It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

Friday! Video games! Hurricanes! Let’s talk!

I reside in the middle of nowhere in South Carolina, which is about to get its ass kicked by a hurricane. We’re far enough from the coast that we’re not in danger of property damage or anything; just a bunch of rain and strong winds. Still, we’re likely to lose power at some point and that’ll put a damper on things.

I prepared, though! My Switch is fully charged, but that thing’s battery life in handheld mode is absolutely abysmal so I charged my 3DS — the same 3DS that will no longer hold a charge for more than 2 or 3 hours. So I also charged my Vita. Curse you, batteries!


As for what I’ve been up to, I finished up Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD on PS4. As you probably know, I’m in the Pro Final Fantasy XV camp, having loved the game immensely and awarding it my personal Game of the Year when it released.

Pocket Edition is a neutered version of the core game, dumping the open world exploration, monster hunts, driving, fishing, photography, and some of the deeper combat options in favor of a linear, direct 12-hour experience. It tells the same story and the combat is still fun, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who hasn’t played the core game unless the things I mentioned were missing aren’t usually things you’re into with these types of games.

Overall, I thought it was a neat way to revisit one of my favorite games and the runtime was short enough to fit it in between meatier RPGs.

Speaking of which, I started Ni no Kuni 2 like I said I wasn’t going to. My original plan was to kill time until today when Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s prequel DLC, Torna: ~The Golden Country~, releases on the Switch. For most story-driven games, DLC doesn’t seem to add much. Torna is said to be the length of a full game, clocking in around 40 hours. That’s fucking insane.

I loved Xenoblade Chronicles 2, though, so I’m all in here — I also bought the expansion pass early on, so it’s already paid for. They picked a great group of secondary characters from the original story to give players a deeper dive into.


But yeah, here I am 12 hours into Ni no Kuni 2. I’m on chapter 4 of 9, which is when the game introduces kingdom building. It was recommended by folks online to just mainline the story quests until this point because the rest of the game is quite time-consuming.

Backing up a bit, Ni no Kuni 2 focuses on a young boy named Evan. His father has recently passed away and he’s the heir to the throne. However, the mouse-folk his father aligned with have started a coup to rid the world of Evan and rule the kingdom themselves instead.

Evan is pushed as the game’s “hero” character, but you’re introduced to an older gentleman named Roland after a batshit insane opening cutscene in which the president of the United States is transported to Evan’s fantasy world after a terrorist attack in New York City. I was as baffled as you are right now, trust me.

Anyway, Roland decides to stay in this fantasy world and help Evan rebuild his rightful kingdom elsewhere. You earn a steady influx of currency used to build shops, barracks, fishing huts, mines, etc., and then scour the world looking for people to recruit. Each new citizen has their own specialties and by placing them in the proper building they’ll provide faster research, better items, and more. It’s pretty in-depth and these types of things aren’t really my jam, but I’ve been absolutely hooked since the opening cutscene.

Combat is a far departure from the original Ni no Kuni on the PS3, which was a traditional turn-based affair in which you issue commands through a menu and recruit monster-like things to battle with, like Pokemon. The sequel drops that method entirely, instead focusing on a Tales-style action-based combat system that lets you bring up to four little ghostly things into battle and provide beneficial effects to your party (healing, attacking, etc). Fans of the original may be disappointed in this, but as a fan of the Tales games, I feel right at home.

If our power stays on, this is likely what I’ll stick with over the weekend. Knowing how big Xenoblade’s DLC is, I want to stay far away from it until Ni no Kuni 2 is finished. Then it’s on to Dragon Quest XI.


I did receive a game to review by the name of Punch Line, which is based on an anime that I’ve never even heard of, but the premise was absurd enough that it immediately caught my attention. You play as a boy who faints whenever he sees panties and if he sees to many panties the world explodes. That’s basically it.

I don’t know what kind of game it is, but maybe I’ll find out this weekend.

What about you, folks? Any gaming plans over the next few days?

14 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

  1. This weekend is seriously jam packed with the horde’s activities. We have swimming and a birthday party and a hockey game and dancing and all the other things I can’t remember right now.
    But my goal is to watch the last 4 episodes of Meteor Garden on Netflix and maybe write some on my novel.

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  2. I’ll be playing some more of the Insurgency Sandstorm Beta. The folks at NWI felt they had no choice but to delay the release date into December. Playing it, it’s easy to see why, as there are few pop in issues, and some glitches, and obviously they don’t need the reaction Ubisoft got from a particularly broken Assassin’s Creed release. That said, I’ve really been enjoying the beta thus far, and as far as the gameplay goes, they’re doing very well.

    Obviously, still playing Splatoon 2, and with the new weapons that dropped, and another update coming in a month, I pretty much have to give Nintendo their annual paper Jackson. Not all that psyched about the service, just as I wasn’t a fan of seeing Microsoft or Sony charge folks forever ago when they launched their services. Most of the same games are on computers, and you don’t pay Valve, EA, UBI, GoG, etc. etc. a fee on top of what you pay the ISP every month to use their servers. Save for something like an MMO. Still, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo’s version of it differs. I suspect most will be like me. “I enjoy Nintendo’s first-party online modes, so they pretty much have me over a barrel. Okay, I guess I’ll pay it.” And honestly it was the same for a lot of early XBL/PSN memberships at first. “Damn it. Halo is fun. And it isn’t on computer (yet). So I’ll pay Mr. Gates another $50 even though I can play Quake III, and Unreal Tournament for free.”

    I got a few pickups from RetroWorldExpo too, so I hope to get in some time with those as well.


  3. Power cuts suck. My country used to get a lot of them until recently. Thank goodness for mobile entertainment. This weekend I will continue to play Breath of the Wild and I might give Spider-Man a try too.

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  4. “A boy that explodes when he sees panties” LOL! OMG that was funny :). Ni No Kuni 2 is my current GOTY. I loved it and I would recommend doing the side quest that reward you with new citizens with your kingdom because you can’t progress the main story without at least 25 of them. It’s also a good way to get to know your party members a little.

    I’ll most likely be on Bloodborne this weekend. I’m addicted to it and I only have 1 boss to go before I’m done, but I want to do some of those chalice dungeons first. After I’m done with Bloodborne I’ll probably finish Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hackers Memory before moving on to Horizon Zero Dawn since that game is huge.


    1. That’s what I’ve been doing so far, basically. Prioritizing new citizens and whatnot. I did get to upgrade my kingdom and right now I’m on the story quest to build a boat.

      Bloodborne is amazing. I’m glad you’re digging it.

      Horizon + DLC took my GF and I about 40 hours to 100%, if that helps. I beat the game on my first playthrough around 20 hours but I skipped a lot of hunting trial garbage.

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      1. After awhile the only quest that I paid any attention to were the ones that gave me something good like new citizens or costumes.

        Bloodborne is so good. I only have 1 boss left to beat, but I’m saving it until I find all of the stuff that I skipped. I love fighting with that big ass wheel :).

        Horizon isn’t as big as I thought it was then :).


  5. I think the pocket XV looks adorable, but yeah, like you said I want to avoid it until I play the full game. I’m excited for the new World of Final Fantasy. I could definitely play that again anyway; I’ve been thinking about it. I’m still working my way through Octopath nearing 70 hours of game time and finishing up everyone’s chapter 3. I need to do some grinding for the characters I don’t really use, but that should give me some time to explore those random dungeons.

    Glad you weren’t swept away by the storm!


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