funny look but you know in the same situation they would have done the same.

    Watching the original Blade Runner as I type this and planning on renting Blade Runner 2049. After watching the Giant Bomb quick look on Metal Gear Survive I plan on renting that as well. It looks completely not like Metal Gear and I don’t know why I still want to play it. I guess it is a morbid curiosity to see what Konami is doing with this property.


    1. Some folks just aren’t animal people, I guess. My mom spent thousands just to spend 5 extra months with her 13-year-old rottweiler before having it put to sleep when its health deteriorated to a certain point. I’d do anything to spend more time with my pets, but I wouldn’t do anything just for money. If I were in your mom’s shoes, I’d have done the same! Hopefully they have a speedy recovery.

      After watching GB play MGS my interest dropped off entirely, haha. Watching Jeff stumble along trying to find a waypoint why struggling with quickly diminishing hunger, oxygen, and hydration meters reminded me why I don’t enjoy the survival genre. I do follow some folks on Twitter who have been enjoying it a lot, though.

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      1. Survive just looks like a weird twisted mess and for whatever reason I feel compelled to see it but I don’t want to invest a purchase on it. A couple bucks on a rental seems reasonable to play a few hours and then walk away.

        Blade Runner just finished. Time to get 2049 rented.

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        1. I just checked my texts to see if I had a promo code for you, since I got a Rent 1 Get 1 the other day, but they were all expired. I’ll probably consider MGS as a free rental if the option ever presents itself (since Redbox is known for their spontaneous rental promos during check-out).

          Blade Runner is one of those films I watched later in life and didn’t see what all the fuss was about, but enjoy it more and more with each subsequent watch. I love it now, but that wasn’t always the case. Have you read the book? It’s fantastic and far more detailed (obviously). Lots of stuff left out of the film that I thought would have made interesting additions, and far less emphasis on Deckard’s encounter with the androids at the end.

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          1. Had a discount code in my email but thanks for thinking of me. Rented the game and movie for about $3.50 and that seems fair.

            Never read the books but I may look into it. Every book I’ve read that was made into a movie always leaves a ton out. It’s hard to do it well but it can be done.

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