It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

After many, many, MANY hours of driving, I’m finally home and getting back into the swing of things. I did take my Vita with me on my trip after picking up Persona 4: Dancing All Night and The Caligula Effect, but like most of my gaming plans while out of town, I barely had a chance to touch it. I’d estimate a collective 10 minutes overall.

But hey — I’m home, I have a cat in my lap, and no longer suffer from the gnarly case of heartburn that woke me up at 6 a.m. because I’m an idiot who fell asleep immediately after eating a bunch of pizza, so things are going pretty good!

I’ve been home for a few days now, but haven’t done much in the way of gaming until last night. After all that driving I really just wanted to chill out and relax — a vacation from the vacation, I guess.

We used that time to binge-watch the first two seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Hulu, which is absolutely incredible. I don’t watch a lot of television, but I’m all-in on this one. It was actually the massive outpouring of praise online after the show had been canceled by FOX (before getting picked up by NBC) that caught my attention. I had seen the memes and whatnot being shared around Twitter, but “cop comedy” isn’t something I’d normally go out of my way for. Then I thought about how The League’s “fantasy football comedy” fell into the same category, which I ended up loving. We’re only a few episodes into the third season and I’m sure we’ll get back to it at some point this weekend.


On the gaming front, I put about four hours into the fun-with-fanservice rail shooter Gal*Gun 2 on PS4. I’m scheduled to review it, so I’ll talk more at length in the near future, but much like its predecessor (Double Peace) it’s far more fun than I anticipated.

You play as a high school student who wakes up in class to find a new app installed on his phone, along with the arrival of a pair of VR goggles (though, more augmented reality than virtual) and a mysterious instrument that doubles as a gun and vacuum. In the world of Gal*Gun, demons and angels have a lifelong contract that forbids them from physically battling one another. So when demons begin invading Japan, heaven sends down an angel named Risu to choose a human that will battle for them. That’d be you.

You can only see the demons while wearing your new VR headset, which the game calls Pheromone Goggles. As the name implies, while it allows you to see and defeat demons, it has the unfortunate side-effect of sexually attracting every nearby female — being your fellow students and the school’s faculty.


The core of the game is shooting or sucking up little demons that attach themselves to people while thwarting off every girl’s unwanted advance by… shooting them with your gun and giving them an orgasm. You 100% did not read that incorrectly.

Between stages, you can build relationships with your neighbor (a shut-in who eats snacks, plays video games, and upgrades your equipment) or your childhood friend by giving them snacks, which are awarded by completing side-quests or reaching a new player rank with heaven. These play out like a visual novel rather than an orgasmic rail shooter, which provides a welcome contrast.

There’s definitely a lot of fanservice by way of upskirts, clothing bursting off, suggestive groans, and horny dialogue replies (should you choose them). Unlike Double Peace, though, your ending isn’t determined by those replies, but rather the side-quests you choose to complete before the end of the game.

I haven’t managed to finish Gal*Gun 2 yet, but if I had to guess, I’d say I’m somewhere in the middle. I asked someone in a Discord server I frequent how long it took her to finish and they estimated 20 hours for all of the different endings. I’m not too worried about 100%’ing the game before reviewing it.


Switching gears completely, my girlfriend and I finally jumped into the new God of War last night. We’ve only managed to squeeze in about 3 hours, but it’s really, really good so far.

Story-wise, it’s essentially Daddy Issues: The Game. Kratos is the formerly angry-as-fuck Spartan who used rage as a weapon, that now has to tone it down and learn to become a father to his son Atreus. Together, the two journey away from their home in order to place his wife’s (and Atreus’s mother’s) ashes atop the highest mountain. It takes an already interesting concept of placing a character from a world steeped in Greek mythology inside of a new world with new enemies based on Norse mythology. How did that happen? Why the sudden tonal shift? No more story talk, though!

The camera appears a bit too close to Kratos, similar to that of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice. It makes things feel a little claustrophobic which, in turn, makes battling multiple enemies a tad tricky. I have no shame in admitting we bumped it down to the easiest setting. However, combat as a whole is still rewarding. There are tons of upgrades to unlock as you level up, new armor to craft, runes to collect (which enhance your weapon), and you can hurl your Leviathan Axe at foes before magically calling it back to your side like Thor. It’s… awesome.

I can’t wait to get back to God of War later tonight. We left off just as the world started opening up (it’s incredibly linear in the opening hours) and I’m eager to see where the story goes from here.

