It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Let’s talk!

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things, having just gotten back from my first appointment with my new doctor and finally feeling interested in video games again. Lately, I’ve been mixing it up between Octopath Traveler on the Switch and taking care of pre-expansion goals in World of Warcraft. Yes, I’ve resubscribed yet again.

On the Octopath front, I’ve only managed to play for about six hours. I started off with Cyrus, the magic user, and recruited Ophilia (the healer), Olberic (the knight), and Tressa (the merchant). So far, I really dig it. I’m not a huge fan of the SaGa series of RPGs, which Octopath’s multiple storylines have often been compared to, but I like having these episodic 1-to-2-hour story beats. Whether or not that turns out to be one of the game’s strengths remains to be seen, but right now I’m super into the visuals, the characters (and their interactive abilities), the music, and especially the combat system.

Combat reminds me of Persona-meets-Final Fantasy XIII, which focuses on exploiting enemy weaknesses in battle and being handsomely rewarded for doing so. Each enemy has a variety of weaknesses to the game’s different weapon and spell types, and exploiting them wears down an armor indicator (represented by a number). Once that number reaches zero, the enemy enters a “break” state that skips their current and following turns and allows the player to inflict additional damage in the meantime.

If you’re familiar with the Bravely Default series, Octopath has a similar “boost” mode where each character receives 1 boost point per turn, storing up a maximum of 5. You can spend up to three of them to greatly improve magical damage, healing, or dish out multiple attacks, so they’re best spent during an enemy’s break state.

Mainly, though, I’ve been playing around in World of Warcraft. The upcoming Battle for Azeroth expansion’s pre-patch went live on Tuesday and was absolutely miserable thanks to server issues and bugs. Blizzard seems to be working around the clock to address these issues as fast as possible, but my girlfriend and I both ran into questing bugs as of last night.

Since I no longer want to play WoW as hardcore as I have in the past, I’m limiting myself to the Horde faction (whereas I used to play both) and sticking with my Warlock (the class I’ve mained over the last 14 years). I typically level every class to their max levels, but if I focus on my Warlock + one other class to mix things up, it’ll be far less time-consuming. When I subscribe to an MMO my brain tells me that’s the only game I should be playing. I don’t like that and hopefully this approach kicks the habit.

What about you, folks? Any gaming plans this weekend?

P.S. – Shout out to Paul over at Reviewer Discretion for handling the Freakin’ Weekend posts over the last few weeks. I’ve been in a bad place mentally and physically and I’m glad someone was there to keep the tradition alive.


36 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend! So What are You Playing?

            1. I’d rather be Horde but all my friends that got me into it back in the day (and wife before being wife) were Alliance. When we started up again we couldn’t even remember how to play so we figured we better stick to the familiar Alliance locations…for now…

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  1. Honestly probably nothing. I have anime to watch, blog posts to draft and then I’ve got real work that I had to bring home over the weekend. Gaming probably not getting a look in this weekend.

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  2. I have a huge backlog on games to play, mostly from the few good months of Playstation Plus. But somehow, I always go back to playing The Witcher 3. Recently finished New Game Plus on the hardest difficulty and have yet to tackle the expansions as I didn’t purchase them until recently.


    1. Oh, nice, Witcher 3 is great! I finished the core game back on Xbox One before any of the expansions released, but then picked up the Game of the Year Edition on PS4 because it was cheaper than the season pass on Xbox. Now I have to start over from the beginning, but that’s not at all a bad thing lol.

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  3. I have almost 60 hours in a new file on Dragon Age: Inquisition. I’ve mostly been listening to a LOT of different music lately. Pink, Manson, John Denver, Motionless in White, and some The Notorious B.I.G. That last one surprised me since I’m not into Hip Hop at all lol. There’s more, but I’ll be here all day listing artist.

    Since I got my PC back I’ve been hardcore into Dragon Age. Once I’m done I’m moving on to Final Fantasy XV and Assassin’s Creed Origins. I’m hoping to finish all three before Madden releases because that’s going to kill my social life. That and Monster Hunter World on PC :). I really want to play Octopath, but I’m going to wait awhile before I jump back into any Switch games. I really missed my PC.


