It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

Friday Saturday! Video games! Let’s talk!

I missed out on yesterday’s wrap-up post due to a gnarly migraine, but I’m feeling better today and figured it was better late than never.

Aside from my daily Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia log-ins, I’ve been slowly chipping away at Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk and putting together my review for Home Sweet Home.

Coven of Dusk is a traditional dungeon crawler with an interesting narrative, but I’m finding DRPGs just aren’t my jam. I liked The Lost Child, which was way more relaxed, though I’m not connecting with this one very much. I may give it a few more hours and see how things go, but if it fails to change my opinion I’ll probably toss up a “not a review” going over the 10-or-so hours I’ve already put in.

*image from RPGamer.

I’m also struggling to get into Disgaea 1 Complete on PS4. I put *a lot* of time into Disgaea: Hour of Darkness on PS2 back in the day, but the series improved in a lot of ways that makes it hard to go back to the original. Disgaea 1 Complete is mainly just a graphical overhaul, rather than including some of the quality of life stuff found in the later entries.

Rainbow Skies got a hefty new update, so I may hop in and check that out for a little while. I also need to start the visual novel 428: Shibuya Scramble and the 2nd game in the Yomawari collection.


428: Shibuya Scramble is an interesting visual novel that follows five different people across the same block of time. As the name implies, you have to do certain things during each of the different storylines in order to affect scenes in the others. It sounds like a lot of trial and error, but it’s supposedly one of the weirder, more interesting visual novels to release in a while. It has a neat art style as well, favoring real-life images and videos over the traditional anime-inspired illustrations commonly featured in the genre.

I’m not at a loss for things to play, that’s for sure, but I lost a few weeks thanks to being sick and I’m finding it difficult to find the motivation to play anything as a result. Some folks turn to video games when they’re feeling under the weather, but I’m the complete opposite.

While I haven’t been in the mood to play anything, I did spend a few hours yesterday getting caught up on YouTube stuff.

Fellow WordPress blogger and all around rad retro streamer Hungry Goriya has a tag-team Let’s Play of Faxanadu up, where she and a friend (ReNesance) stream it for an hour and continue off one another’s password (or “mantra,” as the game calls it). Goriya also has an ongoing LP of Ys III: Wanderers from Ys that I’m a few episodes behind on, and I need to catch the last few of her Illusion of Gaia run that ended a while back.

What about you, folks? Any gaming plans this weekend?

10 thoughts on “It’s the Freakin’ Weekend, So What Are You Playing?

  1. Getting sick sucks. I hope you’re feeling better. I didn’t buy Disgaea 1 Complete Edition because I knew it wouldn’t have those quality of life improvements that the later games have. I’ll stick with Disgaea 5 :). I might get 1 when the price drops.

    I got back into Path of Exile so I’ll probably be on that all weekend. Pokemon Reborn (a fan game) also officially released so I’m checking that out too and I’m playing through Pokemon Black & White again so I can review them before Lets’ Go Pikachu & Eevee releases. I also might dabble in some Monster Hunter World on the PS4.

    Get well soon dude!

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  2. I buy so many dungeon crawlers and most of the time I fail to finish them. Lost Child, which you mentioned, is an exception as it was pretty easy. The original Disgaea had the best cast of characters. Shame they only improved the graphics with that release. NISA should have added some of the mechanical improvements found in the sequels.


  3. I’m catching up on HG and The Renascance’s play through, too! I remembered it at work which helped kill a few hours and I’m hoping to catch the livestream tonight. I haven’t been feeling well either. Was supposed to go out again for my dad’s birthday, but I had to beg off. We went out yesterday so I’m not being a bad daughter hehe (me and my older bro also gave him a fully loaded NES Classic with over 1000 games so we’re very good kids). I caught her two Golden Axe videos this afternoon while recovering from cleaning my oven. I can’t wait to see more of that. I just bought The Longest Journey on sale on Steam for $2.99 which is a steal in my book.

    I hope to finish up Octopath soon!

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