I’ve taken out quite a few games from my backlog this year, so between that and selling off a handful of games that I completely lost interest in, I picked up eight titles on PS4 that caught my interest. Thank you, Best Buy discount.


I grabbed the strategy RPG Summon Night 6: Lost Borders, the critically underwhelming JRPG Valkyria Revolution (couldn’t pass it up at $13), Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition, Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy, the Zelda-like Okami HD, the Ninja Gaiden-meets-Soulsborne-esque Nioh, No Man’s Sky, and Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition.

Most of these are new to me, but there are a few that I’m already familiar with.

I really didn’t care for No Man’s Sky at launch but I’ve heard a lot of great things now that it’s received quite a few updates. It’s getting a dedicated co-op mode next month and I wanted to see if it’d be something my girlfriend and I would be interested in playing together.


I sold my copy of Horizon: Zero Dawn after finishing the campaign but wanted to get back into it so I could check out the DLC chapter, Frozen Wastes. Rather than buying them separately, Best Buy had the Complete Edition for $32.

Nioh is another game I’ve already owned before, but I picked it up at a time where I was constantly bombarded with more interesting releases — basically the entirety of 2017. I’m still not sure where it’ll fit in, but for $15 I’m fine letting it collect dust for a little bit.

That about does it for me. What about you, folks? Any gaming plans this weekend?

26 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

    1. I really enjoyed Nioh. It was tough, but felt a bit fairer than Dark Souls at times. I tended towards a sword in light stance and stun locking my way through most enemies, and used hit and run attacks on bosses. Took ages, but eventually I’d wear them down.

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      1. I remember seeing a lot of folks abusing the slow magic and saying it broke the game completely, so I’m sure I’ll be doing plenty of that in my playthrough. I’m not ashamed. A win is a win! I did really enjoy the demo of Nioh prior to release, I just couldn’t find the time to squeeze it in with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Persona 5 taking up hundreds of hours.

        I think I’ll enjoy NMS more this time around now that there’s a creative mode. I loved the music and its aesthetic, but survival sim mechanics aren’t for me. Maybe once I’ve spent some time in creative mode and understand the mechanics more I’ll double back for a traditional playthrough.

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  1. Just bought No Mans Sky on Greenmangaming for like $16 (pc). So far it’s pretty great. Only did the first couple story steps but at point where it says to “go make money so you can buy a hyperdrive” and there are so many ways to do that which is pretty exciting. Quick tip from my failure – your multitool (which you use to mine everything) is only 50% charged when you start. IMMEDIATELY go and mine the nearest trees for carbon which you can use for energy for your multitool. Peace out.


    1. I put about 5 hours into the game at launch and it lost me completely, but it was also a bit of a mess back then. I grabbed the PS4 version for $15 which seemed more than fair. I’m really curious to see how the game feels now.

      Thanks for the tip!


  2. Brooklyn 99 is a great show! So happy it’s been picked up by NBC. I just finished bthe story for God of War, it is an epic game. Also you will want to play around with its photo mode too!

    I picked up Rise of the Tomb Raider Anniversary edition last week, so going to start playing that this weekend :)


    1. I typically obsess over photo modes, but I think I’m going to save it for post-game. I got so lost in Horizon’s photo mode that it became a distraction lol.

      Rise of the Tomb Raider is a fantastic game, so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did!

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      1. Same here man! This feature is starting to become a norm for video games now.
        I’ve heard great things about it, and I loved the reboot so looking forward to finally playing this one :)

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  3. Brooklyn-99 is pretty great. It’s really easy to watch too which is just fantastic for me!

    I’ve just finished Battletech after 36 hours of play time! I’ll try to carry on with DKC Tropical Freeze if I get some time.


    1. I like that the episodes are fairly short (21-ish minutes). I find it a lot easier to binge shows that are funny *and* short, so this is perfect. I also like that each episode feels like it’s own little story that serves the grow the characters without a gigantic, over-arching plot like Lost or Supernatural.

      I watched someone play Battletech and it looks super rad. If it ever comes to consoles I’m definitely giving it a shot. How are you enjoying DKCTF? It’s one of, it not the, best 2D platformer I’ve ever played.

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      1. Battletech was fantastic and I’m super glad I backed it. I haven’t binged a game like that for a while.

        DKCTF is alright. I’m enjoying it a little more now than I was at first. I’ve never played a DKC game before and I’m finding the controls aren’t as sharp as I’d like. I think that’s more down to the fact I’m not familiar with the series and I just don’t get all the little nuances.