    1. Eclectic musical taste is always a plus. On any given day I’m probably listening to anything from Wu-Tang and Rick James to Cannibal Corpse and David Bowie.

      I’m glad to see you enjoyed FFXV. I’ve been really wanting to replay it.

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  4. ‪Divinity Original Sin, I think I’m at the end… maybe? Idk. It’s long af and I’m sorta fed up with all the puzzles. So many puzzles, not enough hack and slash. I just want to kill stuff… is that too much to ask? *^_^*


    1. Haha, yeaahhhh, I hear that game is fucking ridiculously long. That’s mainly why I haven’t jumped in yet, despite buying it on sale months ago. That and Pillars of Eternity.

      I also really want to replay Andromeda.

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  5. I’m probably going to be a mix between Crash Bandicoot N-sane Trilogy and Horizon Zero Dawn. I have one of the DLC for Assassin’s Creed Origins to do but I want a bit of a break before heading back to that.

    I’m glad you got to see your doctor and are feeling interested in games again.


    1. Thanks =)

      Horizon is excellent. I played it last year and just finished replaying with the dlc alongside my girlfriend. Love it. I have Crash as well but haven’t played much of it. Hope you enjoy both!


  6. Glad to see you’re doing better. As for what I’m playing, at ConnectiCon I found a copy of WeaponLord, so I’ve been playing that, and I picked up Blazblue Cross Tag Battle on the Switch, which I’m horrible at. But I’ve been really enjoying it in spite of the losses. It doesn’t really play like any of the other Arc System Works fighters. It’s got both, an auto combo system for beginners, as well as a fairly robust manual combo system. It really rewards you for learning the advanced stuff, and it (at least so far to me) seems fairly balanced well. Hopefully I’ll have reviews up for both pretty soon.


  7. I’m going to do some Splatoon 2 for the Splatfest tonight/tomorrow. Then continue playing Dishonored and Pokemon Ultra Sun (my first time playing both these series) over the weekend too hopefully.


  8. Hopefully I’ll get round to finishing Higurashi Chapter 6 and I’ll probably be playing more Star Ocean and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle with the boyfriend :)

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  9. He’s back, huzzah!!! Good to see a post from you and hear that things are improving. It was an honor to keep up with the Friday posts for you.

    I’m still wading through XCOM 2 War of the Chosen DLC. It far more enjoyable than Black Ops 3. Playing BLOPS3 explains why BLOPS4 isn’t getting a campaign.

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  10. I’m so glad you’re back. Here are more hugs if you need them —> Hugs!

    I’ve been using all my strength to avoid getting Octopath Traveler at this point. I really want to pick it up, but I want to wait until there’s a sale or I can get a bit of a discount. I’ve been really lucky lately picking up games at the local drug store using a points plan, so I’ve felt a bit spoiled picking up brand new games for taxes only. I hope I can find Octopath there… I’m just waiting it out!

    I just wrapped up Space Quest II last night, and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a game in a long, long while. I want to play more text-based or point-and-click adventures, but the call of turn-based RPGs is strong… I think I’ll be starting Final Fantasy VI sometime this weekend and finally play through that. I’ve been putting off the FF series for a long while now, but I think I’m ready to dive into another long epic after finishing up Ultima IV a few months ago. Wish me luck! The dive is usually long and scary!

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    1. Thanks!

      Nintendo games rarely go on sale for more than $5, maybe $10 off, so if it’s something you want I’d just grab it. It had a small print run and most places are sold out. It’s definitely a game I think you’d really, really like.

      You’re not the first person in Canada to mention buying games at a drug store with points, but drug stores here don’t carry games, haha. I wish I could use all of my Rite Aid points on games instead of candy bars!

      FFVI is a masterclass RPG. Will you be posting your playthrough on YouTube?

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      1. Hmmm maybe I should just dive in then! I’ll see if I can even find it here. Maybe the shortage is why it’s not stocked there yet.

        I was debating whether or not to post it. I’m sure there’s already so much FFVI out there already. I don’t know if there’s anymore room for more!


  11. I currently as in right now watching Hungry Goriya stream Final Fantasy VI, and I want to play a bit of it this weekend. She’s catching up to me hehe, though I have access to the (first) airship, so I’m doing some leveling before going on with the story.


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