Deserted Island: Video Game Edition

I got the idea for this post from Twitter user Umbral_Ice, and while I answered the question via ReTweet, the social media app’s character limit prevented me from explaining my choices.

Here’s the tweet in question.


Mega Man – Mega Man 2

The Mega Man series is chock full of great entries, but I’d definitely want to bring along my favorite of the bunch. In a deserted island situation, longevity is often the key — nobody wants to get bored out there — but Mega Man games are mostly traditional 2D platformer/shooter hybrids.

I could get more out of one of the various Battle Network games, but I think I’d rather cover longevity elsewhere and stick with a nostalgic favorite for that “comfort food” feel. It’ll be lonely out there and keeping up my mental health with familiarity will go a long way.


Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition

Here’s where the aforementioned longevity comes in to play. Final Fantasy XV already has a ton of content to chew through and the Royal Edition extends that by way of three DLC chapters and a more robust campaign. And assuming I’d have internet access, Final Fantasy XV’s Comrades multi-player mode is sure to provide endless entertainment.

While I fully acknowledge the game’s flaws, XV quickly became my favorite numbered entry. Is it the best Final Fantasy? Of course not. That’s Final Fantasy Tactics. But it clicked with me and I know I’d get far more out of it than revisiting any of the others. If anything, at least I’d get to drive around listening to a bunch of great music!


Zelda – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Going along with the longevity theme, I don’t think any other Legend of Zelda title would give me nearly as much to do as last year’s Breath of the Wild. It presents a massive world with plenty of ways to occupy your time, from Shrines and Korok seeds to shield surfing and tough Lynel battles, and seems like an easy pick for this one.


Dragon Quest – Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

While I enjoy the Dragon Quest series, the only two that would offer major time sinks boil down to a Japanese MMO and a Minecraft/base defense hybrid. Neither of those sounds interesting. So, we’ll just go with my favorite game in the series, Hand of the Heavenly Bride — more specifically, the DS release.

It’s a classic JRPG tale that takes place over thirty years, which sees you playing the hero in both his infancy and in adulthood. Not only do you eventually get married and have children, but Dragon Quest V introduced the ability to recruit enemies into your party and use them as playable characters.


Mario – Super Mario Maker

When it comes to choosing a game purely based on staying power, it doesn’t get any better than Super Mario Maker. Between creating my own levels and playing the creations of those from around the globe, I’d never run out of new things to experience.


Sonic – Sonic & All-Stars Racing: Transformed

I’m not a big Sonic guy, so I went with Sonic & All-stars Racing: Transformed purely based on the fact that it’s the only game with Sonic in it that I’ve actually enjoyed. I grew up a Nintendo kid and, although I was also fortunate enough to own a Sega Genesis, I never got into Sonic the Hedgehog. I couldn’t grasp the concept of a game that wanted you to go fast, but also slowed things down and encouraged you to explore every level’s multiple pathways. It’s a neat idea in theory, but I didn’t much care for its execution.

This kart racer, though, is a whole different story. Here you have a stellar roster of Sega favorites, like Beat from Jet Set Radio and Shenmue’s Ryo, racing around in Sega-themed levels with cars that (as the subtitle implies) appropriately transformed into boats and planes, depending on the track. Some tracks, like Panzer Dragoon, featured all three styles and evolved with each subsequent lap!

Until Mario Kart 8 (and its eventual Deluxe version) released, this was my favorite kart racer of all time and my most-played Wii U title in the console’s early years.


Street Fighter – Street Fighter Alpha 3 (console release)

This was a tough one. On one hand, Ultra Street Fighter IV is incredible and has an amazing roster. On the other, Street Fighter Alpha 3 is my favorite in the series. However, the console ports on Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and PSX received six additional characters. At the end of the day, I have far more nostalgia for Street Fighter Alpha 3 and if I can take the console release over the arcade ports, I’m even happier.

What about you, folks? Feel free to sound off with your picks down in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Deserted Island: Video Game Edition

  1. I’m shooting from the hip and going with my gut. That’s how good decisions are made right?

    Mega Man: never been a fan
    Final Fantasy: leaning towards 10, but might be upset that I never grabbed 15
    Zelda: ocorina of time
    Dragon Quest: never played it
    Mario: need to go with Mario 64
    Sonic: I would spend a disturbing amount of time raising choas in Adventure 2
    Street fighter: I would get 5 just so that I could try and be good at it. Never have been great at fighting games and this would give me the perfect opportunity to get good.


    1. SF5 is a great entry point, but the core roster left me wanting more. Hopefully you get the Arcade Edition (which comes with the first two character passes) and the new 3rd character pass!

      I tried to get into Sonic again during the Dreamcast era but those camera angles drove me insane, haha. Ocarina of Time is always a solid go-to for Zelda. I also really liked FFX.

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  2. Cool idea! Here’s my list:

    Mega Man – Haven’t played the series yet
    Final Fantasy – Lightning Returns. I never get sick of wandering around in that game and Lightning keeps getting stronger every playthrough.
    Zelda – Ocarina of Time. I’ve beaten 20+ times and never get tired of it.
    Dragon Quest – Haven’t played the series yet
    Mario – Super Mario 64. Swinging Bowser by the tail never gets old, haha.
    Sonic – Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Raising those cute little Chao pets would keep me entertained forever.
    Street Fighter – Haven’t played the series yet


    1. Mega Man was a great series growing up, but I’m not sure how well it holds up for someone jumping in for the first time. They do have the Legacy Collection bundle that has all 10 games, which I think is on sale for $15 on PS4 right now, but yeah… without nostalgia, it’s hard to judge.

      I told myself that if the FFXIII trilogy doesn’t get announced for current-gen consoles that I’m just going to play through the PS3 versions. Since I stopped playing XIII last August around chapter 11, I’ll probably read up on the story instead of starting over. I really liked what I played, though. Just got sidetracked with 2017’s constant releases + the Switch.

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