  4. I’m trying to ploughing trough XCOM: Enemy Within so I can get some time into Battletech.

    God of War gets better as it goes. Won’t spin anything for you but looking forward to reading how you like it.

    I still have my PS4 copy of No Man’s Sky. I kept it as a reminder to not get sucked into the hype of a game. However, they’ve made some drastic changes since launch and I keep thinking about going back to it. If only I could clear out all the other games I’m playing.


    1. I was on the ol’ Xbox One the other day for Hulu and saw you were streaming XCOM! Are you doing a streaming thing now, or was this just a random occurrence? Someone else here in the comments is playing Battletech and like I told them, I watched someone else play it (and GB’s Quick Look) and it looks great.

      God of War’s pacing is solid so far. Not a ton of enemy encounters, but enough that you never forget how the combat system and its intricacies work. Without spoiling it for others, I just reached the part where the lady used the bow to create bridges. The super lush area.

      I think NMS will fit in for me if I just want to jump into something for an hour. I know there isn’t much in the way of story, but creative mode sounds like what I wanted from the game to begin with. Survival mechanics aren’t my jam.


      1. I’ve been streaming on Tuesday and Thursday not to be a streamer but to regularize my gaming time. Just a thing to do and if anybody drops by that’s cool.

        I’m looking for art to Battletech, just gotta get this XCOM thing done.

        Sounds like you’re at the point where God of War starts breaking open. I’m honestly considering starting this game again. Then I remember have Battletech to play along with NMS to go back to and MGSTPP was the XB freebie and all the other games in my backlog.

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  5. I somehow got sucked into a card game so Shadowverse and I have been learning what all the attacks do and slowly working my way through the story lines to unlock new cards etc. It isn’t exactly thrilling but when I only have short bursts to play in between work and other things it actually kind of works well.


    1. One of the developers of my favorite bullet-hell (Stardust Galaxy Warriors) has been playing Shadowverse for a while now and it looks rad. I got sucked into a mobile card game called Solitairica last year that’s like a solitaire-themed RPG. Highly recommend it.

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  6. I’ve been playing a lot of Nioh with my boyfriend recently which is much more enjoyable when it’s the two of us, so I hope to try and play more this weekend. I ended up purchasing Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds and I’m around 4 hours in so far and I can’t wait to continue with that! I’m working all weekend though, and Smite has a gem event on… so I don’t know where I’m going to find the time.

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    1. Oh man, I remember when I was pretty heavily into Smite and worked around all of their events. I was a Medusa main, but the roster got too big and I had pretty awful luck with randoms so I faded away from the MOBA scene.

      Glad you’re enjoying Kyoto Winds! I liked the Nioh demo they released before the game came out, but just never found the time to actually play it when I picked it up the first time. Ended up selling it off while it was still worth something. I don’t mind letting it sit on the shelf for $15, though!

      Enjoy your weekend =)

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      1. MOBAs and MMOs can definitely get in the way of other games sometimes. I’m not playing them as much as I used to and I’m starting to make time for other games. I’m enjoying visual novels at the moment so Hakuoki has fit right in!

        I was ready to give up with Nioh when I first started playing. When I finally got past the first major boss after a few hours I really started to enjoy it, but I can’t imagine enjoying playing it by myself.

        Thanks, you too! :)


        1. I hear ya. I enjoy MMOs when I don’t have other games I want to play, but that seems to be a rarity nowadays. There was a good 6-year stretch where WoW was the only game on my mind. Now if I’m paying a monthly sub fee, my brain won’t stop telling me I “have” to play that instead of something else. “You paid $15 for WoW this month, so it only makes sense to play that instead!” — and I hate that mentality. It’s a hard thing to get over.

          Visual novels are great palate cleansers between meatier games and I also like having them around to play before bed. It’s like reading a good book.


  7. I’m so glad you’re dabbling in so many different things for the moment. God of War hype is everywhere online right now and as usual, I’m missing out. I still need to play the first version of it that I have sitting on shelf somewhere before I consider jumping into the new one. I’m really happy you’re enjoying it though! There’s nothing quite like starting a game and really wanting to keep playing it. It’s rare that a game grabs me like that.


    1. This one is such a far departure from the original trilogy, both tonally and gameplay-wise. It focuses more on story and exploration, rather than fast-paced aerial combat and fancy combos. I wasn’t a huge fan of the original games, though I did enjoy myself for what they were. This is a new beast altogether, though.

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