The Unlikely Herocast: Episode 1 – Meet the Heroes

Born from the ashes of CA! Radio, Chuck, Omar, and myself have added Reviewer Discretion’s Paul Novak to party and kicked things off with an icebreaker. In our inaugural episode, we discuss our personal 10 favorite games of all time in hopes of giving both new and returning listeners a glimpse into our gaming history and personal preferences. Hopefully we’ve succeeded!

This was our first recording in over six months, so it’s probably a bit of a mess. It’s difficult to avoid talking over one another when we’re not in the same room to read each other’s body language.

Episode 1 of The Unlikely Herocast can be streamed and/or downloaded here at Podbean.

Any and all feedback is most welcome. If you have a question you’d like answered in the next non-E3 episode, drop me a line down in the comments.

Thanks for listening!

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