Shadow Bug (2018) [Switch]

The developer of Shadow Bug reached out to me in hopes of covering their game, but I was a bit too busy. Thankfully, my friend The Well-Red Mage stepped in and reviewed it for me instead! Reliable friends are great.

The Well-Red Mage


“True ninjas are always outnumbered, because they are individuals.”
-Jarius Raphel

How much do new ways to play matter?

You decide for yourself how much any subject matters, but in the context of gaming, innovation is a key player. Without it, we’d still be stuck moving white blocks around on a black screen trying to knock a smaller bouncing block past our opponent. Whether the innovation is successful in its execution or not, that’s a consideration separate from the evaluation of the importance of innovation itself.

Within gaming alone, innovation has done much. It’s given the world the ability to play with people who live on the other side of the world from you. It’s allowed us to play games digitally without the need to buy a cartridge or a CD. It’s allowed us to share screenshots and video clips of ourselves playing our games. It’s reached into the dreams…

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